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Conor McGregor: Bonus or fine from UFC after Aldo run-in? “Typical Conor.”

By Zach Arnold | January 18, 2015

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UFC’s fortunate luck on Sunday with the Patriots predictably blowing out the Colts led to a perfect scenario in Dublin, Ireland at the Boston Garden:

Conor McGregor was booked against a tailor-made opponent in Dennis Siver, a tank who McGregor easily picked apart. I was surprised Herb Dean didn’t try to stop the fight sooner than he did. McGregor then jumped out of the cage and tried to get in Jose Aldo’s face to heat-up their upcoming title fight. I’m sure he will get fined under the UFC’s code of conduct for risking the safety of spectators nearby Aldo, right? After all, Jon Jones got hit with a $25,000 fine for a failed drug test due to cocaine usage… Dana White dismissed the incident as “typical Conor.”

McGregor hinted after his fight with Siver that the title fight with Aldo will likely happen in Las Vegas. Dana White indicated the fight would happen on Memorial Day weekend. Joe Rogan said on television that watching a Conor McGregor fight is like watching a fight with Muhammad Ali or Sugar Ray Leonard.

Donald Cerrone’s decision win over Ben Henderson was… interesting. I had scored the fight 29-28 for Henderson, giving him the last two rounds. However, seeing Ben’s shocked face after the scores were read was a touch ironic given how many of Henderson’s past opponents have had that same look on their face after Henderson won on the score cards. In post-fight comments, Cerrone remarked about how timid both guys were in the fight and was disappointed with the way things played out. Joe Rogan stated the obvious when he commented that it didn’t feel right having only three rounds instead of five rounds.

Watching Fox Sports Pravda this weekend has been nauseating. They have been spending a lot of time promoting a Monday night Entertainment Tonight-style interview with Charissa Thompson and Jon Jones. In the teasers promoting Monday’s interview, Jones came off (in my opinion) as a man in denial who is trying to put up a good front of someone who is acknowledging a mistake. Jones says he doesn’t have an addiction to cocaine and isn’t a habitual recreational user. I’ll reserve full judgment until I watch Monday’s interview, but I suspect that this interview will do Jones few favors in changing the minds of his skeptics.

And not once mentioned in the interview teasers at all are the questions raised regarding testosterone levels in the CIR (Carbon Isotope Ratio) tests. Most sporting fans aren’t going to get in an uproar over cocaine usage. Any potential testosterone issues, however, are much more explosive in terms of credibility & public discussion. Read Dave Meltzer’s article on MMA Fighting to see some of the questions currently being raised over Nevada’s drug testing protocols.

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7 Responses to “Conor McGregor: Bonus or fine from UFC after Aldo run-in? “Typical Conor.””

  1. Mark says:

    1) UFC immediately put the video on their YouTube channel, so that sounds like an endorsement to me.

    2) Yeah, I thought it was 29-28 Henderson. But I’m not going to say it’s an outrage Cerrone won.

    3) There seems to be little outrage over Jones and his coke test outside of “there’s Jon being a hypocrite again” type stuff. So this interview is more for the sponsors to be put back at ease. There’s no UFC fans questioning paying to see JBJ fights again.

    4) Most UFC fans don’t care about PEDs enough to want to look deeper into testing procedures. A quick pee test saying the fighter can fight is the most they care about.

    • edub says:

      2) Completely agree. I had it scored the same way Zach did, but the way the fight went I have 0 problem with Donald getting the nod.

      The only problem I have with the scorecards is the judges giving the 2nd round to Donald unanimously. To me, that was the only clear round of the fight and the stats point that way.

  2. Brendan says:

    I don’t the UFC fined Aldo when he hopped out of the cage and ran right into the crowd in Brazil a few years ago, so why fine Conor for the same behavior? If the AC does it, fine, but the UFC already have their precedent set here.

    • Brendan is a Fool says:

      “I don’t the UFC fined Aldo when he hopped out of the cage and ran right into the crowd in Brazil a few years ago,”

      What are you saying about the UFC fining Aldo? It doesn’t make sense.

      I believe that the event where Aldo ran out of the cage into the crowd and celebrated with the fans was UFC 142 after he knocked out Mendes. Is this what you are referring to?. Did you see him running towards a title challenger and getting into their face? Are you saying the UFC fined Aldo? Do you have any evidence for this? What precedent are you talking about?

      Conor was a challenger confronting a champion and a competitor who would be a future opponent to try and provoke him into a confrontation that Aldo was mature enough to avoid. Aldo was smart and correct to not take the bait.

  3. edub says:

    Ben’s shocked face was great to see. He got gifted a title fight victory in the second fight with Frankie (which was much worse than this), and has come away with questionable decisions in the past against Thomson, Melendez, and Cerrone himself. Its also the same face he made when Pettis got the decision against him in their first fight which was clearly a loss for Ben.

    Zero sympathy.

  4. David m says:

    Ben Henderson clearly lost both fights against Frankie Edgar. I hope he loses 8 more controversial decisions in a row and then retires.

    • edub says:

      There is a large contingent that is really upset at this decision. A lot of people are pulling the “feel bad for Ben” card here, and I absolutely hate it. I had Ben losing decisions that he won against Donald Cerrone, Frankie Edgar (2x), and Josh Thomson. He could have also lost to Gilbert Melendez (although I thought he edged that fight). He is the new “Decision Dan” for this current generation of fighters.

      IMO, he could lose 1 or 2 more decisions that are slightly off and I wouldn’t feel bad.


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