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U-turn: Junior dos Santos wants Alistair Overeem now, Cain Velasquez later

By Zach Arnold | August 5, 2012

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And here Javier Mendez was thinking that the worst comment he would hear this week was Josh Koscheck wishing that the American Kickboxing Academy gym would burn down in San Jose…

The tone from Dana and how excited he is about this request from JDS is clearly jubilant.

Josh Gross on Twitter:

“Dos Santos camp has been ducking @cainmma from start to try and get Overeem fight.” – @akajav on @junior_cigano wanting @Alistairovereem.

JDS on Twitter:

Just to clarify: I will fight whoever UFC puts in front of me. But when people talk to much I feel anxious to shut them up.

If it’s in Nevada (on December 29th), Keith Kizer will find a way to help out sooner rather than later.

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20 Responses to “U-turn: Junior dos Santos wants Alistair Overeem now, Cain Velasquez later”

  1. RST says:

    If dana pulls this one I’m just going to puke.

    This absolutely arbitrary and twitter led method he’s adopted is beyond insulting as a fan of the SPORT,
    and I can only imagine 100X worse for the fighters he screws over.

    • Steve4192 says:

      I wouldn’t get your panties in a bunch just yet.

      Based purely on logistical reasons, I doubt Overeem gets the next shot. He won’t be eligible to come off suspension until a couple of weeks before the NYE show, which is nowhere near enough time for Zuffa to promote him as the main event.

      I doubt Junior wants to wait until next year to fight, and I know Zuffa would rather get him back in the cage ASAP. Dana will talk Dos Santos into taking a fight with Cain while waiting for Overeem’s suspension to expire. He can fight Cain in November and then take on Overeem in March/April. In the meantime, book Overeem on a January show to work the rust off against someone like Mike Russow or in a rubber match with Werdum. Alistair doesn’t mind fighting with a quick turnaround, so fighting in January and then again in March/April shouldn’t be a problem for him.

      • RST says:

        “Based purely on logistical reasons, I doubt Overeem gets the next shot.”

        But your missing the point.

        If it weren’t for the technical hurdles, he would if he could!

        He seems to be habitually promising one thing and then changing his mind at the last second these days.

  2. 45 Huddle says:

    Overeem has no business getting a title shot after coming off a suspension.

    • AfroSamurai says:

      True but Cain has no business getting the shot either coming off only one win prior to being knocked out by the champ in a few seconds…

      • 45 Huddle says:

        As of August 2012….

        Nobody has a better reason to have a title shot then Cain Velasquez.

        Nobody has a worse reason to have a title shot then Alistair Overeem.

        If Cormier beats Frank Mir, he would be a worthy title challenger, but he won’t be ready in time.

      • Manapua says:

        Lyoto Machida got one

  3. Steve4192 says:

    Gross is a twat.

    Professional media members should not engage in the ‘ducking’ nonsense that kids on message boards love so much. Junior is not ‘ducking’ anyone. He’s just not all that motivated to fight a guy who he flat-lined less than a year ago. He wants a new challenge. I can’t say I blame him. There is no reason to rush the Cain rematch.

    • RST says:

      Junior ducking anybody is a bunch of BS!

      He’s the best HW on the earth!

      More then likely.

      And he certainly isn’t scared of any unarmed man!

      But that doesn’t have anything to do with dana keeping the words he says.

    • Manapua says:

      Junior knows that he got a gift at UFC on FOX 1 when Cain was forced to stand with him for entertainment purposes. If Cain decided to wrestler he will beat JDS easliy and he knows it.

  4. david m says:

    Why do people think Cain deserves a title shot? Why does anyone want to see that instead of J2S vs Reem? Cain is always going to struggle against J2S; it is a terrible matchup for him given his shit chin and Junior’s boxing/takedown d/reach. Reem could conceivably outstrike J2S (although I don’t think it is likely), and at least can offer kicks and knees that are better than J2S’, whereas Cain can’t box with him and isn’t such a good striker with his legs to make the battle on the feet equal.

    For the record I’m not saying Reem deserves a title shot, I’m just saying Cain winning 1 match post-getting creamed does not mean he deserves another crack at the belt, and Reem v J2S is more compelling IMO.

    • RST says:

      How the heck does “reem” deserve a shot?

      For beating a part time Brock?

      Yes, like you said “what does everyone want to see”.

      Well if we’re basing title shots on twitter followers (who are not everyone believe it or not) then just go ahead throw rankings and the whole division ladder in the bowl.

  5. Megatherium says:

    I’d personally rather see a rematch with Werdum than JDS vs Cain again so soon. Werdum in his current form has the best chance to dethrone Dos Santos but isn’t even in the conversation. Werdum would beat Cain.

    Dana doesn’t seem to want to even consider the Brazil vs Brazil heavyweight title fight option right now because he doesn’t think it will sell.

    I think it’s a shame.

    • edub says:

      Agreed. Werdum gets no love. I had hoped he’d go back to SF, and take on Cormier.

      • RST says:

        I fricken adore Verdum!

        But Cain was coming back off an injury,
        he got clocked with one punch,
        he just beat the holy smoke out of JDS’ teamy and a top 5 (IMO) HW in Bigfoot…

        There is every reason to make this fight right now!

  6. The Judge says:

    It only makes sense to have another JDS-Cain fight, because UFC doesn’t have a whole lot else on tap. Verdum, maybe, after one more nice win. Otherwise, beating Silva is not enough to get another title shot.

  7. The Gaijin says:

    Totally off topic but crazy to see Karam Ebrahim winning the silver medal at the olympics. Same dude that bulldozed to gold in 2004 and got KTFO’d in K-1 Dynamite NYE 2004 against Fujita never to fight again.

    Dude is a stud greco guy – it’s too bad he couldn’t make the transition. He’s a beast.


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