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Dana White: I think Spencer Fisher beat Sam Stout 30-27

By Zach Arnold | June 23, 2012

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After spending a few minutes pontification on the horrible game plan Clay Guida used against Gray Maynard for their Friday night Atlantic City fight, along with some praise for the New Jersey commission as being the best in America, Dana White took some time to rip into MMA judging. Nothing gets him more worked up than this topic, so enjoy the text of his rant about the Sam Stout/Spencer Fisher fight (Stout won a 30-27 unanimous decision).

DANA WHITE: “Yeah, I got to ask you… I’ll ask you a question. I thought Fisher won that fight.”

ARIEL HELWANI: “I disagree. I thought the takedowns sealed it for Sam Stout.”

DANA WHITE: “And I think that’s [expletive]. I think that if you get your head punched in for four minutes of a round and you take a guy down and lay on him for a minute, does not win you the fight.”

ARIEL HELWANI: “And that’s a big problem in MMA, right?”

DANA WHITE: “He didn’t do any damage on his takedowns. I mean, he literally, did you see his face at the end of the face? I mean he literally, um, got busted up I thought every round of that fight and then I said, during the fight this is what I said to the guy sitting next to me, I said he’s trying to take him down at the end of the round to try to steal the rounds. But if you take the guy down and there’s a minute left in a round and you’re raining elbows and punches and doing tons of damage, then I could see that. But he did none of that. I was actually pretty blown away that it was 30-27.”

ARIEL HELWANI: “So, you scored it 30-27 for Spencer?”

DANA WHITE: “Yeah, exactly.”

ARIEL HELWANI: “Do you think a lot of judges put too much stock in takedowns, where a guy takes him down, doesn’t do anything. I’m not saying Sam didn’t do anything and they give that, you know, they put too many points on that as opposed to what’s happening on the feet.”

DANA WHITE: “I do. But it’s different. If a guy gets a takedown with a minute left or two minutes left or a minute and a half left of a round and he does a ton of damage from that top position, completely different story, you know, because that’s the last thing that’s in your mind is this guy was on top for the last minute and a half, raining punches and elbows down. That’s a big difference and he’s doing damage but when no damage is being done? The guy who was on his feet was wrecking the guy for four minutes wins that round. It just makes no sense whatsoever to me. Um… you know, and funny because coming into that fight, um… Stout said, you know, I fought Spencer when Spencer was in his prime and I was still green. Spencer Fisher is shot now, now I’m in my prime or whatever. I thought Spencer Fisher looked as good tonight as he ever has. I thought the guy looked awesome and I thought he won that fight.”

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25 Responses to “Dana White: I think Spencer Fisher beat Sam Stout 30-27”

  1. Tomer says:

    Ariel should have asked “So I guess we won’t be seeing Ricardo Arona in the UFC anytime soon?”

  2. 45 Huddle says:

    I think what happens a lot of times is that the striking is extremely close in a round with no clear cut winner. So if somebody gets a takedown and doesn’t even do much with it…. It still seperates them from the other person and by default wins them the round.

    Is anybody actuall purchasing the PPV tonight? I bet it does 150,000 PPV Buys. I would pay $10 to see Franklin/Silva 2 and Werdum/Russow as a 2 fight PPV. But no way would I spend $55 for that entire thing.

  3. 45 Huddle says:

    GIF of Huerta being KO’d by a soccer kick. I almost forgot how brutal those strikes were back in the Pride days.

    The problem with the soccer kick…. And you can tell in this GIF as well….. Is that typically the fighter is already basically KO’d by the time the soccer kicks occur. By the way Huerta was positioned, the fight should have been stopped before the kick. But a kick comes quicker then a ref’s stoppage.

    • CapnHulk says:

      What happened to Roger Huerta after that KO?

      That guy showed such promise a few years ago.

      • 45 Huddle says:

        Level of competition. He is 1-6 in his last 7 fights. Before that streak, his best win ever was against Clay Guida, and he was getting beaten for the first 2 rounds in the fight before he made a huge comeback. Despite going 6-0 in the UFC before his current skid, it wasn’t against anybody notably good.

        Since then he fought Florian, Maynard, Curran, & Alvarez. Lost to them all. At this point some of it has to be mental, but this streak of bad started off because he just fought better guys then he ever did before.

