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MMA Link Club: The growing Nick Diaz betting bandwagon

By Zach Arnold | October 21, 2011

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Top story

Our friend Shu Hirata was on Mauro Ranallo’s radio show this past Tuesday to talk about what’s happening with the fight scene in Japan. I’ll fill you in on a few of the interview notes and then give you my thoughts on the matter.

Here’s the problem on the item about Dentsu being involved in the UFC Japan show… Dentsu works with the major television networks to bring sponsors to the table. They would not put out millions of dollars in cash unless they were going to get the show on broadcast television in Japan. Otherwise, what would the point be of them running a live event that’s a no-TV show? Doesn’t add up. A live WOWOW cable broadcast is not worth it for Dentsu in terms of making serious money, so that avenue doesn’t make much sense for a powerful ad agency. This is the same ad agency that worked with the big fight promotions a decade ago and has experience in this field.

So, if Dentsu is the money mark for this event, there’s two questions that need to be raised here: a) are they going to play the role that Total Sports Asia played for WWE in 2003 when they brought their show to Yokohama Arena? b) What will Dentsu want booked versus what the UFC office accepts in terms of matchmaking? Shu alluded to Dentsu wanting a PRIDE-flavored nostalgia show. Even if Dana White woke up on the right side of the bed and gave Dentsu what they wanted, that show is not going to draw big numbers on broadcast television in Japan. There is no strong Japanese ace. The foreigners who could work the card aren’t household names at all in Japan (outside of Mirko and maybe Nogueira).

The more details that surface about the UFC Japan show, the curiouser it sounds.

Speculative, initial guess: Dentsu may end pitching a time buy or barter deal with TV Tokyo, the weakest of the over-the-air broadcast stations.

You can’t go wrong watching a program that features Bas Rutten and our friend Nick Kalikas. Enjoy.

By the way, the discussion of a battle between DirecTV & Fox networks has everyone up in arms. Realistically, I don’t think it’s that big of a story… yet. If there is no deal in place and you are a DirecTV subscribe, all you have to do is make a simple antenna to watch the OTA (over-the-air) channels. If push comes to shove, I’ll be happy to give simple instructions on how to make your own antenna.

Member sites of the MMA Link Club

This week’s MMA Link Club featured stories

Five Ounces of Pain: A look back at Wednesday’s Ultimate Fighter program

Josh decides to steal Dustin’s hat and jack his swagger back. Dustin thinks Akira did it, so now he’s ready to kill him. YES! kill him. Dustin takes all of Akira’s stuff in the kitchen and puts it in a trash bag. Then, at the gym, he throws Akira’s equipement all over the locker room. Akira wants a bareknuckle fight in the garden. Doesn’t he know that gets him kicked off the show?

*At the fight announcement, Akira and Dustin keep trash talking. Both guys want the other to perform sexual favors on them. No, seriously. Akira and Dustin is announced. They go nose to nose. Dustin tries a takedown, Akira stuffs it, and then throws down Dustin. Then Bisping and Miller exchange words. The guy who controls the bleep button earned his money just based on this segment.

Because nothing says promoting the intelligence of MMA fighters (in the spirit of Fox Sports boss David Hill) by having more and more slurs broadcast on television.

MMA Fighting: The Nick Diaz Phenomenon

“I think there’s nothing wrong with the media focusing on that stuff,” he said. “It’s something to talk about. It’s a story. I don’t want to say it’s good for the sport, the guy not showing up for the press conference, but it is another character in the sport, you know?”

That Penn ended his answer with a question seemed perfectly fitting, too. Sometimes Diaz leaves you with an uneasy feeling, like you’re not sure if you’re in the midst of watching someone unravel, or you’re just watching someone who’s conflicted.

He supplanted Fedor as the man the hardcores online root for unconditionally. The proof is in the pudding as far as people putting their money on the line at the sportsbooks to bet on him beating BJ Penn, which I find to be remarkable.

NBC Sports: Frank Mir answers the call to help out Roy Nelson with his training camp to prepare for Mirko Cro Cop

“My hair has grown out a little longer. My beard is a little longer. So definitely, we’re going to see a different Roy Nelson,” he said.

But what about your weight, Roy?

“I just want to basically wow people with my beard, so definitely going for that.”

You’re not answering the question.

“As long as I’m 266, I’m good to go,” he added.

