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The press (like ESPN & Dan Le Batard) is bumping into some uncomfortable trends for the UFC

By Zach Arnold | April 25, 2014

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Members of MMAWC, LLC, one of the various LLCs associated with the WSOF

The World Series of Fighting: unofficial bastard child of the UFC? Stalking horse promotion to sign fighters who might have otherwise signed with Bellator? Why have so many writers stayed quiet on this topic or have been quick to chastise the few of us pointing out the obvious?

If you didn’t hear the latest news, the UFC has signed Andrei Arlovski after WSOF released him. And Anthony “Rumble” Johnson is fighting Phil Davis in the semi-main event of Saturday’s PPV from Baltimore. The WSOF has, in turn, signed Jake Shields, Yushin Okami, Jon Fitch, Josh Burkman, Tyson Griffin, Jacob Volkmann, and others who were released by the UFC.

WSOF is a promotion founded by Sig Rogich, Nevada’s top political fixer. A top ally to Senators Harry Reid & John McCain. A top family friend to Marc Ratner (lifelong friend) and Lorenzo Fertitta. Ratner was Executive Director of the Nevada State Athletic Commission when Lorenzo was a commission member before buying the UFC. Rogich is the former Chairman of the NSAC. Rogich was the one who was front-and-center at a presser in Washington D.C. to tout the Cleveland Clinic Lou Ruvo brain study for fighters. While attending that presser, John McCain and others were parroting that there isn’t need for federal oversight & regulation of MMA. No Ali Act required, huh?

And yet if you point out the obvious personal & past/current business/political connections between Rogich, Ratner, and Lorenzo you are labeled a conspiracy theorist by those who bother to speak up. Meanwhile, the majority of writers who could be discussing the obvious won’t. There’s no upside to doing so. Not only would it piss off allies in Zuffa and WSOF to start blathering about Rogich, it would also require an admission that I’m right. And if there’s one thing I’ve learned — from the testosterone issue to the PRIDE yakuza scandal to athletic commission scandals — it’s that many media writers would rather pass a kidney stone than admit that I’m on the right side of a touchy subject in the fight business.

The only thing more amusing than watching the writers purposely avoid touching this subject is watching fighters sign with pseudo semi-major UFC-friendly promotion WSOF and immediately start talking trash about their former employer (UFC) afterwards. Newsflash to fighters: people are laughing at you when you say that WSOF is treating you so much better than you were treated while fighting for the UFC. The only fighter who figured this whole thing out was Ben Askren.

What I want to know is what exactly the harm would be by admitting the full scope of the relationship between WSOF & UFC. Unless there’s some top-secret dealings that, if disclosed, would explode the business… then there’s no harm in actually admitting the truth and playing it straight.

There are some issues where playing it straight and professional is the only move to make.

In the case of Dana White, the more he talks the bigger the liability he becomes for the UFC as a front man. This is an argument we made many years ago on Fight Opinion Radio and now it seems that people are having to face the reality that Dana’s antics aren’t as cool as they used to be.

Ronda Rousey recently was interviewed by Kevin Iole of Yahoo Sports and made some comments about Cris Cyborg and the impact of using steroids. Perhaps not her finest moment but also not the end of the world. So, when Dana White was put on the spot by the press as to whether or not Ronda’s comments should be condemned, Dana dug himself an unnecessary hole:

Part of Dana’s ongoing animosity with Cyborg is the fact that she was/is aligned with Tito Ortiz and even in 2014, Dana can’t shut up about Tito. Fine. But the larger part about Dana’s ongoing comments about Cyborg is that he loves Ronda to death and has basically decided to pick Cyborg as a target, freeze the target, and then polarize the target. Cyborg is a name fighter who beat up Gina Carano, a fighter who Dana likes and wants to sign to fight Ronda.

But Dana can go around and bully Cyborg because he can and no one is going to stop him. Certainly not any of the writers who are staring him in the face and instead nervously chuckle in order to avoid confrontation. He’s no different than Vince McMahon. The difference is that Dana is much more overexposed than Vince and Dana is more vulnerable for attack because he’s around sportswriters often.

And when Dana does get called out by a sportswriter, he gets really hostile in a hurry:

Dan Le Batard is great at what he does. He’s also knowledgeable about the MMA scene. Which is why the following passage from Thursday’s ESPN2 show between Dan & Dana is illuminating. The context is ESPN & UFC pushing the storyline of Ronda Rousey vs. Floyd Mayweather in an MMA fight. It’s an easy rhetorical device for Dana to put over Ronda.

