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#UFC FN 25 (9/17 New Orleans) & UFC 135 (9/24 Denver) results (Bone Jones reigns supreme)

By Zach Arnold | September 24, 2011

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Location: 9/17 New Orleans Convention Center in New Orleans, Louisiana
TV: Spike TV (9 PM EST live & 9 PM PST on delay)

Dark matches

Main card

Location: 9/24 Pepsi Center in Denver, Colorado

Dark matches

Main card

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28 Responses to “#UFC FN 25 (9/17 New Orleans) & UFC 135 (9/24 Denver) results (Bone Jones reigns supreme)”

  1. edub says:

    Diego should get a loss to Hughes. No matter how “over the hill he is”.

    I imagine it going a lot like Hughes-Serra.

  2. 45 Huddle says:

    1) Jake Ellenberger will beat Jake Shields. The only thing is that people will say it was because of Shield’s losing his dada recently, but I don’t think so. Ellenberger is tailor made to give Shields a loss.

    2) The Fight Night undercard is very very weak. The main card isn’t that much better outside of the stellar main event.

    3) UFC 35 is a weird card. I think it will end up turning out to be a good card, but on paper it isn’t the greatest one.

    4) Does anybody think Rampage has a chance? And even while I know that, I still want to see him get wrecked.

    5) Diego Sanchez wins this one rather easily.

    • edub says:

      Definitely disagree with the Ellenberger thought. He’s looked ok against guys that can’t wrestle, but Shields should get him down and either ride him for 3 rounds or sub him out.

      I’d like to hear why you think Diego wins “easily”. Stand up? Cardio? Or just the fact that Hughes is past his prime?

      • 45 Huddle says:

        Hughes is past his prime and too slow to react to Sanchez’s punches. It would have been a much different fight a few years ago.

        The cardio is definitely the icing on the cake….

        • fd2 says:

          What makes you think Diego’s punches will even be a factor, as opposed to Hughes taking him down and feeding him elbows?

        • edub says:

          fd2- That’s kind of my thought process. I don’t even think the punches will be a factor, but I don’t see how a KO from BJ (a guy with great boxing, and extremely fast hands) shows Hughes will have problem with Diego.

  3. david m says:

    I think Rampage has a shot. Nobody is going to outwrestle Jones or win a decision against him, or technically outstrike him for a long time, because he can take anyone down.

    The only way to beat him will be to KO him, and Rampage is the 3rd hardest puncher in all of MMA in my opinion behind only Carwin and J2S. Rampage has pretty good technical boxing too, and a granite chin. I could see Jones trying some fancy shit and getting rocket with a big hook by Rampage. Quinton also has strong takedown defense so while he may not be able to stop all of JJ’s attempts, he will probably be able to stifle some, and that may have a mental impact on Jones, who has known nothing but dominating success his whole career save the 3rd round against Bonnar.

    With Hughes, I just have no idea how much he cares at this point. Obviously he isn’t the same guy he was 10 years ago, but he is still stronger and a better wrestler than Diego, and I don’t think Sanchez has any edge on the feet except in the chin department. I also hate Diego with a passion, and thus will be cheering for Hughes.

    • edub says:

      I think he puts him on his back, and beats him up in a rather impressive fashion.

      Rampage has a shot, but I just find it unlikely for that one shot lands to change his fortunes.

    • Jason Harris says:

      Rampage can get that big 1 punch KO, but since that’s literally his only way to win I don’t see how Jones doesn’t use his height and reach advantages to keep that from happening. Rampage pretty much has that big counterpunch and that’s it. As long as Jones compensates for that, he has the advantage in all areas of the fight. Rampage unfortunately doesn’t care enough to improve his game beyond “big punch, no kicks, declining wrestling”

      Diego – Hughes should be interesting, and I agree with the comment that it’s just really about how much Hughes cares about the fight. Hughes CAN win, but he’s seemed really disinterested lately. Either way, Diego shouldn’t have an easy fight.

