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Brett Rogers’ wife on their marriage: “We just enjoy being around each other”

By Zach Arnold | September 4, 2011

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RON KRUCK: “In 2009, Brett Rogers knocked out Andrei Arlovski in only 22 seconds, improving his record to 10-0 and starting his meteoric rise in the sport. However, it was also the beginning from his fall from grace.”

RON KRUCK: “You exploded on the scene. Suddenly, you’re 10-0. Did you feel invincible at that point?”

BRETT ROGERS: “To tell you the truth, I did. I did. I felt that I couldn’t be touched.”

MURAD MOHAMMAD (ATTORNEY): “A true rags-to-riches story. A tire changer at Sam’s Club makes it to the top of the fighting world.”

RON KRUCK: “Rogers took a giant step up in competition, facing Fedor Emelianenko, Alistair Overeem, and Josh Barnett in three of his next four bouts. He lost all three fights.”

BRETT ROGERS: “It took me a fight or two to kind of, you know, lay back and realize, OK, I think I’m moving a little too fast.”

GREG NELSON: “He comes into the local shows, he was king of killing a lot of people, knocking them out left and right. He went from that all the way to the cream of the crop.”

BRETT ROGERS: “A loss breaks you up. I kind of just starting looking at what was the problems, what was the holes in my game…”

RON KRUCK: “Rogers’ losses were just the beginning of his problems. On June 29th, he was arrested and charged with 3rd degree assault on his wife and two other felonies. His contract with Strikeforce was terminated.”

MURAD MOHAMMAD (ATTORNEY): “He’s facing a 3rd degree assault charge. He’s facing a terroristic threats charge, as well as a harassment and stalking charge. These allegations are serious allegations and we take them very seriously but we’re looking forward to addressing them in court.”

BRETT ROGERS: “I was told not to go into details.”

TIUANA ROGERS: “We’d just rather move forward and be positive.”

BRETT ROGERS: “The situation that occurred, it happened and it was more of a misunderstanding when I look at it. The papers can write whatever but we still going through the legal process.”

RON KRUCK: “Has there ever been a violence between you two?”

BRETT ROGERS: “Never. Our records are clean.”

RON KRUCK: “After six years of marriage and three children together, Brett & Tiuana are committed to working together through their problems.”

BRETT ROGERS: “I’m confident that things are going to dropped, squared away and then we can move forward like we said. We’re a married couple, we have our ups and down just like everyone else.”

TIUANA ROGERS: “He’s a family man and a lot of people don’t see that with MMA fighters. They’re so quick to judge.”

MURAD MOHAMMAD (ATTORNEY): “The State is going to have some significant proof issues. The alleged victim is Brett’s wife and this is a family that’s been together for a long time, they love each other, and Miss Rogers at this point appears not willing to testify against Brett.”

RON KRUCK: “Although a jury trial is set for September 13th, Rogers is concentrating on his MMA comeback.”

BRETT ROGERS: “I signed with Titan Fighting Championships and the bout is going to be on September 24th against Eddie Sanchez, former UFC veteran. It would be a mistake if he stands and trades with me but at the same time I’m hoping that he do because that’s what the fans like to see.”

RON KRUCK: “Looking to put their legal issues behind them, the Rogers are focusing on the future.”

BRETT ROGERS: “I want to get back in there and fight and move forward from all the BS that’s been going on in my life.”

TIUANA ROGERS: “We just enjoy being around each other and we just going to continue loving each other, loving our family, and just focus on moving forward and being positive.”

BRETT ROGERS: “You know, it’s just a lesson learned. Life is a roller coaster and it’s definitely a lesson learned.”

Perhaps a more inspiring comeback is the one that Rulon Gardner is embarking on.

KENNY RICE: “Now, as I had spitted out at the beginning of this, Rulon, you’re coming back. Are you teasing us? I mean, Aleskandr Karelin, that victory to win the gold in 2000 in Sydney, one of the biggest upsets in wrestling history in the Olympics. 12 years later, you’re going to be in London. Do you think you can be in London?”

RULON GARDNER: “Well, I think it ultimately comes down to my body. I just turned 40 two weeks ago, my body talking to me and if it’s physically in a position to where I can compete, yeah, I’m going to come back. Because I think so much of it, getting on The Biggest Loser and gaining the weight, I think it’s kind of like America nowadays — you know, taking accountability. I gained a bunch of weight, I lost control, and getting my health back, getting my life back, the best way I can do it is to go back to something that gave me the foundation for my life and that was wrestling. For me, you know, I’ve been back to Colorado Springs, I just got done with a two week training camp out there. I’m 40 years old… and I’m a bad dude. Honestly, it’s crazy walking back in there and just seeing all the same guys, you know, Dremiel Byers, he’s actually going to the Worlds and seeing him every day walking in there, it’s like, you got to bring your A-game, you know, you can’t just sit on the sidelines and talk about how good you used to be, you got to prove it again.”

(Discussion of Joe Warren attempting a run at the Olympics.)

RULON GARDNER: “I saw him this Summer and, you know, give100% courage. I think Couture, I think Lindland, you know, it’s the mind of the fighter, it’s the mind of an athlete who has the opportunity just to show that grit and I think that’s the one thing about combat sports is, you know what, just because you’re down and out, it doesn’t matter what your age is, you can still compete and that’s what mastery of one’s self comes in.”

KENNY RICE: “October, then, will be the official return to action for Rulon?”

RULON GARDNER: “I hope so. As long as my body holds out and, you know, in the process I got back off The Biggest Loser, my shoulder’s a little bit beat up and I’ve been strength training every day on the show, they teach you to lean down and get rid of your muscle mass. Since the show, I’ve been bulking up. I put up 350 the other day on bench and slowly but surely coming back. The squat quite isn’t where it was, I squatted 500 before…”

KENNY RICE: “Don’t we all do that?”

RULON GARDNER: “There’s certain areas that aren’t quite there but I was out of the sport for seven years.”

KENNY RICE: “This will be one of the great comebacks. You already pulled off one of the great upsets. This, seriously, to go 12 years apart in wrestling… this will be one of the great comebacks. Good luck, I hope you do it.”

RULON GARDNER: “Thank you.”

BAS RUTTEN: “We’ll be rooting for you. Rutten… for you.”

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