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Your 2014 California State Athletic Commission salary figures

By Zach Arnold | February 2, 2015

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Tax records courtesy of The Sacramento Bee:

The lawyers:

Doreathea Johnson (DCA deputy legal advisor) – $144,000
Spencer Walker (DCA top lawyer) – $119,000

The front office:

Andy Foster (Executive Officer) – $91,600
Sophia Cornejo (Assistant Executive Officer) – $71,500
Heather Jackson – $37,600

Athletic Inspectors

Mark Relyea – $39,200
Larry Ervin – $16,700
Dave Rasmussen – $12,900
Raul Oseguera – $11,600
Nichole Bowles – $11,000
Robert F Judge – $10,800
Rick Estrada – $9,400
Brett Correia – $7,950
Brian Morris – $7,860
Rudy Barragan – $6,560
Mike Guzman – $5,680
Joe Ulrey – $5,300
Armando Gutierrez – $4,390
Roy Farhi – $4,080
Burton E Alejandre – $4,000
Jim Russell – $3,840
Derek Enns – $3,670
Chris Crail – $3,190
Sacory Dillard (detective at Pechanga?) – $3,150
Joe Borrielli – $2,760
Danny Cruz – $2,600
Anthony Olivas (now fired) – $2,560
Louis Perry (private investigator) – $2,340
Gene Fields – $2,290
Dwayne Woodard – $2,240
David Pereda – $2,170
Frank Gonzales – $2,040
Sean Wells – $1,900
Ivan Guillermo – $1,850
Hanley Chan – $1,850
Ernesto Martinez – $1,830
Armando Melendez – $1,740
Steve (taxman) Sims – $1,670
John Tohill – $1,450
Gil Urbano – $1,450
Carlos Moreno – $1,060
Derik Lipe – $920
Bruce Rasmussen – $915
Gil Martinez – $770
Brad Ehrman – $710
Lily Galvez – $656
Monica Larson – $640
JD Foreman – $628
Tim Huff – $598
Kurt Larson – $578
Mike Bray – $573
Sarah Waklee – $544
John (Juanito) Ibarra – $506
Kevin Highbaugh – $493
Greg Fajardo – $411
Jeffrey Ervin – $400
Michael Diego – $369
Brad Landon – $263
Erin Brown – $150
Rose Saavedra – $134

TOTAL – $215,328

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28 Responses to “Your 2014 California State Athletic Commission salary figures”

  1. Where is Chris and Lee’s Payroll listed. Are they paid under the table? You will see there names all the way to the right. They also answer phones.

    Also there are more office technicians that are not listed.

  2. Alma is also not listed. Are they paid by way of Boxers Pension Fund or Neurological fund?

  3. Alan Conceicao says:

    $215,000? Seriously? That’s it? That’s someone’s annual allotment of start-up funding where I’m from. LOL.

    “Are they paid under the table?”

    Greg, have you ever worked for a big organization before? Let me explain something to you – divisions share costs. It is probably mandatory for a tiny division like the CSAC within the State of California to do so. “Chris and Lee,” whoever the hell they are, probably have their pay/insurance/FICA/etc come from another department in some sort of cost saving measure. Maybe that department trades 40% of their time to get space in a building and save on indirect or overhead costs. I don’t know. But “paid under the table” LMAO. Yeah dude, I’m sure someone goes to the state cashier’s office in Sacramento and they have some incredibly convoluted system in place to pay office jockeys $400/week.

    • Armando Garcia the EO for CSAC got caught with $350,000.00 in a unlocked drawer. Inspectors for years take cash and not give receipts. They are making more money than listed. Also they sue each department then get moved to another department in the DCA to work. Maybe that is how they collect back pay.

      • Alan Conceicao says:

        If you quadruple this sum of money, it is still an insignificant amount. There’s probably DMV offices in the state with exponentially higher payroll.

        You sound unhinged and possibly without any rational knowledge of how any of this works. An office with a payroll of $215,000 and 5 full time employees doesn’t need 3 people answering phones. Odds are that those names of people you have that you’re so desperate to EXPOSE! probably work for the DCA in a central office and cover more than one department. Which actually isn’t uncommon practice in the real world.

        • LMAO Alan you may know how a tree grows but sure don’t know how to walk around it. This CSAC is corrupt and out of control. Did yo even look at the DCA link. Lee Palmer and Chris’s name is on events page they put together the boxing fights while Mark Reyla handles the MMA. click link then look all the way to the right. They are full time. They answer phones along with Alma. CSAC is hiding there budget so they can keep operating. Also this CSAC use to show up at events and demand cash only and wouldn’t give you a receipt. I made Armando Garcia write what I paid back in the day on a napkin at a CSAC meeting. You claim I an unhinged. LOL Your clueless.

        • Alan Conceicao says:

          That a bunch of hobbyists probably take money at events is one thing. I wouldn’t argue the possibility of corruption at that level or even above within the CSAC. That isn’t what is being presented here. What’s been presented is massive government waste and conspiracy theories from the top of the state of California down to protect guys making barely anything in a division that generates little actual revenue.

          How much did you “pay back” Armando Garcia? Was it even a sum that anyone cares about?

  4. Just know first names. There is Chris, Alma and Lee.

  5. Lee Palmer Staffing Analyst CSAC Go to facebook shows proof

    Why isn’t he included in tax records?

  6. Alan go to Lee Palmers Facebook page. No part time worker from another DCA department would list his occupation as Staffing Analyst at CSAC. That is a full time position.