“There’s never been a Ronda Rousey in combat sports ever. When you talk about somebody being one of a kind, she’s literally one of a kind.”

This same “Ronda vs. Mayweather” debate has been pushed on other ESPN media platforms this week when Dana, Joe Rogan, and others have been on television. A scripted talking point.

Unfortunately for Dana, Dan has a history of asking some real questions.

DAN LE BATARD: “Would you agree with the assessment that, outside of her right now, your sport is sort of facing a star crisis a little bit because you’ve lost some of your bigger names?”

DANA WHITE: “No. We’re putting on more fights than we’ve ever put on in more countries than we’ve ever put on them on in. You know, we have a live event on broadcast TV the other night and we’re #1 in all (key male demographics). We continue to charge on. Injuries are always a problem that we face. Cain Velasquez was out injured. GSP is injured right now. Anthony Pettis is injured right now. But it’s a contact sport. We’re always going to have those problems.”

DAN LE BATARD: “Dana, that’s not what I asked you. I know you’re putting on a ton of fights and that…”

DANA WHITE: “I know what you asked me and I just told you that you’re wrong. You’re absolutely wrong. That’s not the case. We’re actually putting on more fights than we’ve ever ever put on and, you know, the sport’s continuing to grow every day.”

DAN LE BATARD: “But I’m talking about stars, your big stars right now, correct, are Bones Jones and Ronda Rousey and Bones Jones…”

DANA WHITE: “Bones Jones, Ronda Rousey, Cain Velasquez, uh… Anthony Pettis. And those guys are hurt.”

DAN LE BATARD: “And they’re not Silva and they’re not St. Pierre. Not yet, anyways.”

DANA WHITE: “Well, let me tell you this, OK? Johny Hendricks just fought Robbie Lawler and the thing sold out, massive gate down there (in Dallas) and did very well on PPV and Johny Hendricks is the new champion. Quit reading the Internet, OK? If you’re going to ask me questions, at least ask me questions that are true.”

DAN LE BATARD: “No! No, no! I know Hendricks and I like Hendricks’ fighting style. He’s not a star, Dana, he’s not a star yet! He’s not. ”

DANA WHITE: “He just sold out the arena down there. Just pulled a massive gate.”

DAN LE BATARD: “He doesn’t compare to Silva and St. Pierre. He does not. Not yet, you know that, even though he beat St. Pierre.”

DANA WHITE: “I agree, but he did well on PPV. What do you consider a star? St. Pierre’s been a champion for years! Quit asking me stupid questions. Ask me a question that makes sense.”

DAN LE BATARD: “St. Pierre and Silva are giant stars in your sport. You’re giving us the promoter answer and I understand.”

DANA WHITE: “So was Chuck Liddell and so was Matt Hughes. You know. And new guys come up. It’s part of the sport. Same thing as baseball or basketball or anything else.”

And then came the discussion about Chael Sonnen…

DAN LE BATARD: “What was your reaction when Wanderlei Silva said that Chael Sonnen is a racist and doesn’t deserve our respect? I imagine you don’t even want that conversation anywhere near your sport.”

DANA WHITE: “Well, I mean, it’s, it’s uh… one thing people have to understand is that this is the fight game and people are going to say, you know, things about each other, people are going to say mean things about each other. It’s part of the sport.”

BOMANI JONES: “But the stuff he’s saying is racist. Are you saying that it’s not?”

DANA WHITE: “Uh… I mean, I don’t know if he’s ever said anything racist. But that’s the way fighting sports have been forever. I mean, I don’t know if you remember Greg Haugen fought Julio Cesar Chavez who was a national hero down there (in Mexico) and he said, yeah, 55 of his wins are over Tijuana cab drivers and said tons of crazy things about the Mexican people and then marched into Mexico City and fought Julio Cesar Chavez. It’s the fight game.”

BOMANI JONES: “Well, we’ve always known that race and ethnicity always are a big deal when fights come around but is there at any point where say Sonnen says something where you look at it and say, OK, we can’t do that. Is there a line for you as the promoter or do you let it go?”

DANA WHITE: “Definitely. No. We absolutely jump in. When somebody says something that is obviously very wrong, we definitely step in. Not to mention the fact that Chael works for a major broadcast network, too, and they would, too.”

Dana then proceeded to say that he never screams at his employees. The last person he screamed at was “this Hollywood attorney that was representing Ronda Rousey.”

