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More likely to happen first: Shogun/Henderson UFC III or double retirement?

By Zach Arnold | March 23, 2014

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You know what the answer probably is. Whether it’s the answer that you think is appropriate given the current circumstances coming out of Sunday’s fight, however, is up for discussion.

As for the quality of officiating… whew, I’m glad Chael Sonnen assured everyone after the show that the officiating on the show was of good quality. Sneaky guy buttering up the referees for his May 31st Brazil fight against Wanderlei Silva. Nothing ever gets past him. I hope Wernei Cardoso is not the referee for that fight.

Jon Jones may be saying “oh give me a break” about the prospects of a fight with Henderson but if he loses to Glover Teixeira (as John Hackleman talked about recently on Fight Opinion Radio), he may want to reconsider.

Event: UFC Fight Night (Sunday, March 23rd) at Ginasio Nelio Dias in Natal, Brazil
TV: Fox Sports 1 (7 PM EST/4 PM PST)

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19 Responses to “More likely to happen first: Shogun/Henderson UFC III or double retirement?”

  1. 45 Huddle says:

    The refs tonight are favoring the Brazilians to the point that it looks like corruption.

    Jorgenson gets straight up head butted and they allow the fight to continue. Siler gets knocked down and is upkicking his opponent as they stop the fight. He was never close to being out. Now Taisumov gets 2 points deducted for stuff that almost never gets point deductions in fights.

    And of course all 3 bad calls favor the Brazilian fighters. It is getting out of hand.

    And now he doesn’t even hold the fence and gets warned again and told he will get DQ’ed. Something fishy is happening in Brazil….

    And Norman Parke just got a point deduction for pulling the shorts. Got no warning at all. And once again, a guy fighting a Brazilian gets a questionable point deduction against him. This is disgusting…

  2. Diaz’s cashed bowl says:

    Give up being a submission grappler in the ufc, your actions are now formally shunned.

    We see tonight with ufc’s changing of the Ko and Sub of the night to “performance of the nightX2? they’ll reward only Ko’s with both of the performance bonuses, while no bonus$ for either of the 2 choke finishes.

    • 45 Huddle says:

      Yeah…. but…. they are so concerned about brain damage!!

      • duck says:

        Weren’t you crying about 3 weeks ago about there being a lack of finishes in the UFC in 2014?

        pretty sure you weren’t just talking about submissions.

        • 45 Huddle says:

          There is a difference between wanting to see fighters go for a finish (be it KO or Submission)…. And the UFC paying the fighters who get KO’s more money.

          There is an entire element to fighting called grappling. And the UFC does everything they can to detract their fighters from participating in it.

  3. Jonathan says:

    Man there was a lot of finishes tonight!

  4. Diaz's cashed bowl says:

    So Dan and fighters with TUE for TRT have low testosterone and no longer have permission to compete using additional amounts.
    So when tested during competition what are the max allowable levels for them?
    No way is it 6-1 when they have documented blood work to prove it’s “normally” less than 1-1.

  5. Mark says:

    Hendo will be fighting to Dan Severn age somewhere, I have a feeling.

    Shogun will be more likely to retire, but he’ll probably give it one more shot.

  6. klown says:

    It’s really unfortunate for Shogun to be the last victim of Dan “TRT” Henderson. Is that what Shogun needs at this point in his career?

    • Mark says:

      Those Chute Boxe boys weren’t exactly known for their St. Pierreish aversion to PEDs of various kinds, so Shogun is suspect, too.

      But being PRIDE, you can probably count the number of fighters with a legit gripe complaining about losing to a PED user on one hand.

      • Mark says:

        Well, Murillo “The Doughy Ninja” Rua was probably clean. He’d at least be in Barnett-in-PRIDE toned midsection if he was on that Wandyjuice.

  7. rst says:

    Well, I think I agree with Fowlkes.
    A fun enough fight, but if it proved anything its that they’re both almost done.
    Dan got tooled for 2 rounds until he landed a hot one (at least the legs kicks Dan threw had comedic value),
    and Shogun cant string together more then a win against a decent opponent anymore, if even that.

    And although the big take away seems to be that Dan is still dangerous at 43, that was his last TRT fight.
    His robotic movements and footwork might get worse after this until he’s a sledghammer right hand mounted in place like a tetherball.

    I do agree that even tetherball Dan and the curse of Ninja Rua still have the name value and at least the silhouette of former greatness that still makes then watchable with the right matchups. Just like Wanderlei, just like quinton and the rest of their generation.

    I heard that a lot of the other guys on the card did well,
    but I dont know who they are.

  8. 45 Huddle says:

    It disappointed me that Henderson won. Not because I had money on the line or I am a fan of either fighter.

    It is because his chin is obviously weakened by old age and I don’t want to see him take more punishment. That one punch he landed on Shogun will give him another 18 months of brain damage between fights and training. Not good.

    The fight made me more sad then anything else. It was a great fight. But it was sad to see the way both look even compared to their first fight.

  9. 45 Huddle says:

    PPV Buys so far this year:

    UFC 169: 230,000
    UFC 170: 340,000
    UFC 171: 300,000 to 320,000

    Of the last 10 PPV’s, only 3 of them had more then 350k buys. And all 3 of those events had Silva or GSP in them.

    Let it continue to sink…. The PPV model must die.

    • Diaz's cashed bowl says:

      that may be sooner than later unless they replace the 173 main event.

      • 45 Huddle says:

        So UFC 173’s main event right now is JDS/Miocic. UFC 174 doesn’t even have a main event yet.

        We could easily see a 6 month period with the UFC only having 1 PPV over 350,000 PPV Buys. And that would be thanks to Jon Jones.

  10. rst says:

    I just thought of a interesting fight for Shogun, how about Gegard.
    Both coming off losses, both still badasses.
    Both weak wrestlers, but good strikers.
    If Gegard wins he gets a nice name brand win (for what its still worth these days), if Shogun wins he proves that its not all over with a win over a young buck.

    Dans Lyoto challenge is so absurd that I almost want to see him get punished for his hubris.
    Not that Dan couldn’t get lucky again, everything would be Lyoto’s to lose. If Dan could keep Lyoto spooked of that right hand he might spook out the worst wary lyoto,
    the one who danced around and gave up the fight to quinton.

    Or he might get crane kicked in the teeth.

    • Chuck says:

      That would be a good fight. But don’t underestimate Gegard’s grappling. He’s actually a pretty good grappler. Maybe not a strong wrestler, but he has a pretty good guard game and some nice submission work. He has some grappling (again, not wrestling) credentials to his belt.

      • rst says:

        He’s definitely decent at grappling. Gegard was at least defensively hanging with Alligator when he got that upkick.
        And Shogun is a BJJ blackbelt. There skills are very comparable.
        And although Gegard seemed to get embarrassingly outwrestled by Lyoto of all people,
        he wasn’t getting thrashed for it he was just stuck on the defensive.

        But the same way BJJ was kryptonite to wrestlers for awhile at first, once wrestlers learned at least defensive BJJ they just starting powering through BJJ half the time.
        But maybe just as important is wrestling upstairs, in the clinch.
        Thats where a superior striker like Shogun got his nose busted by a wrestler.

        I also just remembered that Gegard is probably set up for Munoz next (who is more responsible for these extended grudges against SF and Pride guys, silva or dana?),
        but Shoguns gonna be out for a minute. They could do it after that, even if Gegard has been outwrestled for 2 fights in a row by then.


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