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Fertitta corporate board member is a member of the Nevada commission’s steroids & drug testing panel

By Zach Arnold | March 28, 2013

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When it comes to the issue of the testosterone plague in Mixed Martial Arts, we know who helped let the genie out of the bottle. The UFC may be saying all the right things publicly about wanting to put the genie back in the bottle, but they helped create the environment we have today in combat sports for testosterone usage (via permission slips). The athletic commissions simply followed where the winds were blowing. The Nevada State Athletic Commission is the worst offender.

Last Thursday, the Nevada State Athletic Commission’s Steroid & Drug Testing Panel held a meeting to bloviate about what to do next with fighters using testosterone. Damon Martin published the following article: Nevada Commission Discussing Possibles Changes to Testosterone Policy and Testing Levels

Instead of changing the rules on Thursday however the commission instead voted to do further investigation into the normal levels of testosterone ratios in fighters that compete in their state.

The idea presented by the commission during their meeting was to conduct a study of a wide range of fighters either past or going forward to determine what a “normal” level of testosterone ratio would be. Most fighters test under the legal limits, but the commissioners in Nevada are trying to get a sense of what level under 4:1 they are testing at, on average.

The study conducted will be internal only for the commission and not for public consumption.

The main voice on the NSAC steroid & drug testing panel is former NSAC Chairman Dr. James Nave, a long-time veterinarian. When Marc Ratner, former NSAC boss, was talking with Dr. Nave last week about how the NSAC should be not as heavy-handed in punishing fighters who test positive for marijuana on drug tests, one interesting factoid was omitted about Dr. Nave’s relationship with the Fertitta family which runs the UFC.

Dr. James Nave happens to be on the board of directors for Station Casinos. Yeah, that Station Casinos. Take a look for yourself with this Business Week graphic:

Business Week claims that at age 67, Dr. Nave’s total calculated compensation is $102,000. Take a look at his bio — he’s been on the board of directors for Station Casinos since June 2011. So, while the testosterone plague has grown… and grown… and grown in MMA, Dr. Nave is on the NSAC steroid & drug testing panel board.

Is Dr. Nave someone who is going to change what is happening in regards to how Keith Kizer and associate Dr. Tim Trainor handle which fighters get to use testosterone and which fighters should be suspended for elevated levels of testosterone on drug test results? No, but the conflict of interest and dog-and-pony-show aspect to what is going on right now with the UFC & the Nevada State Athletic Commission is foolish. You couldn’t find a better example of what a charade UFC’s PR campaign is right now to try to convince you that they really, really care about the testosterone plague in combat sports. They care so much, they built their main reality TV show this season (The Ultimate Fighter) around the most high-profile testosterone user of all in order to build him up for a main event PPV match at the end of April… in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Addendum: The fight was originally scheduled to happen (at the last-minute) in Las Vegas but was canceled. This upcoming fight is happening in Newark, New Jersey.

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3 Responses to “Fertitta corporate board member is a member of the Nevada commission’s steroids & drug testing panel”

  1. 45 Huddle says:

    1) It is very common to see individuals on multiple company boards or committees like the NSAC.

    2) It seems like a change in weed is on the horizon.

    3) There is no way the NSAC would just come out and say that what they are doing with testosterone is pure garbage. So what you get is the following cycle…

    a) Request for more Research
    b) A “surprise” on the new findings
    c) a discussion about the change in the rules.
    d) something actually being done about it.

    These guys on the NSAC have fragile ego’s…. And they can’t just change course so quickly without fracturing those egos….

  2. Dnm3k says:

    Bones/Chael the Phael is going down in Newark on the 27th, not LV I believe.

    Ed. — You are right. The original fight was scheduled in Las Vegas but was canceled.

  3. […] Don’t talk about UFC financials or fighter pay. Don’t break news without two sources. Don’t report anything from fight agents/managers. Don’t speak on behalf of a fighter. Don’t mention Dana White’s mother. Don’t write anything negative about Zuffa unless you use the word ‘opinion.’ You can’t be “too negative.” And, finally, every writer is being watched like a hawk. No wonder nobody ever writes about a Fertitta corporate board member being a member of the Nevada State Athletic Commission’s stero…. […]


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