  7. Back in the day the CSAC had a ghost promoter that put on Boxing events at Quiet Canyon.No one ever met him he wouldn’t be at the events. CSAC would run the matches but would call them exhibitions and no money was ever reported they pocketed it all even the gate money. I have this proof in the minutes.

  8. Just call 916 263-2195 ask for Chris, Lee, or Alma. SIMPLE

    • Alan Conceicao says:

      This doesn’t prove *anything*. Yeah, they’re probably keeping Chris, Lee, and Alma off CSAC’s books because they don’t have the funding from the state, and the money is thus being generated elsewhere. If 15% of my pay and fringe comes from a federal grant and is listed as administrative costs, and you look at the award letter and it doesn’t specify my name, it isn’t indicative of some shadow system perpetrated by the federal government and my employer to hide my existence from the world and pay me cash in a paper bag.

  9. I will bring this up with FBI and at the next CSAC meeting when they discuss budget.

  10. In September 2007, we ran a two part investigative series concerning Garcia’s alleged violation of Chapter 18, Article 6308 of the Professional Boxing Act of 1996. The series made the case that Garcia accepted compensation, accommodations, travel, and meals for training seminars of sanctioning bodies and state commissions to violate this federal law…Former staffers have said that it was common practice for Armando to accept gifts and lunches…

    Early this year, in another two part series we examined Garcia’s personal ethics in collecting travel claim advances and irresponsible handling of state funds, placing as much as $350,000 without accounting in an unlocked file cabinet. If a party was to make a withdrawal, how would you know? Further, we looked at wasteful policies that permitted his very own group of inspectors, the so-called “Men in Black,” to work one or two bouts and claim a full night’s pay as well as travel expenses when appropriate…


  11. Under Front Office along with Heather Jackson there should be Lee Palmer, Chris, Alma and also Mark Reyla they all work on the fight cards. They are full time CSAC employees. They listed the DCA Lawyers why not these four. Note all there names on events page. Why is only Heather listed. this is probably another $200,000.00 budget. They only listed Mark Reyla’s inspector salary. This is false tax records and budget records. SHADY

    • Alan Conceicao says:

      Not being on the ledger of the CSAC does not mean that the State of California is falsifying tax or budget records. I don’t know how I make this any more clear for you than I already have, which makes me believe you simply don’t understand how any of this works and have no interest in learning.

  12. No listing for Lee Palmer on tax records.

    DCA listing for two Almas – Alma I Amaya (typing), $32,800 and Alma R Castillo (typing), $36,400

    DCA listing for Chris Raymond – $8,630 (no other income — he may have left state service)

    No additional info for Mark Relyea other than $39,200 from DCA. Did not find anything on CalPERS pension.

    • Alan Conceicao says:

      And Lee Palmer could have been working on a professional services contract. Your mystery Alma might actually be listed as working in Typing. Have you considered either option?

  13. IT is not Mark Reyla it is Mark D. Judish

    He made this in 2013 but CSAC he is ghosted
    Mark D Judish – Office technician, $26,588.90

    Chris Raymond made this in 2013 but ghosted in 2014
    Christopher G Raymond – SSA (Staff Services Analyst), $39,651.08
    Check out everyone listed in 2013 but 2014 they are Ghost workers.

    • Alan Conceicao says:

      All the expenditures for the entire department come to roughly $1.4 million dollars. The general fund budget for the State of California is $104 Billion dollars. Do you understand how small a portion of the overall budget that is? The CSAC accounts for 1/100000th of the budget of the state of California. This budget at the level of the Governor is meaningless. I, as an mere accounting clerk, effectively administer over multiple federal grants at this size. I am not paid on any of them. I can read this budget and tell you exactly what it says. And it doesn’t prove me wrong in the least.

  14. Wes says:

    CSAC is not part of the general fund, they are self supporting and can not draw any money from the general fund. To be able to regulate the whole combative sporting industry with just $1.4 million is very difficult. The only thing the governor does is listed it as a line item in his budget. Some of the individuals listed may not be paid by CSAC but by DCA, which means they would not show up on CSAC budget. There is not way CSAC runs with just three indivdiuals, so they are getting help from DCA or another commission picking up the tab.

    • CSAC is part of general fund. The money goes there. That is why CSAC back in the day would take cash and not give receipts so they could pay themselves. Now they use the boxers pension fund and neurological fund money. If you work for CSAC you are on there tax records. How come the ghost workers in 2014 are on the CSAC previous tax records. Wake up Wes!

      – Support: Although the Athletic Commission is a General Fund Agency it is a revenue producing agency in which all collected revenues are deposited back into the General Fund. The major source of revenue is the 5% gate tax collected at live professional boxing events and professional wrestling exhibitions. License fees make up the remainder of the revenue sources. Because Commission revenues are deposited back into the General Fund, the Commission relies on the General Fund for approximately 3-4% of its budget. These General Fund deposits help to offset the Commission’s expenditures.

      • Alan Conceicao says:

        If you work for CSAC you are on there tax records. How come the ghost workers in 2014 are on the CSAC previous tax records. Wake up Wes!

        You keep saying these things and they aren’t necessarily true. The budget for the CSAC is that of a small project and it shows in what is allotted. If the DCA pays for office staff that administer aspects of the CSAC, they may not have to appear on the CSAC payroll. They are not ghosts. They are not evading taxes by doing that. I’m not going to repeat myself again. If you don’t want to accept that possibility, I’m just going to assume that you do not want to consider any possible conclusion except wide scale fraud being perpetrated and are totally ignorant as to how agencies operate.


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