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Strikeforce 9/10 Cincinnati results & 9/23 Las Vegas card

By Zach Arnold | September 23, 2011

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Location: 9/10 U.S. Bank Arena in Cincinnati, Ohio (Heavyweight GP tournament)
TV: Showtime (10 PM EST live & 10 PM PST on delay)

Dark matches

Main card

Location: 9/23 The Pearl at The Palms in Las Vegas, Nevada
TV: Showtime (11 PM EST live & 11 PM PST on delay)

Dark matches

Main card

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13 Responses to “Strikeforce 9/10 Cincinnati results & 9/23 Las Vegas card”

  1. 45 Huddle says:

    Barnett, Cormier, Souza, & Lawal will all win.

  2. edub says:

    BTW wish they were airing Romero vs. Feijao. That should be a good fight.

  3. RST says:

    Wow @ Cormier!

    NOBODY saw that!

    AND thats exactly how new stars are made!

    Still not sold on barnett…

    Worst brackets ever!

  4. bluerosekiller says:

    Random thoughts about last night’s action:

    – Jordan Mein impressed me.
    That was a nice win for a young kid against an
    individual in Cyborg who should have his photo next to
    the term “grizzled veteran” in the dictionary.
    Although, said Santos should really consider hanging
    ’em up if he doesn’t want Chris to have to change his
    bed pans in later years. Enough is enough.
    Mein though, should fit in nicely at ’70 in the UFC.

    – I, for one, could go quite content through nice never
    seeing Yoel Romero “fight” again…

    – Nice to see Healy hang tough & grit out a win over the
    talented Blanco. Whom, I think, dispite the loss has a
    bright future in the UFC. But, at 145 lbs.

    – Got to give Rockhold credit. He uber guts in there
    outworking Jacare. He deserved the nod. But, this is
    one example of a Strikeforce champion being a level or
    two below all the top UFC ’85 lbers.

    – Was it just me or did Cracie look as if he was quite
    stunned that he lost?
    He looked as if he found the mere idea of such a thing
    distasteful… LOL
    Methinks Gracie came in WAY to full of himself with
    all his sport jiu jitsu titles & grappling trophies &
    forgot he was in a actual fight. Where his opponent
    could, like, punch him in the face. And man, did Mo
    ever clock him.
    I believe this demonstrated quite clearly that the
    “Gracie era” is dead & buried as far as the family
    members being top fighters are concerned. Their legacy
    will remain with their Jiu jitsu being a key component
    of MMA, but if Roger is the best they have to offer
    in the cage, then they should forget about offering
    up any more of their sons to it.

    – Cormier sure can fight for a guy that looks like
    he’d be much more at home hosting a backyard BBQ than
    in a cage slaying giants.

    – Barnett may be on the cusp of one of the biggest
    comeback stories in UFC history.
    Dana may hate him, but as long as he continues to piss
    clean, how does he NOT offer him a contract once they
    quietly smother Strikeforce out of existence?

    – Speaking of which, how much longer does Zuffa keep it
    Judging by Dana’s absence at the show & how little
    attention it was given last week, I suspect not for
    Hell, I wouldn’t even say it’s on life support anymore.
    The plug was pulled back in March & what we’re seeing
    now are obviously it’s last, gasping breaths…

    – Although I proudly admit to being a big mark for
    Coker’s baby’s brief, glorious heyday, it’s time to say
    goodbye. IMO, the quicker the UFC swallows up the
    cream off the top & tosses aside the rest of it, the
    If Cormier’s hand is, indeed, broken, then I say toss
    someone else in there with Barnett ASAP just to put
    the Grand Prix out of it’s misery once & for all.
    Fulfill the contract for it with Showtime & figure out
    where to go from there.
    But, who do they put in the cage across from Barnett?
    And then, what do they offer Showtime in return for
    ending the Strikeforce brand before their contract is


  5. RST says:

    I’m no asskicker!

    But if I was I would avoid getting full mounted, as a sub guy in the first place, in the first 2 minutes!

    barnett gets another give IMO.

  6. david m says:

    There aren’t many HWs in the UFC I would pick over Cormier or Josh.

    Rockhold really impressed me with his heart, striking, coordination, wrestling D, and stamina. He is still rough around the edges (to be expected), but I could see him being a contender in the UFC in a few years.

    King Mo is a world class wrestler who can punch; at 185 he would be a murderer.

  7. Oh Yeah says:

    Jordan Mein beating the same guys as Nick Diaz

  8. Chuck says:

    That was a good card last night. For having a huge head Silva sure has a glass jaw. It’s amazing because back in February Silva took everything Fedor dished out (and Fedor hits hard with both hands) but he got his clokc cleaned by Cormier. And ALMOST got knocked out by Mike Kyle last year.

    Gotta give a ton of credit to Healy and Rockhold for their upset victories. Grit comes a long way, let me tell you.

    I’m still choosing Barnett to win the Grand Prix.

  9. spacedog says:

    First, I rather enjoyed the fights. JB should be the guy to win it all and if he does so I’d be willing to take him seriously. Still it’s hard to get that worked up over any of these guys. Sergei looks s.l.o.w. in there. People talk about his great boxing but frankly I’ve never really seen it, not even in his glory days. And he has been gassing and has shown little on the ground.

    Cormier has the right background and he has impressed so we’ll see where that goes. I’d like to see him in the UFC soon.

    I really, really want to see JB fight in the UFC again. I’d be curious to see how he matches up with the current crop. He has a great lifetime resume and he keeps winning. . . outside the Octagon. He does get points for fighting in the weight class that has the most talent outside of the UFC but still. I’d love to see him debut against Frank Mir or GG.

    Jacare needs to learn how to wrestle and throw combos. Maybe drop to 170 and make a run in the UFC.

    Rockhold is a nice story. . . we’ll see if he is anything more than that. Make him fight Bisping with the winner getting AS.

  10. klown says:

    It’s disappointing that Barnett didn’t get to fight the more impressive names like Overeem, Fedor, Bigfoot or Werdum.

    Instead he had Rogers, Kharitanov and Cormier. I realize this is just how the tourney played out, but it’s unfortunate.

  11. 45 Huddle says:

    Wow, I completely forgot there was a challenger show today. And I basically remember all upcoming shows.

    Strikeforce is so irrelevant right now….


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