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Jeremy Stephens jury trial in Iowa scheduled for January 9th

By Zach Arnold | November 27, 2012

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When we last visited the story regarding Jeremy Stephens getting arrested in Minneapolis, there was a debate as to what UFC knew at the time and how much the public was told about his actual legal circumstances.

Today, the picture is starting to clear up on Mr. Stephens’ legal woes.

A pretrial conference has been set for December 13th in Des Moines. A jury trial is scheduled for January 9th, 2013 in Des Moines. Stephens’ attorney is Alfredo Parrish (of Parrish Kruidenier Dunn Boles Gribble Parrish Gentry & Fisher LLP). The county attorney working the case is Celene Gogerty, the assistant Polk County attorney.

Stephens was charged on three counts, resulting in a $20,000 bond (posted by someone named Ryan Hass) and giving up the passport. Details about the three counts he has been charged for:

Count 1 – WILLFUL INJURY CAUSING SERIOUS INJURY, in violation of Section 804.4(1) of the Code of Iowa; and charges that the above named defendant on or about October 15, 2011, in the County of Polk and State of Iowa, did an act which was not justified and which was intended to cause seriously injury to another, causing serious injury to another, to-wit: Shane Schreck. (Class C Felony)

Count 2 – BURGLARY IN THE FIRST DEGREE, in violation of Section 713.1 and 713.3 of the Code of Iowa; and charges that the above named defendant on or about October 15, 2011, in the County of Polk and State of Iowa, did enter an occupied structure with the intent to commit a felony, assault, or theft therein having no right, license, or privilege to do so, while such structure had one or more persons present and the defendant intentionally or recklessly inflicted bodily injury on any person. (Class B Felony)

Count 3 – ASSAULT CAUSING BODILY INJURY, in violation of Section 708.2(2) and 708.1.(1) of the Code of Iowa; and charges that the above named defendant on or about October 15, 2011, in the County of Polk and State of Iowa, did an act which was intended to cause pain or injury to or which was intended to result in physical contact which would be insulting or offensive to another coupled with the apparent ability to execute the act causing bodily injury, to-wit: Jennifer Schreck. (Serious Misdemeanor).

There are already requests from local & national media to cover the jury trial, including a filing with the court from Amanda Lewis of KCCI-TV.

Stephen is scheduled to fight Yves Edwards on UFC’s December 8th Fox broadcast show from Key Arena in Seattle.

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5 Responses to “Jeremy Stephens jury trial in Iowa scheduled for January 9th”

  1. Fluyid says:

    And Dan “Saint of Stevia” Quinn’s trial is set for December 13th!

  2. 45 Huddle says:

    If Diaz ends up getting the next title shot (assuming Henricks doesn’t get injured), then I think I would be done with MMA for a very long time. The stench of Pro Wrestling would be really really hard to get off the smell of those belts between the Jones/Sonnen garbage and then potentially this.

    There is nobody else who even comes close to being the #1 contender right now besides Hendricks. He is 9-1 in the UFC, and 11-1 under the Zuffa banner. He is on a 5 fight win streak that includes Pierce, Fitch, Koscheck, & Kampmann.

    I mean it doesn’t get any more clear cut as a #1 contender then that.

    Not to mention that Diaz is coming off a LOSS that he got a 1 year suspension for. And he doesn’t have anywhere close to the resume Henricks has produced lately.

    I can see why GSP’s manager would say this. Diaz is a much easier fight for GSP. GSP can take him down or potentially win with leg kicks. Hendricks is hard to take down and has absolutely killer hands. He is the most dangerous match-up for GSP without question. Probably the most dangerous match-up for him in his entire career.

    But if White goes along with this…. I would be absoletely pissed.

    The sad thing is that I have little faith in White right now. He seems to be making horrible decisions just to cash in big fights. This is right in his wheel house lately….

    • edub says:

      Completely agree on the wrestling comparison. Completely agree that he’d be getting a shot because he’s more marketable.

      Disagree on your points about Hendricks as a challenger. We’ve seen this fight. GSP will pick apart Hendricks standing up as his striking is less skilled than Josh Koscheck. He will also take him down whenever he wants as (if you look up his stats) Johnny Hendricks defense for the takedown in MMA is actually nothing great. IMO Hendricks is a challenge, but nothing on the level of Thiago Alves circa 2009 (Great TDD, diverse striking, good power).

      However, I will agree that Hendricks is still slightly a harder match up than Diaz presents (although leg kicks will have nothing to do with the plan). GSP will just keep him on the mat the whole time, and blitzkrieg his face with elbows.

      My hope is that Diaz shows up at an event where SIlva is at, and smacks him. That pisses SIlva off enough to take a fight with him, and we get Diaz vs. Anderson at 180.

    • Jay B. says:

      The Sonnen/Jones thing was enough to have me lose alot of interest in MMA. Dana White face plastered all over press conferences and commercials is overkill.

      MMA losing alot of momentum with its clown antics. Matchmaking and decisions have been rated as a 1 of 10. Just horrible

  3. Richard says:

    Ryan Hass is a Des Moines area MMA promoter who also happens to manage Stephens. It’s not surprising that Hass would be the guy to bail Jeremy out.


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