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The job listing for the Executive Director job at the Nevada State Athletic Commission

By Zach Arnold | January 19, 2014

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Posted 1/15/14
Updated 1/17/14



This is an open competitive recruitment, open to all qualified applicants. This position is appointed by and serves at the pleasure of the members of the Athletic Commission.


The Athletic Commission regulates all contests or exhibitions of professional unarmed combat (e.g., boxing, kickboxing and mixed martial arts/MMA) in Nevada, including, the licensure and supervision of promoters, boxers, mixed martial artists, kick boxers, seconds, ring officials, managers, ring announcers and matchmakers. The Athletic Commission administers the State laws and regulations (Nevada Revised Statutes, Chapter 467 and Nevada Administrative Code Chapter 467) governing unarmed combat for the protection of the public and to ensure the health and safety of the contestants.

The Athletic Commission is a Division within the Department of Business and Industry which consists of 13 separate agencies: Athletic Commission, Attorney for Injured Workers, Employee Management Relations Board, Financial Institutions Division, Housing Division, Division of Industrial Relations, Division of Insurance, Labor Commissioner, Manufactured Housing Division, Real Estate Division, Taxicab Authority, Nevada Transportation Service Authority, and Mortgage Lending Division.


Up to $97,901 plus benefits * (Salary range reflects retirement (PERS) contributions by both the employee and employer. An employer paid contribution plan is also available with a reduced gross salary.)

*Please note: Furlough Leave is mandatory for Nevada State employees and will result in a reduction of income of approximately 2.3% (or 4 hours per month) starting July 1, 2013, through June 30, 2015. The salary listed above does not reflect the reduction from the required furlough.


The State benefits package includes a retirement system, paid health, vision, dental, life and disability insurance; 11 paid holidays, and paid sick and annual leave. Other employee paid benefits such as deferred compensation plans are available.


This position reports to the members of the Athletic Commission. The individual selected must be able to plan, organize, direct staff, coordinate multiple activities and programs; communicate effectively both orally and in writing; interpret and apply laws, statutes and regulations; establish objectives and goals; and maintain excellent relationships with Governmental officials, agencies,stakeholders, the public, and members of the media

The Executive Director exercises supervision over professional staff and outside contractors whose responsibilities are to carry out the activities and programs of the Athletic Commission. The Executive Director’s responsible for the Athletic Commission’s budget, goals, and objectives. The Executive Director is responsible for planning and directing programs associated with the Athletic Commission, and for evaluating the performance and effectiveness of these programs. The Executive Director will be responsible for identifying, analyzing and resolving issues and problems; and for reviewing
and ensuring implementation of administrative directives, guidelines and policies relating to the Athletic Commission. The Executive Director will represent the members of the Athletic Commission and the Director of Business and Industry as directed; serve as principal advisor to the members of the Athletic Commission and Director on Divisional management and administrative matters; prepare high level reports and correspondence; and other related duties as assigned by the members of the Athletic Commission. The ideal candidate would also have experience in the following:


The ideal candidate will possess a Bachelor’s degree in business or public administration or a related field and a minimum of five years of increasingly responsible professional level experience which included responsibility for the coordination and management of multiple work units in a complex organization; Or an equivalent combination of education and experience.


Las Vegas, Nevada


All resumes will be accepted on a first come, first served basis. Hiring may occur at any time during the recruitment process.


Department of Administration – HR Services
Attn: Gennie Hudson
100 N. Stewart St., Ste. 230
Carson City, NV 89701
775.684.0247 or email to: [email protected]

In subject line please reference: Executive Director, Athletic Commission

The State of Nevada is an Equal Opportunity Employer and does not discriminate on the basis of sex, age, religion, race or disability.

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5 Responses to “The job listing for the Executive Director job at the Nevada State Athletic Commission”

  1. rst says:

    “The ideal candidate will possess a Bachelor’s degree in business or public administration “

    I’m not sure they let you sell yogurt without one of those. What it has to do with yogurt, or the safety or fairness of the fighting game is negligible.

  2. Nepal says:

    Damn, less than $100K for that job??? Who would take that? Anybody functional enough to do a good job in that position could make way more money elsewhere.

  3. 45 Huddle says:

    Paying so low for a job like that opens up the possibility of corruption.

    Especially in Nevada, combat sports brings in huge money for the state. The job should pay accordingly.

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