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A career-defining victory for Luke Rockhold on mystery UFC on Fox 15 TV card; Junior Chavez destroyed on Showtime

By Zach Arnold | April 18, 2015

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Main card results from the Prudential Center in New Jersey:

Interesting that the focus post-match in the main event was on Rockhold’s comments about wanting to fight at MSG and whether or not he will get to face Chris Weidman later this year. Weidman said on TV that he has better skills than Rockhold in every aspect.

It was sad to watch. The crowd was surprised, if not shocked by the outcome. I was actually more intrigued by Rockhold’s t-shirt sponsor, Dip Your Car. They need to up their game to the level of Dynamic Fasteners.

The only fighter to have a worse night than Machida was Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. on Showtime against Andrzej Fonfara:

It was such a one-sided beatdown on the Chavez-friendly turf of StubHub Center. So much for any prospects of trying to sell a fight between Chavez and Andre Ward now.

Lucas Matthysse beat Ruslan Provodnikov after 12 rounds by majority decision in front of 4,500 paid at Turning Stone in Verona, New York.

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5 Responses to “A career-defining victory for Luke Rockhold on mystery UFC on Fox 15 TV card; Junior Chavez destroyed on Showtime”

  1. Chris says:

    Between the UFC on Fox and the Boxing card on HBO, it was a terrific night of fights. I didn’t even bother recording the Chavez Jr. fiasco, but caught the replay after reading the result.

    You have to believe that Bob Arum had a huge smile on his face with the way the Chavez Jr. fight ended. Plus Terrence Crawford looked good in his new weight class of 140 lbs.

    Matthysse-Provodnikov delivered as advertised and Luke Rockhold was the man tonight.

  2. rst says:

    I still haven’t seen it but the PBP’s say that not only did Rockhold win but he pretty much beat down Lyoto.

    I dont think anybody else has done that.
    Huge win for him.

    • Tradition Rules says:

      Yep, he beat him down.

      Was funny,looked like Machida actually SLIPPED< but Rockhold was on him like glue. Looked like this massive elbow he landed on him at the end of the first round concussed Machida. You HEARD the "BONK!" of Machida's head on the canvas. he got up and looked like a cartoon character who got hit on the head with a frying pan….I'm not kidding either. He was wobbled back to his corner. I really believe that killer elbow is was did it and set up the end.

      Machida is my favorite MMA fighter,ALWAYS root forhim. but I knew Luke could beat him. Congrats to Luke, he more then earned that big win.

      Also shows Machida needs to work on his ground game/BJJ/wrestling some more.

  3. klown says:

    It seemed to me that Machida was a little bit out of it, having a bad day. Didn’t he slip more than once? But maybe it was an early blow that rocked him and he never recovered from.

    • Tradition Rules says:

      Well, yes…

      I don’t want it to sound like I’m making excuses for Machida, as I’ve made it know he is my personal favorite MMA fighter…

      But I did see an interview online w/ Ariel Helwani, and it sounded like he had a cold or something. Also, it seemed like he was a little bit less trim on the side of his waist/”love handles”, so to speak and his shoulders didn’t seem to have the same muscle mass.

      But no excuses,… Rockhold won, and he earned it.

      I still think Machida needs work on his wrestling/grappling/ground game a bit.


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