“Just a typical Hollywood lawyer, goofball stuff that these guys do and say. I mean the stuff these guys come up with. They live in that land where they’re just all out there BS’ng each other and I literally don’t put up with any of that stuff. It drives me crazy.”

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21 Responses to “The press (like ESPN & Dan Le Batard) is bumping into some uncomfortable trends for the UFC”

  1. Jonathan Snowden says:

    It’s easy to casually call someone a “political fixer” when you are a blogger with no assets and low visibility. What do you think happens to a writer for a major media platform who posts that kind of thing without any sourcing or facts?

    Here’s a challenge for you. Can you explain in unambiguous terms how you believe Sig Rogich and Lorenzo Fertitta are connected professionally?

    I understand that they are two wealthy men from the same city with similar interests and a common background in the fight game. What part of that indicates they are part of some kind of cabal?

    Feel free to email me. If there is fire and not just a whiff of smoke I will make sure it gets some attention.

    • Zach Arnold says:

      You know Sig’s history, right? He and Ratner have known each other for decades. Sig was a top advertising & public relations guy for Ronald Reagan & George H.W. Bush. There’s a reason politicians consider him one of the best in the biz at what he does.

      He is a kingmaker in Nevada politics. He has had a relationship with Harry Reid and his family spanning multiple decades. Rogich and Lorenzo backed Reid in 2010 and will likely do the same in 2016 if Brian Sandoval isn’t the challenger.

      Look at the archives of articles that Jon Ralston, top Vegas political writer, has written on Sig. Views past video interviews. Sig is the man in Nevada.

      Casino money trumps all in state politics and the Fertittas are kings for a reason. Ratner, Rogich, and Lorenzo all had professional relationships during their NSAC days. Sig’s the best lobbyist you can get for a casino power broker.

      Rogich helped run McCain’s 2008 presidential operation in Nevada.

      Ralston freely notes Sig’s power in past and present articles.

      Notice how freely WSOF can run shows in Vegas without interference?

      My favorite Rogich story on his dealings with the Las Vegas City Council and a topless bar:

      It’s easy to casually call someone a “political fixer” when you are a blogger with no assets and low visibility. What do you think happens to a writer for a major media platform who posts that kind of thing without any sourcing or facts?

      Glad to see you doing well after surgery.

      • Diaz's cashed bowl says:

        “Feel free to email me. If there is fire and not just a whiff of smoke I will make sure it gets some attention.”

        Typical gatekeeper comment from a guy who knows who butter his bread.

      • nottheface says:

        All of this raises suspicions but it’s still only conjecture.

        And Jonathan’s right about sourcing. We all know crazy shit that is almost certainly true but until we can get a source on the record or a document as evidence there’s no way we can post it. Even little ole’ part-timer me would get nixed by my site managers.

        • edub says:

          All good points, but shouldn’t a guy who prides himself on being an MMA journalist actually look into some of the points if just to debunk them? Rather than responding to something with cynicism, and no actual point about not investigating, that is.

          I mean, its one thing to say “there’s really no evidence to this and its been looked into”, but the only thing Snowden is saying is “I haven’t seen any evidence that proves this, something something something something cynical”.

          If there was some type of evidence out there wouldn’t this be a huge MMA story already?

      • Jonathan Snowden says:

        I appreciate the sentiments.

        What you’ve provided is a summary of who Sig Rogich is. I knew that. What you haven’t provided a single iota of information about is a fiduciary relationship with Lorenzo Fertitta.

        Again, what makes you think that there is any kind of formal connection between the UFC and WSOF?

        Is it really your contention that one of Nevada’s top political minds and a casino billionaire are secretly plotting together to determine what to do with second-rate MMA fighters?

        That doesn’t even begin to pass the smell test. Typically the decision to cut anyone other than a star doesn’t even go past the VP level at the UFC.

        • Omar says:

          Now, while I chastise your moronic haters…as a fan of yours I must say that this disappoints me. You of all people should know Zuffa’s goal of complete vertical integration of MMA, they want UFC and MMA to become synonymous. You should also be aware of Zuffa’s desire to get a “b tier” promotion of theirs on TV, so that they can still benefit from MMA on TV yet keep the integrity of the UFC brand…rather than just have it be everything. Furthermore, you should be aware that there is still bad blood with Viacom and they want to cut Bellator at the knee.

