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MMA Link Club: Nate Marquardt sees fighters criticizing him as bullies

By Zach Arnold | July 15, 2011

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This week’s MMA Link Club featured stories

Five Ounces of Pain: From Striking Out to Striking Others, the journey of Shah Bobonis

“As a pitcher you have to have a very short memory,” Bobonis explained. “If you have a bad outing you have to come back out and clear that from your head. In fighting it’s the same thing – if you have a bad round you have to come back out. You can’t dwell on the last round, thinking, ‘Oh no, I got my butt kicked!’”

He also learned to avoid a lifestyle often linked to late nights, partying, and a lack of dedication in the gym.

“To be completely honest, other than a little bit of the mental side of athletics, baseball to me is the worst sport as far teaching discipline and things like that. In combat sports you have to make weight, constantly stay in shape. You have to be a lot more disciplined and focused.”

MMA Fighting: Tito Ortiz’s UFC 133 dilemma spotlights reward vs. risk in late-notice fights

So let’s look at it this way: What would Ortiz gain by winning, and what would he lose out on if he fell to defeat?

When you examine it in these terms, it becomes clear that Ortiz has more to gain than to lose.

NBC Sports: Exclusive interview with Jon Jones talking about Rampage & Rashad

Cage Potato: Nate Marquardt and Bellator flirt, have awkward date, go home early

Wait, so, a week ago, Bellator was interested, but now, it’s just doesn’t feel right?

Very interesting, indeed. Let us read in between the lines for a bit, if we may.

MMA Mania: Phil Davis’ injury wasn’t enough to keep him out of fight against Rashad Evans

“The reality is the kid is hurt,” White said on a special conference call. “He’s a young guy, he’s undefeated, he can’t even train in kickboxing for the next couple weeks. He can wrestle to some extent, but … why would I want to do that to a young, up-and-coming kid? To do that to a young guy who is up and coming, who is undefeated, made no sense.”

5th Round: Lyoto Machida says ‘all stories have two sides’

A day after UFC president Dana White claimed Lyoto Machida accepted a last-minute fight with Rashad Evans, only to later demand “Anderson Silva money,” the former light heavyweight champ decided to break his silence and reveal his perspective of the drama. Oddly, his tale didn’t deviate too far from what White recollected, but it did contain additional information.

Bleacher Report: Timing and opportunity have been key to UFC LHW division

The fact that [Machida or Ortiz] would turn down this chance is puzzling to me. I realize that fighting on three weeks notice isn’t ideal, but it’s a low risk, high reward situation—Machida has already knocked out Evans once and has been searching for a fight, while Ortiz is fresh off a submission victory over Ryan Bader. A win for either could vault them right back into the title hunt. Let’s not forget that this is also Rashad’s first fight in over a year.

Middle Easy: Alistair Overeem is considering moving to boxing and fighting Vitali Klitschko

Lowkick: Photo gallery — Nam Phan trains for his UFC 133 fight with Mike Brown

Our photographer Scott Hirano visited Nam Phan’s MMA Academy in Garden Grove, California to capture Phan’s final preparations for the fight against Mike Brown. Please make sure you visit Scott Hirano’s official website at and give him props by liking his Facebook page.

The Fight Nerd: An open letter to Dana White on MMA in New York

You once told me, on the record, after a press conference that you don’t follow New York politics too closely but that the UFC has hired all the right people and that they know what they are doing. While delegating work to specialists makes perfect sense, it means that you have been answering questions from the media about New York based on information provided by Global Strategy Group. This information ranges from misleading to outright lies and is costing New York MMA valuable potential allies for next year.

MMA Convert: Q & A with Bellator Boss Bjorn Rebney

The sustainability of this brand and the growth of this brand has been planned. It was orchestrated, it was planned, it was projected. I can go back and point to projections I had made two or three years ago and they ended up coming true in terms of economic projections, brand growth projections and movement projections. I spent a lot of years in this space and I understood it.

MMA Payout: Two part interview with T. Jay Thompson on the revival of Pro Elite (here and here)

My job is to put ProElite in a position to capitalize on any opportunities that present themselves in the future. So we won’t rule anything out at this point. Stratus Media has talented people and many have worked in/with the TV industry, so we feel pretty confident we will be on a TV outlet by our second event.

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7 Responses to “MMA Link Club: Nate Marquardt sees fighters criticizing him as bullies”

  1. 45 Huddle says:

    Rebney forcing fighters to go through 3 fights in 3 months to get a title shot probably didn’t help his chances of landing Marquardt.

    The fact that Bellator could not land Marquardt really does make them look like a small time promoter.

    Marquardt is a perfect fit for their company. He has some name recognition and recently was just in the media big time. And yet he doesn’t have huge main event paydays to make him so expensive that he is isn’t close to their price range.

    Bellator really needs to figure out what they want to become as a promoter…. Do they want to lock fighters into long term contracts and compete with the UFC? Or do they want to become another feeder system and let their prospects go.

    Right now it seems like they are no man’s land where they aren’t producing prospects for the UFC and they aren’t willing or capable of signing top level free agents when they become available…

    Overeem fighting a Klitchko is a joke. He is trying to use the Nick Diaz method of negotiations. The problem is that he went way too high in who he said he would fight. He would get wrecked by that level of boxer….

    Imagine if Tito Ortiz beats Rashad Evans….Start selling the movie rights ASAP….

    • smoogy says:

      “The fact that Bellator could not land Marquardt really does make them look like a small time promoter.

      Marquardt is a perfect fit for their company. He has some name recognition and recently was just in the media big time. And yet he doesn’t have huge main event paydays to make him so expensive that he is isn’t close to their price range.”

      Are you serious? He has name recognition among people who read MMA blogs and that’s it. He is no draw. And he’s vastly overpaid compared to say, Alex Shlemenko or Bryan Baker. Marquardt is exactly the kind of fighter they should avoid signing.

      • The Gaijin says:

        Read about 5 articles ago when he was all up in arms about how he wanted to see everyone being outraged if Bellator signed him.

        He was going to criticize them either way, so…

  2. Zach Arnold says:

    A word to advice to all the good commenters on here — ignore the troll and do not ‘feed him’ if he starts spamming. This will be dealt with appropriately.

    • Kalle says:

      For a second I thought you meant 45 Huddle. 🙂

    • Chuck says:

      I take it sam posted something crazy here.

      • The Gaijin says:

        I’ll never understand the thought process someone goes through to manually “spam” a comment section of a site. When you consider the amount of time it takes to do so and the fact that Zach can delete it all within a few quick moments, doesn’t really make much sense…but I guess they are trolls after all.


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