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Mail bag time. You got MMA questions you want us to answer? Ask away.

By Zach Arnold | March 6, 2014

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We’re bringing back the mail bag to our site and want to hear from you with as many MMA-related questions as possible.

You can submit questions to us on Twitter or in the comments section here. Deadline for round one is by Sunday afternoon. I, along with a special guest, will respond to your inquiries and I think you will enjoy the interaction.

So, have at it. Nothing MMA-related is off limits.

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13 Responses to “Mail bag time. You got MMA questions you want us to answer? Ask away.”

  1. David m says:

    Who in Pride do you suspect of having using performance enhancers?

  2. Mac says:

    Do you a possibility for One FC to become as big as Pride or Dream was?

  3. Cisco Casillas says:

    Update on kato, sakibara, and all the major jmma players

  4. Chuck Finley says:

    Two parter: The UFC marketing pieces for each event now have members of the MMA media giving Zuffa talking points during them. This as profound a conflict of interest as “independent” media members writing pieces for

    1. Did they get a full 40 pieces of silver for it? Or is Zuffa showing favor to those writers willing to give them blanket good coverage and shill for them in exchange for a brief moment of “hey that’s me” kind of fame?
    2. How much less should we respect anyone who appears in one of those videos? Most of them are just the usual shills but some are guys who seem respectable like Luke Thomas.

  5. 45 Huddle says:

    So many questions….

    Rumors are that the WWE might go back to SpikeTV. TNA will obviously be off SpikeTV if this happens. How will this effect Bellator? Will they be moved to another night or be allowed to go live right after Smackdown on Friday nights? Or could they be out of business to make way for all of the WWE content?

    And how will Vince McMahon play into all of this? Will he learn from his TUF 1 mistake and not allow MMA to follow his show? Or will he use it as a way to help build up Bellator and get them better ratings so they can cause problems for the UFC?

  6. Boxing Legend says:

    Should the California Athletic Commission Director, Andy Foster, apply for the Nevada job? Good for Nevada? Bad for California? What are your thoughts?

  7. Dick Tracy says:

    What is the future of WMMA (in the UFC) if Ronda leaves?

  8. Chuck says:

    Do you think it’s about time to re-allow kicks and knees to a downed opponent? The over/under on Bellator being alive in 2016 and beyond?

  9. Zack says:

    What is Jeff Thaler’s favorite type of whale?

  10. Keith Harris says:

    I think it would be interesting to compare and contrast WWE’s and UFC’s responses to their respective TRT TUE scandals, and the links between the two, such as:

    1. Do you think Chael Sonnen, who is known to be a pro wrestling fan and one of the first fighters to use TRT, got the idea from learning about how WWE wrestlers fooled their doctors into giving them TUEs for testosterone?

    2. Why didn’t Dana White learn from Vince McMahon’s mistake? Or did he feel unduly safe due to having the cover of athletic commission testing and more powerful political allies?

    3. Speaking of the commissions, why didn’t they throw the book at fighters who came in with obviously quack doctors like Mark Cznarnecki? Were they completely oblivious to what had occurred in wrestling?


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