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Will UFC’s 2015 NYE super fight feature Frank Mir vs. Brock Lesnar?

By Zach Arnold | February 22, 2015

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A proposal so crazy yet so obvious, it just might work a half a decade later. Too bad Frank Mir didn’t call out Brock Lesnar after tagging Bigfoot Silva in Porto Alegre:

Sunday’s fight between Bigfoot Silva and Frank Mir was highly ironic given their… updated… stance on testosterone usage that they declared a few days ago.

There are lots of impactful match-ups for UFC to book this calendar year but Mir/Lesnar still carries more marketing punch than anything on the horizon sans Jon Jones/Anthony Johnson. Stacked cards are valuable but so is veteran star power. Plus, Mir vs. Lesnar is a fight that’s on the edge of UFC Heavyweight importance — neither guy is as good as Werdum or Cain, but they’re good enough to be taken seriously with such a shallow talent pool in the division. Mark Hunt and Roy Nelson are still fighting.

As for UFC’s card Sunday night in Brazil…

A brutal night for the favorites.

Onto Staples Center for Ronda Rousey vs. Cat Zingano. I’m not sure most casual fans know the other fights on the card… Hey, Gleison Tibau is fighting a month after his split decision win in Boston.

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2 Responses to “Will UFC’s 2015 NYE super fight feature Frank Mir vs. Brock Lesnar?”


    yeah, sure…
    A. Brock will come back, because with the increased out of competition PED testing… Brock, with his all natural physique, will own most of the fighters like barnett bigfoot mir who are all washed up juice junky shells.
    B. Brock will not come back, because of the increased out of competition PED testing.

    Then of course can UFC match the WWE pay? I doubt it.

    Ufc is such a joke. global matchmaking is a washout, they put matches together and cross their fingers hoping the Foreign fighter wont loose on their own turf.

    And that wasn’t an upset. I picked Mir for the Ko win. It was at best a coin toss fight anyway. Only people picking bigfoot were brazilians and whomever forgot that he fought Hunt with what 7 or 14 times over the Testosterone limit? The guy had the recovery power of the wolverine!
    And letting Androstane fight on PEDs and with a titanium bar in his leg!
    I’d like to see Androstane try to get a win on Diaz in a bar. Good luck bucky, Diaz owned you in the clinch.


    “I’m officially closing the door on MMA. I re-signed last night with the WWE, We came to a conclusion last night and the offer on the table I just could not refuse.”

    Heh poor dana was used as prop.
    UFC is committing the same mistakes this year as the last, with another PPV headlined by Demetrius (dust mite) Johnson vs someone. Not to mention by crippled by Lombards steroid fail. No back up plan, no “saving” the show by replacing those two cancelled fights with another great fight. No fall back semi stars like Franklin, or Wand left on the roster. Just a bunch of screaming whining women and shrimpy little jacked up fighters.

    Just gotta laugh at the ufcs extremely poor planning. Their biggest stars will NOT be fighting this year. Except for RR and the mick.
    Androstane maybe next year
    Brock never
    GSP never
    Diaz maybe next year
    did I miss anyone?


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