          Pumping up the WSOF brand accomplishes all of this. If they can have shadow control of WSOF where if there’s a guy they like they can get them, or if there’s a guy that’s still good but they’re growing tired of they can send him there. If a friendly organization gets a deal with Comcast that leaves fewer places where a real competitor can get a TV deal.

          Finally, if they establish WSOF as the proper “b-tier” or “Number 2” that squeezes Bellator’s market space and interest with fans. If they can tell Ben Askren to “win a few fights in WSOF” and then get to the UFC; not only to fighters realize that Bellator is a road to nowhere, but so do fans. All these things are important to them.

          Has Zach demonstrated that there’s collusion between these two? Perhaps, I’ll believe that there MIGHT be something to this story but I’m not betting the farm on it. However, there might not need to be de jure collusion between the two organizations. It’s very clear that, at least at this point, WSOF doesn’t want to compete with Zuffa. They’re more than happy to be the Mase to their Puffy. They’re happy to let their big guys go to the UFC without a fight, they’re more than happy to pick up the “UFC washouts,” and they’re featured prominently on Zuffa programming and at UFC events. From WSOF’s perspective, they don’t seem all that ambitious. It seems like they want to put on small shows get decent ratings on NBCN and get a good enough TV deal where they can go about making easy money while putting on fights. It’s obvious that the powers that be over there, seem to think that riding Zuffa’s coattails seems to be the easiest way there. Why be the Globetrotters when the Generals get paid the same.

          So, even if there isn’t a de jure collusion between the two organizations there’s a de facto relationship between the two promotions born out of convenience and common goals. Do you think Moraes won’t be in the UFC when he’s ready and they run out of Bantamweights before they HAVE to give the shot to Faber again? Do you think they won’t immediately sign the next generic HW they cut, or what about the next guy that gets cut from the UFC being “boring?” To me, the de facto reality between the two promotions is a lot more important than any collusion.

          Not for nothing: Rogich/Fertitta are on the same Republicans for Reid board. They’re both conservative guys. Rogich is a guy that gets people with money influence and the Fertittas are guys with money that want influence. They also served on the NSAC board. There’s smoke here, I agree it’s not enough smoke for the major MMA media to address…but I think there’s some smoke here.

          While I’m positive that you will never prove a formal relationship that’s good enough to publish at a website like Bleacher Report (something I NEVER thought I would have said five years ago…but guys like you changed my mind), I think a relationship CAN be proven for the casual observer and smaller MMA sites. It’d be helpful if Zach could post old photos of the two together and tie their links to each other with visual evidence that’d do a lot for me.

      • rst says:

        You should do at least partial transcription for the podcast Boss.
        Some people dont listne to podcasts,
        but would still be interested in points made.

    • klown says:

      Jonathan, why don’t you do some digging of your own? Shouldn’t a writer for a major media platform have better contacts, sources, and research capacity than a blogger with no assets and low visibility?

      Does your journalistic instinct tell you something is up here (even if the evidence is, in your opinion, still inconclusive)? If so, isn’t it your job to follow those instincts and uncover the smoking gun yourself?

      • Zach Arnold says:

        In and around the fight business, awareness of me is very apparent. 🙂

      • 45 Huddle says:

        That would force Snowden to be…. Gasp…. An actual reporter!

        The question also is…. Does any of this even matter anymore? It’s not like people care a lot about the sport right now. It is going in the tank…..

      • Diaz's cashed bowl says:

        Snowdens won’t do any digging into anything that smokes. The gate keeper type is paid to sway opinion regarding big media sponsored fires. Whether they know it or not, hese gatekeepers have no journalistic instincts or integrity.

        The fire analogy.
        Ok, i’m in my house and I hear someone yelling that its on fire. Looking outside, I see a homeless person pointing at the back of my house saying smoke is coming from the back porch.

        If you are snowden, you yell back…
        “shut up homeless dude, because you have no car, or high paying job I don’t believe you.”

        Homeless dude…
        “fine then go around back and look for your self”

        In the house dude…
        “I’m busy watching the ufc on ppv, besides I see no firetruck and you have no position of power therefore you are incorrect.” “And anyway I have insurance”

  2. 45 Huddle says:

    The UFC is tanking right now in both PPB buys and TV ratings. Dana is out of control and he can’t handle the failure.

    And Zach you were right about the WSOF and UFC connection. Not sure how provable it is but it is crystal clear what is going on. There are no longer two options for the fighters.

  3. Megatherium says:

    I’ve finally lost interest in combat sports. But had I not, Zach Arnold’s FightOpinion would STILL be the first place I looked for real news.

