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Fight Opinion Radio: A chat with the uniquely skilled, colorful, and ruthlessly efficient Marina Shafir

By Zach Arnold | April 22, 2014

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Click the image to find out more details about the May 4th event in Glendale, CA

If you mention The 4 Horsewomen to an online MMA fan, chances are you are going to elicit a strong reaction (one way or the other). And that’s the way the all-female MMA family likes it. Teams come and go in Mixed Martial Arts and some of them do strike an emotional connection with the fans. In the case of The 4 Horsewomen, their fan support is organic and growing by the day. Variety is the spice of life and it’s more important than ever to stand out in a sport that is flooded with many fighters who look & talk alike.

Marina Shafir is the rookie of the group but her fight performances demonstrate professional polish. Watch any of her past amateur fights and it’s hard not to walk away convinced that she’s dominant and will continue to smother the competition. Her professional debut earlier this month at Hollywood Park went the same way as her past amateur fights, only this time she got paid, fought in a ring, and had Big John McCarthy referee her fight. Welcome to the big stage.

We had a chance to interview Marina about her background in Judo beyond what you’ve read in the press clippings. If you listened to our recent radio interview with Judo Gene LeBell, you heard Uncle Gene talk about the financial challenges Ronda Rousey faced and why her career evolved the way it did. For Marina Shafir, she found herself in similar circumstances. Once the UFC decides to book 145 pound female fighters, Marina will more than likely be a superstar for a company that really needs to build as many new stars as possible.

With that level of pressure to perform at a high level amidst growing expectations, it is going to be an interesting path as far as watching Marina’s learning curve and who will want to fight her. Her goal is to fight Cyborg in a couple of years. Will the dream be realized?

We had a chance to delve into the personal dynamics of Marina Shafir’s relationship with Ronda Rousey and why it is so strong. We also got a chance to ask her a question based on our recent interview with Eddie Bravo about the usefulness (or uselessness) of training with a gi and whether or not it’s a waste of time. Let’s just say her opinion is quite different than Eddie’s.

If you want to stalk check out Marina on social media like she stalks Cyborg, you can follow her on Twitter (@marinashafir) and on Instagram.

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Time length of this week’s show: 37 minutes (17 MB MP3)

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Armbar Nation, let us know your thoughts on the interview by messaging Judge Jeff on Twitter (@whaledog) and Zach on Twitter (@fightopinion).

Our e-mail address: [email protected].

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To Zack Nelson for his past & present support of Fight Opinion Radio. A true friend.

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2 Responses to “Fight Opinion Radio: A chat with the uniquely skilled, colorful, and ruthlessly efficient Marina Shafir”

  1. FowklesButNotBen says:

    Those four are the “best MMA has to offer”? Two TUF rejects, a sycophant and a brain damaged hypocritical psychopath with a huge cyst? No thanks, they bring shame upon any charity they’re associated with.

  2. mike ripple says:

    The above commentor is probably a socially inept retard who hets his rocks off using both hands. Too chickenshit to say things face to face and would most definiyely get his ass handed to him by any of the 4.


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