  4. 45 Huddle says:

    Koscheck is going to wreck Matt Hughes. Bye Bye Hughes!! Enjoy your retirement.

  5. Alan Conceicao says:

    The Rampage/Jones undercard is appalling. Hunt/Rothwell? Hahahahahahaha. Rampage has a punchers chance in that fight and not much else. Classic example of the UFC giving the fans something other than what they want. I don’t expect runaway success for this show either.

  6. david m says:

    I am looking forward to seeing Alan Belcher return; that kid has lots of talent and clearly lots of heart to come back from the eye problems he had. I wish him well.

    I never thought I would see the day when an almost 40 yr old Mark Hunt and someone named Rob Broughton would be on a PPV main card. Rothwell-Hunt and Broughton-Browne seem more like toughman contests than high-level mma fights.

    I really hope Hughes accepts Kos as an opponent; that would be a good fight and this show needs some star power besides the main event.

  7. bluerosekiller says:

    While J. Jones’ impressive unbeaten run ( Sorry, but the Hamill DQ should have been nullified to a NC ) & display of mad skills already has many ranking him among the best ever, I think we have to wait until we see what happens when he actually faces some adversity & how he responds to it.
    Jackson may or may not be the first guy to put him in that sort of situation. He certainly has the skillset to do it providing that he shows up in absolutely peak condition & with the mindset that this might just be his last shot at reclaiming the UFC title.
    Assuming Jackson does so, we may get the opportunity to see what JJ’s chin is made of & what happens when he’s taken into deep waters while in a competitive fight. Especially with his coming off of an injury…

    Logic says that Jones will continue his winning ways as he continues down the road to a showdown with his nemesis Rachad Evans, but MANY great fighters have been caught looking ahead to bigger fights over the years.


  8. RST says:

    Wow, what a lesser looking card.

    Jones/jackson is worth its weight in platinum, but the rest of the card looks like 80% fluff.

    But of course name brands aren’t always synonymous with good fights.

  9. RST says:

    I had previously heard of Ellenberger…
    I guess that now we’ve heard of Ellenberger quite clearly.

  10. RST says:

    I dont care for Dano/Shogun.

    Once again 2 top tier guys that Silva is canceling out before either one is back into contention.

    And who does jackson get?

    Matt Hamill?

    And who does anderson silva get?


    I’m getting less enthusiastic for silvas matchmaking by the minute.

  11. 45 Huddle says:

    I need to start gambling on MMA cards. I would have made at least some money on the SpikeTV and PPV cards. Went 7-0 in my predictions.

    1) Rampage looked better then I thought he would, but was still outclassed.

    2) Jon Jones fights at a slow, methodical rate…. But it’s okay because he still eventually goes for the finish. Overall it was a fun fight. I like when title fights have some length but don’t go to a decision.

    3) The Heavyweight fights were just bad. Rothwell should be cut. If you are gassed after 5 minutes, you are not in the right sport.

    4) Gomi should be cut. So should Aaron Riley. So should Cole Escovedo.

    5) Tim Boetsch can be a contender in the weaker Middleweight Division.

    Overall, not the best PPV. The main event definitely made it at least decent. They need to stick to ONE Heavyweight per PPV maximum…..

    • edub says:

      I literally agree with all of this.

      Except the parts about you betting (obviously).

      I also think romero deserves to be cut. 1st round KOs in his last two bouts against non factors in the LHW division.

  12. RST says:

    The fighters who lost in the top 3 bouts looked good in defeat IMO.

    I really thought that Jones would end it with his crazy striking. But jackson ducked and dodged almost all of it.

    jackson didn’t do much offensively I guess, but he took/evaded/escaped everything Jones threw at him forcing Jones to finally take the sub.

    I was impressed for jackson.

    Hughes looked like he was about to outstrike the young (annoying) buck ala tito/Bader.

    For about 4 minutes I thought I was witnessing Hughes channeling his inner Randy and suddenly launching himself from the verge of retirement to title contention.

    If he walked away now, I wouldn’t have a problem and he could do it with his head raised. But he looked good enough that I dont have a problem with him giving himself a few more rounds.

