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Video: When Vegas MMA media members attack

By Zach Arnold | February 1, 2012

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In short — at Roy Nelson’s open workout in Las Vegas, you have Karyn Bryant’s man (she of motorboating/Rampage Jackson fame last year) getting into a snit with Aaron “Tru” Teweles.

Layzie the Savage of Middle Easy is on the case. Start watching at the 18 minute mark. In the words of one Robert Joyner:

Yves Edwards = ThugJitsu. Wade from @MMAHeat = MotorboatJitsu #NoCanDefend #blackbelt

MMA Heat guy: “I would take you any place, any time, anywhere with 1 hand tied behind my back. MY STRONG HAND.” How’d that 1 hand get so strong?

Famous last words: “Nah, Nah… I got this… I train full contact four times a week” – that @MMAheat dude

Which prompted this response:

Very embarrassing scene for the UFC. Smart thing would be to ban MMA Heat from Zuffa events. The cuckhold MMA heat guy is bad 4 the sport.

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27 Responses to “Video: When Vegas MMA media members attack”

  1. Beau Dure says:

    I’m mildly impressed that someone tried to use the word “cuckold.”

  2. jim genia says:

    You know, when Greg Savage and Jeff Sherwood threw down alongside the boys from AKA to beat on some yokels in Miami, that was cool. This… is just sad.

  3. This guy from MMA Heat is a doof.

    First: “I train full contact four times a week.”

    At 19 minutes: “I train full contact three times a week.”


  4. MMA Tycoon says:

    Those guys take things pretty seriously. I don’t know who any of them are but isn’t that other guy basically just trolling?

  5. RST says:

    Its an unusual Iron skin technique!

    Its not traditional, but effective!

  6. Megatherium says:

    Dim Mak was created for moments like that.

  7. Chuck says:

    That was stupid. Yeah the short chubby dude is a goofball, but Mr. Karyn Bryant made an ass of himself. I understand what he was getting at, but he did himself nor the sport no favors with that display. And as others said, that goofball was just kidding around, and he admitted that he sucked at fighting. It would almost be like some dude that writes for a music fanzine bashing Weird Al Yankovik for his parody music, and bragging about practicing the guitar “four or three times a day”.

  8. RST says:

    I would totally moterboat Karyn Bryant!

    I suppose I should attempt to ask first…

  9. RST says:

    “Dim Mak was created for moments like that.”

    That was actually quite clever!

    I just caught that!


  10. Mark says:

    Words can’t describe how much I hate the MMA writers that need to hype up their training. It’s great they want to understand the sport more by learning it, but it inevitably turns into either “I know more than you because the trainer of Fighter X’s trainer’s Jiu Jitsu trainer trained me” or challenging critics or fellow writers to a fight when they don’t agree with what they wrote. I wish they’d realize how pathetic they look. Until you have a real MMA professional fight, shut up. They’re worse than the professional wrestling writers who took a few bumps at a training school and think they’re “one of the boys.”

    And the MMAHeat guy should realize he’s never going to win an argument against anybody ever again. It doesn’t matter if he’s 100% right, the most humiliating thing that can happen to a man happened to him (standing by and taking someone sexually harassing your wife with a smile), so he’s never to be taken seriously ever again about anything.

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  12. Jonathan says:

    So do the guys actually fight?

  13. Beau Dure says:

    I use a camera three times a week! Yeah! How about that?!

  14. […] workouts in Las Vegas. Aaron “Tru” Teweles and Wade Eck, the proprietor of MMA Heat, couldn’t decide who was tougher or who would beat whom. Tru has a sanctioned fight under his belt, while Eck trains “full contact four days a week […]

  15. The Gaijin says:

    @Steve4192 – Looks like Pat Barry x Lavar Johnson just got booked for UFC on Fox 3! Guess we won’t have to make theoretical arguments for much longer.

    I still agree with you that Barry is by far the more technical striker but I see him finding a way to lose as his fight IQ is seriously off the charts bad and Lavar is a much bigger, durable HW that hits HARD and we’ve seen Barry’s chin isn’t exactly granite.

    • 45 Huddle says:

      Barry’s gameplanning is probably one of the worst in the UFC, which is a shame because he has so much natural talent.

      Right now the main card is Barry/Johnson…. And then Diaz/Miller in a 5 round title fight.

      Unless they are trying to test out what the bottom rating will be on FOX…. I think they are setting up Ortiz/Griffin 3 for the last slot to get the fans in…. Only they don’t want to make it the main event because who wants to see them fight 5 rounds…. It could get ugly.

      Overally though, I like how FOX is being used as a #1 contender platform, including 5 round fights for it.

      • Mark says:

        I think it would be a bad idea to make a 5 round main event uniform for the Fox shows. They should pick and choose who gets 5 rounds. It would not be a good thing for a main event to be one of those 5 round fights where guys just stand around and occasionally paw at each other for 3 rounds so they can have something in rounds 4 and 5. Then you’ll get Rogan glowing about how awesome it is MMA fighters use jabs and boxing pundits were laugh their heads off at the notion it took UFC fighters from November ’93 until GSP/Koscheck 2 to figure it out.

        Making Diaz/Miller 5 rounds is a good idea. But when somebody like Jon Fitch is ready for his #1 contender fight on Fox, then we’ve got a problem.

      • The Gaijin says:

        “Barryโ€™s gameplanning is probably one of the worst in the UFC, which is a shame because he has so much natural talent.”

        Quite frankly Brock’s was pretty bad too once he got past the Mir revenge match, particularly his last two losses. Maybe Barry was helping him game plan, or maybe the Deathclutch team isn’t strong on strategy.

        • Mark says:

          I think with Brock it was that he was such a big star and there was so much money involved that nobody wanted to tell him “no”. He was a guy notorious for taking his ball and going home when things didn’t go his way. So a tough camp with guys making him do things he didn’t want to do was a surefire way to have him find another MMA training team.

          He got humbled by Frank Mir and listened to his team because he wanted revenge at all costs. But after that, when he’d say stuff like (presumably) “I’m tired of everybody saying I’m just a wrestler. I want to stand and bang with Alistair Overeem”, they didn’t want to risk getting fired by telling him no.

    • Steve4192 says:

      “I still agree with you that Barry is by far the more technical striker but I see him finding a way to lose as his fight IQ is seriously off the charts bad”

      I can’t argue with that.

      That said, I don’t have much respect for Johnson’s skills other than the fact that he hits hard. If Barry loses to him, he should be cut immediately.

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