This is why, despite the fact that he’s nearly a 3-to-1 favorite at the ‘books, that it makes me nervous to be heavy in his favor to beat Mirko. (Pardon my initially unwitting pun.)

Cage Potato: UFC 137 gambling addiction enabler

Stay the Hell Away From: George Roop. The man has never been one for consistency, and though he has scored brilliant knockouts over Chan Sung Jung and Josh Grispi, he was also blown out of the water by Mark Hominick, and has dropped decisions to Eddie Wineland and Shane Nelson. Shane who you ask? Exactly. Hatsu Hioki takes this with ease.

Hioki is over a 3-to-1 favorite to win. I think that’s a bit high given the history of people overrating Japanese fighters coming to the UFC, even if Hioki’s style is better-suited for the cage.

MMA Mania: Start remembering the name Zach “Fun Size” Makovsky during his Halloween holiday season

I think the guys who have the most success are the ones that constantly put everything together. That’s the kind of fighter I want to be. I don’t want to be a guy who strikes for a while and then randomly goes for a takedown. I want to use everything together, my striking, my takedowns and constantly having options available. I think that’s where you’ll have the most success.

Here’s a video interview of Zach after his latest win in Bellator:

5th Round: Joe Lauzon challenges Anthony Pettis to a February fight

Even with Ben Askren training Anthony, I think it’s a fairly competitive fight…

Bleacher Report (Gregory Chase): Is there inconsistency in the way UFC releases fighters?

While nationality may or may not play a significant role, there does seem to be this luminous ambiguity of what constitutes “cutting” criteria. Sometimes it seems based on how they lose, sometimes on what they have done for the sport. Sometimes it seems guys get cut solely because they lost X fights in a row. But if you look at Tito Ortiz, it contradicts some of them.

The true nature of why these guys are getting released when they are is unknown, but it is apparent there is a lack of system. This is where fans find frustration and where the organization starts to look more like a business than a sport.

Middle Easy: A Zeus-ish interview with Chuck Zito

He thinks that if Randy Couture vs. Fedor had been booked that Randy would have won. In hindsight, is he right?

Low Kick: Fabricio Werdum in talks with the UFC, could be there this December

The Fight Nerd: Victor Conte talks steroids in MMA & boxing

Interesting that no one is even asking about drug testing after Chael Sonnen’s fight in Texas…

MMA Convert: The injury bug continues to savage promotions & big fights

MMA Payout: Analyzing the value of Pro Elite’s new TV deal with HDNet

HDNet is struggling with clearance on many big platforms. Look what’s happened to them in Canada. That’s why MFC’s exposure on TSN is important.

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38 Responses to “MMA Link Club: The growing Nick Diaz betting bandwagon”

  1. Jason Harris says:

    Nick Diaz has a solid fanbase amongst the internet faithful, for sure. But I think he’ll be outclassed by the faster BJ Penn. Interesting that so much $$$ has come down on Diaz….I give this fight a 90% chance of going to the judges, in which case, which guy do you think will have landed more?

    Plus, if the Fitch fight is any indication, Penn might actually come in with an intelligent gameplan. Wouldn’t be surprised to see Penn take Diaz down and beat him up a bit.

  2. 45 Huddle says:

    1) It just takes one loss for the Nick Diaz hype to be gone. And in the UFC, losses happen sooner then later for basically everybody.

    2) The DirecTV vs. FOX issue will be resolved by the time the UFC goes on FX. It’s sad that the few TV stations weild so much power that they have driven up our cable bills beyond what is reasonable.

    3) TUF ratings are staying stroung at around 1.5 Million per week. That’s a great sign for the show.

    4) The article about fighters being cut…. The guy missed out on the most important part. Fighter pay. if a guy is being paid better then average money, he better be performing at better then average. Also, some guys are just kept around as gauges for up & coming fighters. That is why a guy like Jorge Santiago is released so quickly (pay too high)…. and Jason MacDonald is still around.

    • Steve4192 says:

      “It just takes one loss for the Nick Diaz hype to be gone”


      Diaz fans can rationalize away anything. Many of them feel Nick’s only legit loss is the TKO to Jeremy Jackson. The rest are just bad decisions and a bullshit doctor stoppage. If Nick doesn’t get finished violently, it’s a win in their minds.

      • edub says:


        I’m one of the biggest (somewhat) intelligent Diaz fans there is, but I can admit his losses to Riggs, Sherk, and Sanchez were all by far the right decision. IMO the Parysian fight could’ve gone either way (great fight).

