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The UFC begins two-a-day events starting with their busy May schedule

By Zach Arnold | April 29, 2014

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Event: UFC Fight Night on Saturday, May 10th at US Bank Arena in Cincinnati, Ohio
TV: Fox Sports 1 & 2

Event: UFC 173 on Saturday, May 24th at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada
TV: Fox Sports 1/PPV

Event: UFC Fight Night on Saturday, May 31st at the O2 World Berlin Arena in Germany
TV: Internet

Event: The Ultimate Fighter Brazil finale on Saturday, May 31st at Ibirapuera Gym in Sao Paulo, Brazil
TV: Fox Sports 1

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7 Responses to “The UFC begins two-a-day events starting with their busy May schedule”

  1. 45 Huddle says:

    The May 10th Fight Night is an embarrassing UFC card.

    UFC 173 has 2 good fights…. Cormier/Henderson & Lawler/Ellenberger. I wouldn’t be shocked if it did under 200k buys.

    The two May 31st cards are each garbage on their own. And who wants to go through 10 hours of fights for a few decent ones?

    Once again the UFC is showing they have enough talent to put on 2 solid events for the month… And yet they are stretching it to 4 per month instead.

    Imagine a UFC like this….

    UFC 173
    Renan Barao vs. TJ Dillashaw
    Junior Dos Santos vs. Stipe Miocic
    Daniel Cormier vs. Dan Henderson
    Erick Silva vs. Matt Brown
    Francis Carmont vs. CB Dollaway

    UFC Fight Night
    Robbie Lawler vs. Jake Ellenberger
    Mark Munoz vs. Gegard Mousasi
    Takeya Mizugaki vs. Francisco Rivera
    Costa Philippou vs. Lorenz Larkin
    Demian Maia vs. Alexander Yakovlev
    Luke Barnatt vs. Sean Strickland

    Of course the UFC would rather make more money and watch their ratings go into the toilet.

  2. Chris says:

    More UFC cards I can skip. I can’t wait!

  3. david m says:

    We MMA fans are a fickle bunch. I remember when UFC had their first live fight on the Best Damn Sports Show Period, between Robbie Lawler and Steve Berger, if memory serves. Seeing a UFC fight live was special and thrilling. Now we are inundated with fights and the thrill is gone. I can honestly remember being ecstatic while watching Griffin vs Bonner 1 when Dana awarded both of them contracts; everyone with whom I watched was jumping and cheering. Now I don’t watch TUF ever, and I couldn’t even bring myself to watch Jones-Glover, because I figured the undercard would be watered down.

    I hope there is happy medium to be found; UFC has really devalued their PPV brand by watering down all their events, and then having the chutzpah to raise the price of loaded PPVs (a rare occurrence).

  4. Diaz's cashed bowl says:

    with all those shows you really have to pick your favorites to watch on the after market now a days. Speaking of picking a fight, look who’s desperate for some attention and most likely some money…

    from mmaweakly
    “Royce now is putting taking umbrage with Bravo being a jiu-jitsu practitioner and instructor that endorses drug use.“Once the guy endorses pot and endorses drinking, to me that’s wrong because I have kids too. I don’t want my kids involved with pot and I don’t want my kids drinking and I did what every man should do if you have a problem, talk face to face with the person.”

    Unfortunately Royce you have no face left after testing pos for PEDs.
    And since when is whining about Bravos recreational choices to an interviewer a face to face?
    I’m not sure I have ever seen Bravo on a bud-light commercial selling wine in his videos, nor have I seen him in high times endorsing a brand of weed.
    But I do remember Royce taking a bunch of $$$ to get his ass handed to him in a cage with some bud light logos on it.

    Royce is a dirtbag, first he’s hating on bravo because he allegedly disrespects the Gracies.
    Then to retroactively legitimize his hate fest, royce (who doesn’t even know how to read english let alone write an entire book) pays someone to watch every single interview and read everything bravo has written. But royce comes up dry on the dirt and has to change his story.
    So Royce, pos just now figures out that Bravo smokes some pot, says that’s REALLY why he yelled at Bravo, not for just dominating Royler, or disrespecting the Gracies.

    I think its high time I kicked Royces ass!

  5. rst says:

    @ DaveM,
    its still in the pocket.
    Have some Faith.

  6. rst says:

    After taking a better look at that JJ fight,
    I’m no professional fighter,
    but it seems like he’s having fun again.
    Thats important in general, but especially for JJ.

    That was a MAJOR issue with forcing him to nitwit with vitor and Chael IMO.

    That stalled the carburetor…
    I think he’s big trouble (against big trouble), in the next one.

  7. rst says:

    Taking a better look at that Johnson/Crumble fight,
    Johnson lost every round,
    but he he was fighting back.

    The description I got was that he got smacked around or something.

    Crumble reminds me of a marauder like a Foreman.

    There wasn’t anything “slick” about it,
    He was just hard head, balls and fists.


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