    Keep it up!

  4. Omar says:

    Okay, first off: Diaz\’s cashed bow/45 huddle…you\’re idiots Either that or you don\’t read and insist on having opinions on things that you have no business talking about, well…I suppose it\’s probably both. Anyways: Jonathan Snowden is a notorious asshole, HUGE fan of his work…but if there\’s one guy in the major MMA media (insofar as that exists) it\’s Jonathan Snowden. This piece:

    Probably riled some feathers at the Zuffa offices. Snowden\’s a guy that\’s not afraid to take massive shits all over whatever storyline that Zuffa\’s trying to tell. There\’s guys at B/R that are friendly to Zuffa, Snowden is not one of them. He\’s not Jeremy Botter, let alone a Helwani type.

    However, he does right for a top 100 website in the world witfh connections to CNN. What Mr. Arnold is accusing Zuffa and Sig Rogich of is VERY serious business. They\’re involving a United States Senator in what may amount to felonious activity. Bleacher Report is affiliated with CNN, who would almost surely pick up any potential story like this and very bad things would happen for MMA, Bleacher Report, the person who wrote the article, Harry Reid, and Zuffa along with anyone affiliated with them. These are some serious toes to be stepping on, if you\’re writing an article like this: you need stone cold proof. If you don\’t understand the realities of this, then you\’re too stupid to have an opinion.

    • Diaz's cashed bowl says:

      lol, thats a total puff piece. It does nothing but give Dana and the frattatas a platform to tell their side of things which if you read the article is a lot of self serving bs.

      • Diaz's cashed bowl says:

        cnn does not do any investigation, like bleacher report just a propaganda tool for the corporations. They present bs the way their owners want them to, a mega phone for the mega phonies.

  5. Zach Arnold says:

    Omar wrote:

    It’d be helpful if Zach could post old photos of the two together and tie their links to each other with visual evidence that’d do a lot for me.

    Tim Poster got rejected last December for a gaming license and Tom Breitling (Ultimate Gaming), Sig Rogich, and Lorenzo were all at that hearing trying to support Poster. Poster was rejected because of past transgressions and allegations of shady ties.

    So, yeah, all these guys are very close with each other and their various business interests. There’s a reason you can go on Twitter and see Ultimate Gaming tweets with Dana, Frankie Edgar, so on and so forth. Jersey online gaming is a big $ deal. And Ali Abdelaziz is now the front man for WSOF. He happens to be Frankie Edgar’s manager and a coach on The Ultimate Fighter.

    What Mr. Arnold is accusing Zuffa and Sig Rogich of is VERY serious business. They\’re involving a United States Senator in what may amount to felonious activity.

    There is no felonious activity going on here regarding UFC & WSOF. That was my whole point all along — why won’t the parties just come out and say what the deal is. There’s no Ali Act covering MMA. And besides, nobody has been criminally prosecuted since the implementation of the Ali Act.

    What piques my interest in the whole deal is why so many in the press seem so sensitive to talk about it.

  6. Omar says:

    Yeah, I mean like I said there\’s a ton of smoke here. However, you\’re alleging things that won\’t have definitive proof. Fertitta and Rogich are smart dudes, and they won\’t leave a fire burning but you can still smell the smoke. Perhaps on your next article list all the Fertitta/Rogich connections. Republicans for Reid, the Poster hearing, NSAC, and I\’m sure there\’s more. Same thing with Ratner, Mersch, and other Zuffa cronies and WSOF brass. If you can list all the connections and a list, it\’s sorta up to the fans to put two and two together.

    That being said, if NSAC was banning TRT without even being able to appoint an executive director just right around the time an ESPN article about TRT and Zuffa came out didn\’t raise any eyebrows then I\’m not quite sure what will. Yeah, we don\’t even have a director of the body but all of the sudden we can ban TRT, oh wait…a guy nominated for a Pulitzer is digging around and writing about this stuff too hmmm…total coincidence! ***wank motion*** Zuffa still has the luxury of having a fanbase that\’s primarily composed of morons.