        There’s so many people online who are Diaz fans and feel he is a lot better than he is, noted by a large minority who actually feel he had a shot against GSP.

        • 45 Huddle says:

          Seriously, just stop it. Stop it right now. Your lying is sickening me and everybody else here.

          Intelligent Nick Diaz fans? Diaz fans who admit he has losses on his record?

          UFO? Sure, they exist….. What you are claiming you are? Pure imagination!!


        • edub says:

          Hahaha, yes we are just a myth!

  3. Steve4192 says:

    “This is why, despite the fact that he’s nearly a 3-to-1 favorite at the ‘books, that it makes me nervous to be heavy in his favor to beat Mirko”

    Why is that Zach?

    Are you concerned about his conditioning? Because that 266 comment is just Roy being Roy. The reason he is being asked about his weight is not because people are worried he is out of shape. It’s because he is rumored to be the lightest he has been in years.

  4. Kalle says:

    The bit about Sakuraba not being paid in two years makes me really sad for the man. He’s a true pioneer of the sport and should be enjoying his retirement. Instead he keeps fighting, and taking horrific punishment in the process, and he’s not even getting paid for it.

    Ed. — That’s what happens when you get involved deep in the Japanese fight business. You lose autonomy over your life and your career.

  5. Jim Allcorn ( bluerosekiller ) says:

    I probably shouldn’t be, but I’m surprised at how favored Penn is my the vast majority of folks here going into next week’s clash.
    Not only are most picking BJ, but they’re actually picking him to win rather easily. Which confounds me.
    I see Nick Diaz as making a statement with this fight. And, in the process, I see him dominating Penn.
    Call me crazy if you want to, but I believe the combo of Diaz’s physical advantages ( height/reach ) along with his superior boxing & power ( yep, I think his volume of punches backed up by the occasional power shots will trump BJ’s boxing ) as well as FAR superior conditioning will wear down Penn & set him up for a beatdown in round three.

    • 45 Huddle says:

      Nick Diaz almost got beaten by Paul Daley. And we have all seen how Mr. Invincible…. Jake Shields has done in the UFC.

      It’s a different beast the UFC is.

  6. Steve4192 says:

    “all you have to do is make a simple antenna to watch the OTA (over-the-air) channels”

    Correct me if I am wrong, but I am pretty sure the FCC requires cable providers to carry the local affiliates of the OTA networks. They can drop FX, Fuel, and all the other Fox cable stations, but HAVE to carry the broadcast FOX network affiliate. Net, it will have zero impact on the Velasquez-Dos Santos broadcast, as that is on the OTA network.

  7. edub says:

    -People are putting a lot of stock in BJ fighting a full three rounds at WW, and using a good gameplan. I’m not saying he won’t, but the overwhelming thought of “he’s going to” kind of surprises me.

    -Diaz doesn’t have the wrestling to force BJ out of his comfort zone, but he does have the striking advantages to do so (longer range, throws more punches, better body work). If BJ doesn’t take it to the ground every once in a while, those shots are going to add up.

    This being a fight to consider the next #1 contender while Johnny Hendricks, Fitch, Ellenberger, Koscheck, and Johnson aren’t involved annoys me a little bit. I’m more of a fan of BJ and Nick, but I think your being delusional if you have them as the favorite against any one of the other 5 guys.

    • 45 Huddle says:

      Penn gets gasses from grappling. The only guy who has broken that rule and gassed him from striking is Frankie Edgar, but he is a Featherweight.

      When BJ Penn is mostly in a stand up fight…. Which this fight will be…. He doesn’t really gas.

      Sean Sherk & Diego Sanchez fights proved this.

      The same Sherk & Sanchez who beat Diaz during his first UFC run.

      • edub says:

        And as we all know MMA math is never wrong. Especially when speaking about fights that happened over 5 years ago…

        There would also be some caveats to your logic:

        -Sherk attempted one takedown against Penn. He didn’t outwrestle Diaz as much as he could’ve, but he still got him down 3 or 4 times and out positioned him on the ground.

        -Diego couldn’t get Penn down at all in their fight. He got Diaz down at will.

        -Sean Sherk and Diego Sanchez are no where near the caliber of boxer Nick Diaz is.

      • fd says:

        I don’t think it’s grappling or boxing that gasses Penn; it’s pace.

        Kenny, Diego, and Sherk all allowed Penn to fight at the pace he wanted, so his cardio held up fine.