    And although I like Rothwell, its kinda cool to see that oldschool bulldog Hunt suddenly back into some relatively significant winning ways.
    And Rothwell didn’t get blown out, so he doesn’t have anything to be ashamed of.

    Okay card.
    Not great.

    The Jones/jackson fight was not as spectacular as I might have been expecting. Although I’m not sure why I expected it to look any different then it did.Jones looked gassed after awhile, he needs to fix that.

    I liked jacksons idea of a rematch between him and Shogun more then Shogun/Hendo.

  13. Tomer says:

    And to the shock of no one, Joe Warren got his head knocked off by Alexis Vila. Hopefully he learns how to block strikes now (but I doubt it)…

  14. david m says:

    Rampage and Hughes were impressive in defeat. Quinton showed great head movement and toughness and chin; his offense is still limited. He doesn’t even try to throw straight right hands ever, and it was there too. He had some big swings in their standing scrambles, and if he were a straighter puncher maybe something would have landed. Overall, better man won. I am super pumped for Rashad vs JJ.

    Hughes was winning the fight until the big punch that hurt him, but the whole time Kos seemed the more dangerous fighter. I don’t want to see Hughes fighting top-level guys anymore; as much as I used to think he was a douche, I respect him and want to see him go out on something other than a stretcher.

    Seeing Mark Hunt’s improved grappling makes me think if he had come into mma 10 yrs ago, he would have been hw champ. He used to have a steel jaw and a super hard punch, and even now, at almost 40, he embarrassed a guy who is above-average in the hw division.

    Ben Rothwell disgraced himself tonite btw. That was appalling. HWs are just horrid to watch most of the time.

    Kos vs Leben or Anderson or anyone at 185 would be awesome. Josh is the closest thing to Mayweather in his ability to be a cocky asshole. I would like to see him fight Chael just for the trash talk. Josh has the same problem GSP has, namely that his frame ain’t as big as those guys. However he is a superb athlete, a world-class wrestler, and unlike GSP, actually fights to hurt people. I would watch him against anyone.

    I wonder who is next for Rampage? Lil Nog? Franklin?

    If Jones beats Rashad, the only guy left for him at 205 is Machida–that would be an awesome fight.

    Nate looked great tonight; people talk shit about him but let’s not forget he lost a VERY close split decision to Gray Maynard, and Nate looks much stronger now than then, and his boxing has improved a lot as well. I would like to see him get 1 more win and then a title shot–he would be trouble for anyone at that division.

    Biggest fight of 2013 will be GSP vs Rory MacDonald in front of 55k people in Toronto.

  15. Tradition Rules says:

    Gomi should try moving down a weight class to featherweight.

    He was doomed, not just because Nate is such a good boxer, but the SIX INCH REACH ADVANTAGE Nate is so hard to overcome.

    Speaking of reach advantage, Jones reach over Jackson was CRAZY! Jones is great, but his reach just makes it even harder for someone to get in closes enough to do anything to him.

    I enjoyed the Nick Ring vs Tim Boetsch fight, very active. Ring used some good movement and defense, but Tim was relentless, while not flawless, in his pursuit of him. Those hip tosses he used were impressive, especially that THIRD one use used, looked to be straight out of an old school wrestling match! He and to power him over, as his first attempt that time, Ring fought it, but Tim just muscled him over, and then he landed on top of him!

    Anyone else enjoy the showing Mizugaki put on? He has always had excellent boxing, from what I’ve seen of him in the past,as well as solid wrestling defense. But his wrestling seemed better, and he added a great deal more kickboxing and muay thai to his striking and, his boxing even seemed better too!

    And when he was in the clinch, it was almost unbelievable that he not only, threw so many punches, but they were all
    so accurate, over, under and through the clinch. I hope he continues to work on his wrestling/grappling, as I really enjoy watching his fights, hope he can get become a fixture of the division. Very exciting fighter.

    Tony Ferguson’s boxing looked sharp too, he was pretty relentless in taking out Aaron Riley.


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