        • The Gaijin says:

          Yeah, I think that’s most likely the case. It’s easy to pile on a guy when he’s looking bad, but he was pretty protected as they wanted him to be a poster boy. The problem is that at some point you have to start fighting the upper echelon guys and you’re gonna have to pay the piper.

          I do have to think some of it is mental – I mean he got stopped by Koppenhaver. Also, can’t help but overlook that Zoro is a 6’3 LW…and he’s no slouch.

          As for the soccer kick issue, it looked bad, but that’s the ref’s fault. The fight should have been stopped before then.

    • edub says:

      That is just scary. Any idea how the rest of the fight was before that.

      • The Gaijin says:

        Zoro picking him apart and Roger having no real answer for his combos or range. Zoro had some really good kicks as well…scary when you think about the fact that he’s a guy who is supposed to be a pimp on the ground. Commentators were basically saying how he’d want to take it to the ground immediately and want no part or Huerta on the feet.

        • edub says:

          Haha. Thanks for the breakdown.

          As a former Huerta hater, I really feel for the guy. He isn’t and was never going to be a 170lb fighter, and he let his hubris plus lack of intensity take him out of a being a decent LW.

  4. Jonathan says:

    That was a vicious KO. That is why I love soccer kicks, so long as I am not the one getting them.

    And before the soccer kick, he didn’t look KO’d, he looked completely gassed. But he got measured and then walloped.

    • The Gaijin says:

      He was basically sitting on the fence half conscious. I’m not sure I’d say that was just him being gassed…IYAM.

      • Jonathan says:

        Sitting on the fence half-conscious? What exactly does that mean? Can you walk us through the lead up the moment he got KO’d with that kick?

        • The Gaijin says:

          Not sure what wasn’t clear? You’ve seen guys out on their feet before, yes?

          He was up against the fence, which was the only thing holding him up, crumbling and dead on his feet to the point that he was slumped in a seated position against the fence…and continued to eat big shots.

          How’s that for you?

  5. Jason Harris says:

    Zach, your campaign is working. Shane Roller off of TRT against medical advice:

  6. liger05 says:

    I’m not around so set my sky box to record the Ortiz fight. I totally forgot about the Franklin v Silva ppv so either I have no interest in this ppv at all or I’m just not that bothered about mma these days.

    Seeing rematches involving shot fighters does not help!!!

  7. edub says:

    If anybody has the chance watch Ortiz-Lopez. It will wipe the nasty taste of Guida’s performance against Maynard clean. Great fight.

    Although it did involve another Ortiz tap out…

  8. liger05 says:

    Is canelo cursed? GBP keep finding him opponents and then the fight doesn’t happen.

    HBO must be relieved as now there wont be two ppvs running on the same night.

    Ortiz is just weak mentally.

    • Zach Arnold says:

      A broken jaw is a broken jaw. It’s amazing to see writers like Dan Rafael just dump all over Ortiz for this. I’d like to see him try and write a column after getting a broken jaw.

      • edub says:

        Writing a column and being a top tier prize fighter are two different things though.

        This is the second big “quit” of Ortiz’s career. A broken jaw is a terrible thing, but a lot of fighters gut their way though it.

        I find it funny though that on that same night Franklin competed, and he’s gutted through fights with multiple broken bones, tears, strains, dislocations etc.

  9. liger05 says:

    Zach I get that but Ortiz has form for quitting before. Other fighters would just fight through it but victor isn’t built like that.

    • Jay Thompson says:

      LOL Fight through an injury like a broken jaw? How can you fight through that when you will take more shots to that injured jaw than you would a sprained ankle or broken hand which you might be able to fight the pain.

      You are just talking out of your neck with this madness about fighting through broken jaw.

      • edub says:

        There have been plenty of guys who have done it. Ali did it against Norton for over half of the fight. As liger pointed out Arthur Abraham did it against Edison Miranda. There have been many more.

        Perhaps its foolish to expect fighters to “gut” through it because others have, but when a fighter is looking to become top tier a lot is expected.

        This isn’t the first time Ortiz has quit either.

  10. liger05 says:

    Arthur abraham broke his jaw in round 5 of a fight and did the whole 12.

  11. The Judge says:

    For once, I completely agree with Dana.


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