        Edgar, Fitch, and Hughes all forced Penn to fight at a faster pace than he wanted, so he gassed.

        In this fight I think it would actually be the opposite of your hypothesis – on the feet, Nick’s volume of striking would set the kind of pace that might lead BJ to gas, but on the ground his grappling isn’t the kind of game that pushes the pace on people.

        I expect Penn to win on the ground.

  8. Stel says:

    CRocop is going to give Roy the beating of his life, or win a lackluster decision on the feet.

    • Steve4192 says:

      Wishful thinking.

      Cro Cop has nothing left. Nelson will have his way with old man Mirko. He might even land a haymaker and knock him out. Barring that, he’ll just take him down and sit on him for 15 minutes.

  9. Chromium says:

    The foreigners who could work the card aren’t household names at all in Japan (outside of Mirko and maybe Nogueira).

    If Mirko wins he’s a no-brainer to face Nogueira. And even if he loses he may likely still face Nogueira in a retirement match.

    I wonder if Detsu has agreed to bank the fighter payroll if they want a say in the match-making. In theory they could still put on a killer card, if the stars align:

    Hioki vs. Aldo (yes I know Hioki is not a draw but it’s still a plausible world title match)
    Cro Cop vs. Nog (Cro Cop retirement match)
    Shogun vs. Rampage
    Yamamoto vs. Mizugaki
    Gomi vs. Yves Edwards
    Akiyama debuting at WW vs. someone he can beat
    Hunt vs. Struve
    Okami vs. Riki Fukuda (Okami’s salary really isn’t all that much actually)
    Omigawa vs. Mackens Semerzier

    I think that’s about as good a card as could realistically be hoped for for the UFC Japan show. Much of it is probably a pipe dream though.

  10. 45 Huddle says:

    Travis Wiuff…. Your linear Bellator Light Heavyweight Champion!

    That’s some stacked division….

    • 45 Huddle says:

      And it gets even funnier. He has to get into the tournament now to fight for the title.

      What a joke….

    • BuddyRowe says:

      Christian M’Pumbo clearly won that fight. The judges got it wrong. He rocked Wiuff with stikes in both the 2nd and the 3rd, almost finished a triangle in the second, and almost finished him on the ground with strikes in the third.

      • edub says:

        Hahahaha, righttt, getting dominated throughout the fight with takedowns, gnp, and a Rampage style slam meant nothing.

        Alexis vila should have lost (but it was close). Dantas’ fight was close too.

        But M’Pumbu-Wiuff was not that close.

  11. Aunt Jemima says:

    Travis Wiuff used a 75 pound weight advantage to hold on for dear life while getting lit up for every moment it was standing,not to mention that if that fight took place in a UFC event there woould have been at least 6 or 8 standups which would have negated wiuff’s chances of “winning” almost entirely.
    A case study in unified rules abuse.

    • Steve4192 says:

      Don’t blame Wiuff for that weight advantage. Blame Bellator for putting their tiny LHW champ who doesn’t cut weight in the same cage with a gigantic HW wrestler who can make the cut to 205. That was just abysmal matchmaking on their part.

      Also, LOL at 75 pounds. Wiuff stepped into the cage at 241. Still a big weight difference, but nowhere near 75 pounds.

      • Aunt Jemima says:

        Sorry if my hyperbole doesn’t translate.It just really bugs me that that sort of performance is viewed as a win in American mma events these days.

  12. Rick Vaughn says:

    Hopefully this DirecTV vs Fox dispute will be worked out quickly, it’s not good for paying customers to miss out on their shows. Working for DISH Network I completely understand that this is a part of doing business, however I don’t agree with using customers as pawns or negotiation tactics. Hopefully DirecTV customers won’t have their channels down for too long.

  13. […] months. By the way, give Shu Hirata all the credit in the world for exposing the fact that UFC got a sold show deal for UFC Japan from Dentsu, Japan’s second largest ad agency. The whole media theme about UFC Japan is how brave and […]

  14. […] bombshell of all bombshells was dropped by Shu Hirata on Mauro Ranallo’s radio show last October that Kazushi Sakuraba allegedly hasn’t been paid for any of his fights within […]

  15. […] approximately five years after they bought the PRIDE assets, so they got it. They got lucky when Shu Hirata says they got a free roll of a few million bucks for a sold show from Dentsu, Japan’s second largest ad agency. So, what did UFC do? They went the Vince […]

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