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Fight Opinion Radio: Steve Kim on mutual assured destruction between Oscar De La Hoya & Richard Schaefer

By Zach Arnold | June 5, 2014

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Richard Schaefer, former CEO of Golden Boy

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Show preview

The divorce between Oscar De La Hoya & Richard Schaefer over Golden Boy officially happened on Monday with Schaefer resigning as CEO. However, he will remain a shareholder in Golden Boy. Floyd Mayweather, hours later, announced that he would no longer work with Golden Boy. Why is Schaefer maintaining his shares in Golden Boy? Steve Kim of Maxboxing (@stevemaxboxing) says there’s more to the story than the public knows and that a brutal legal battle may about to commence in Los Angeles.

If you have not read Steve Kim’s past articles on this topic, head over to Maxboxing right now and start reading.

Steve says that Schaefer’s resignation may have been a pre-emptive strike against litigation from Oscar De La Hoya for violating his fiduciary duty as Golden Boy CEO. On what grounds? Accusations & allegations of Schaefer promoting fighters under the Golden Boy banner who were not under contract to Golden Boy but rather under contract to Al Haymon. On this episode of Fight Opinion Radio, Steve breaks down how Oscar De La Hoya lost control of Golden Boy and whether or not Oscar will be able to find a new CEO with the kind of financial & negotiating muscle that Schaefer brought to the table.

Where does Floyd Mayweather fit into the current picture with Richard Schaefer?

Will Schaefer & Al Haymon, in conjunction with Leonard Ellerbe & Floyd Mayweather, create a UFC-style promotional company? Will Showtime back the project? Is Haymon a promoter or a manager and could he be subject to arbitration with any fighters licensed by the California State Athletic Commission?

Plus, what benefits can Golden Boy bring to Bob Arum? Steve explains why Arum is the happiest man in boxing to see Schaefer on the sidelines. How much advice is Top Rank giving Oscar in going after Schaefer? And where does the Main Events lawsuit against Al Haymon fit into the legal puzzle? The most fascinating story in boxing for the next 18 months may be happening outside of the ring.

Special thanks

To Zack Nelson for his past & present support of Fight Opinion Radio.

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7 Responses to “Fight Opinion Radio: Steve Kim on mutual assured destruction between Oscar De La Hoya & Richard Schaefer”

  1. Zach Arnold says:

    An update on some of the topics we talked about on the radio show:

    – Jon Jones vs. Alexander Gustafsson: the rematch booked for Toronto on September 27th. Back to the scene of the crime.

    – Invicta FC events now on UFC Fight Pass. This isn’t a big surprise but now the UFC has an official/unofficial triangle going here with Invicta & WSOF. Even if Bellator is backed by Viacom, cue the cries of monopoly.

  2. Chris says:

    Great interview with Steve Kim guys.

  3. Mike says:

    I searched for “Fight Opinion Radio” using the iOS Podcasts app but couldn’t find the show. What search term should I be using? I see the link for subscribing through iTunes but I use the Podcasts app to subscribe, not iTunes or my computer…

    • Zach Arnold says:

      Mike — if you could e-mail me and help me out in getting the show aggregated on the right platforms, I would be very grateful. Right now we’re having server issues and I am diligently trying to work with our webmaster on them. Problem after problem the last couple of weeks. So, any technical assistance would be very much welcomed.

      (Use the contact link at the top of the site.)

  4. Daniel says:

    I’m surprised zach hasn’t emptied his nuts about vitor yet. I’m sure the tingling has been unbearable.


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