    \”There is no felonious activity going on here regarding UFC & WSOF. That was my whole point all along— why won’t the parties just come out and say what the deal is\”

    I\’m not so sure about that. Perhaps not felonious, there\’s certainly going to be hell to pay if this shit goes public. NBC thought they were buying (bartering for) an independent brand of MMA that\’s at least, in principal, trying to be the best. Viacom and Bellator would also have something to say about this too, and I\’m sure Zuffa\’s friends at the Culinary Union will have some fun too. Lets not forget that the MSM and the mainstream sports media still isn\’t very fond of MMA and they\’re still an easy target (thanks Dana!) for people that want something to crusade about. Corruption amongst fight promoters is an easy topic too, if a US Senator is tangentially involved that\’s even more fun for the media. There\’s a lot of people that will have egg on their face.

    \”There’s no Ali Act covering MMA. And besides, nobody has been criminally prosecuted since the implementation of the Ali Act.\”

    Side question: Are Ali Act violations criminal prosecutions, or merely civil rights of actions to boxers? Like the no multi fight contracts clause, is that a criminal violation or merely a civil right to action for a Boxer that wants to be free of a promoter?

  7. Omar says:

    Okay Zach, I’ve said enough nice things about your work now I need to tear into you. You’ve got your head up your ass about Ronda Rousey. For one, stop interviewing her hack hanger ons and do the right thing and call bullshit on her.

    “Ronda Rousey recently was interviewed by Kevin Iole of Yahoo Sports and made some comments about Cris Cyborg and the impact of using steroids. Perhaps not her finest moment but also not the end of the world.”

    Really? Jon Jones gets an entire article for, allegedly, making fun of some kid on Instagram but Rousey directs a transgendered slur at a fellow fighter (that’s she’s clearly ducking) and that’s all she gets? So the one big money fight for Rousey that’s actually competitive, she ducks…you say nothing. Zuffa lets her duck Cyborg, hell you won’t even get on Dana’s ass for that. Fine.

    Jon Jones says “hey these LHWs should actually have to fight someone before facing me” and all of the sudden he’s ducking DC and Gus. Glover clearly earned his day in court, moreso than Gustaffson or Daniel Cormier as of now, and certainly more than Gustaffson in September, and “he’s ducking Gus.” He stands in the pocket at range with Glover, the only place where Glover has a shot, and beats the shit out of him.

    Ronda Rousey calls Cyborg an “it,” has some fun with the truth regarding Cyborg’s steroid use, flat out REFUSES to go to 145 or even 140 to fight Cyborg but volunteers to go to 145 to fight Carano but never Cyborg. It’s clear to anyone with half a brain that Rousey is ducking Cyborg, hard. Jones just wants these LHWs to beat some guys first.

    Jon Jones continues on the GSP strain, and volunteers for enhanced drug testing for 172 something no other champion is doing, and you give him shit for that. You (rightfully) rake Zuffa over the coals over TRT, but Jones didn’t request for enhanced drug testing exactly the way you want him to so fuck that juiced up asshole. Where’s Ronda on steroids? Sure Cyborg tested positive, but only once…so have lots of other guys in the UFC, so have other guys that Ronda’s been associated with.

    Ronda’s deleted plenty of tweets too, it’s just that the media won’t call her on her shit for it. She insinuated plenty of times that Miesha fucks Caraway with a strap on. She gets visibly upset when she has to share the spotlight with another woman and this other woman might actually be superior to her at something…whether Cyborg is a better fighter (she is) or Miesha is more attractive than her, she’ll throw fits about it. And oh yeah…she called the murder of 17 elementary school children a conspiracy and said it didn’t happen. She’s a fucking train wreck too, but because she’s a woman and because she’s something of a novelty no one says anything or expects anything of her.

    Second, she’s also the biggest scab in the history of the company. Is there another fighter that Dana talks up more? Is there another fighter on the roster that he’s photographed with more? Remember that suit with her management? Yeah, Dana and Lorenzo pressured her into leaving her manager when she signed with CAA and letting someone who doesn’t know the fight game represent her. Since she’s a moron…she agreed. She owes her old manager 100K still, and one of the reasons she was mad at him is that he didn’t do enough to dispel the “rumors” that she’s sleeping with Dana White. Wait a minute…that seems like an odd complaint. Were those rumors getting play in the MMA press? Nope. So basically she’s also fucking the boss too. That’s one of those Rogich/Fertitta rumors where you won’t see the smoking gun, but everyone who’s honest with themselves sees it.

    Basically…stop being a Rousey nut jumper, or lay off Bones.

  8. Diaz's cashed bowl says:

    heh, I just looked at who snowden writes for “bleacher report” which is an overly critical, mean spirited and opinionated without substantiation type site if there ever was one, like a tmz and walmart for mma co site.


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