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Open post: The #UFC cut of doom for Nate Marquardt

By Zach Arnold | June 26, 2011

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A time line of things to come: Pennsylvania athletic commissioner Greg Sirb (Charles Jay-approved) reportedly addresses the matter at 4 PM EST. Then, Nate Marquardt and Dana White expected to appear on the UFC Live 4 on Versus pre-game show. Then, the actual show, and afterwards a post-fight show. And if it couldn’t get any surreal for you, Spike TV is supposedly continuing as planned with a Nate Marquardt-themed UFC marathon counter-programming special to combat UFC being on Versus. You don’t say.

In a strange way, this debacle has stirred up more interest for tonight’s show. When I first read that there was an issue with Nate’s ‘medical tests,’ I had a flashback to Gina Carano being yanked from the Strikeforce show in Dallas. Mystery abounds.

Zeus from Middle Easy weighs in.

Some folks to follow on Twitter regarding news as it breaks on the story:

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77 Responses to “Open post: The #UFC cut of doom for Nate Marquardt”

  1. chris says:

    The fact he’s appearing WITH Dana on the shows now leads me to believe it’s a blood born pathogen virus issue, but the way Dana said he was “fired” etc, seemed like something dirty went on. Maybe it is steroids, but why would the PA athletic commission only hours before weigh-ins find out he pissed hot and not days before?

    Did Nate get caught tubgirling himself with an enema by the ac commish? The suspense and silence has been killing me!!!!!

    Even scooper poopers like Gross haven’t been dishing out the scoops.

    • chris says:

      oh, I forgot to mention… my monies are on HRT levels were off the charts and Nate didn’t disclose originally he was on any sort of hormone replacement programs until prefight medicals.

  2. Yan Desjardins says:

    Anything can happen, here, in the UFC!

  3. david m says:

    I am much more interested in what happened with Nate than the card itself.

  4. Vic Mackey says:

    These things happen in MMA

  5. The Gaijin says:

    Finally caught up on my DVR of boxing and a few thoughts:

    – Matthysse got F**king ROBBED against Alexander. Two good things come out of this, first no one will take a fight in St. Louis against Alexander who gets ridic home cooking and two his rep is tarnished (probably worse) because of that sh*t decision. Total BS.

    – I thought Saul Alvarez looked great against Rhodes, though I don’t know if that’s just due to the fact that people were talking up Rhodes more than he deserved to be.

    – Glad to see Kessler back in good form. Hope he gets a big fight with Bute or Pavlik.

    – Chris Arreola is FINALLY starting to take his conditioning and fitness seriously…I hope it’s not too late.

    – People who gush over Randy Couture need to take note of Bernard Hopkins.

    – I cannot believe Cotto is lowering himself to a rematch with Margarito.

    – Broner made up for his B.S. decision against Ponce De Leon with an awesome beatdown of Litzau.

    • Nottheface says:

      Yeah, Hopkins is a marvel and the Alexander fight was a joke.

      Anyone else pumped for the Klitscko/Haye? I’ll be cheering for Haye if only because I think a title defense against Vitali would be epic for storyline alone.

      Also, for all the talk about boxing being dead, has anyone noticed that the top 3 ppv sellers this year will all be boxing matches (the 2 Pacquiao fights and Mayweathers return) and if the British buys do good Klitschko-Hayes might be number 4?

      • The Gaijin says:

        Really looking forward to Wlad-Haye, there aren’t enough big time HW bouts. I agree on Haye-Vitali..that could be some epic build-up.

        Khan-Judah will be very interesting too…he’s the best guy Khan’s faced and even if he’s not at his peak.

        • edub says:

          I think everyone’s going a little too overboard on robbed for the Matthyse-alexander fight. I think Kotelnik got “robbed” against Alexander (and Matthyse should have got the nod against Judah too), but i had Alexander winning by a point in this fight. 95-94, Matthyse landed a 20-30 more, but he lost in out put in 7 out of the ten rounds. Damn close fight.

        • edub says:

          … and I think Khan is going to wipe the floor with judah. Zab’s living on borrowed time IMO. Rejuvenated training or no.

          Nottheface- Manny and Floyd’s fights always beat out everyone else. Or at least they have for the past three years.

  6. Jack says:

    Cotto really has nothing better to do IMO.. he’s damaged goods.

    At least a fight with margarito has a good storyline.. and a chance for ‘redemption’.. For his health.. and financially.. I think its the best choice..

    Bute vs kessler would be great.. but bute should really fight the winner of the super 6.

    • mr. roadblock says:

      Mathysse got absolutely hosed on that decision.

      I’m pumped for Wlad vs David Haye. But I’ll believe that fight happens when the bell rings. Good chance Haye tears his fallopian tube again at some point this week.

      Cotto/Margarito is personal. I think Margarito is going to get whipped good in that fight. Then there is a mega-money fight for Cotto/Saul Alvarez ready to happen. Arum and Golden Boy won’t mess that one up. PR vs Mexico the rivalry continues.

      Some real exciting things in boxing now. Hopkins/Butte/Dawson/Cloud the Super 6 mercifully ending. Pavlik back in the mix.

      How about Khan/Judah. I’m looking forward to that.

  7. 45 Huddle says:

    So from what I can gather….

    Nathan Marquardt had around 45 days to come up with documentation to pass his medicals. He could not.

    It sounds like he had to prove he was on TRT…. And couldn’t do it.

    One of 2 things…

    1) He is still roiding and is trying to find a work around.

    2) His past roid use has killed his current hormone levels so badly that he needs to be on TRT in order to just function properly. Manny Ramirez got busted for a drug which was basically for this reason and ended up retiring because of it.

    Either way, he didn’t do the proper thing. You can’t leave the UFC hanging like that. It’s completely unprofessional…

    • david m says:

      lol @ talking about unprofessional in the same sentence with UFC. What other billion dollar company has a CEO who calls journalists dumb cunts? What sports league fires athletes who won’t participate in its video game? The UFC is about as ethical as Walmart, Dana can lecture nobody.

      I don’t disagree with you that Nate crapped the bed, but let’s be fair here about professionalism..

      • 45 Huddle says:

        UFC’S JOB:

        1) Announce Event

        2) Put on Event

        3) Pay Fighters

        They do this. They don’t pull Affliction or Strikeforce type of stuff and delay or cancel fights because they don’t have their act together.


        1) Get medically cleared

        2) Make weight

        3) Fight

        Marquardt couldn’t do the first one. He fails. It’s unprofessional.

        The things you bring up are other issues, but have nothing to do with this. Marquardt was unprofessional on the most basic level of the fight game. He didn’t do what was necessary to fight.

    • The Gaijin says:

      Kinda destroys EJ’s whole arguments about the evil corrupt California commission being the reason for Nate’s positive test…ROFLMFAO. Another one (of EJ’s troll points) bites the dust!

      This whole TRT is going to be a black mark on the sport, it will be like Adderall and baseball (“I have ADD!”) and everyone will magically have “testosterone deficiency” and some Signature Pharmacy quack to diagnose them. They need to get this shit cut-off at the pass.

      • 45 Huddle says:

        And the best way to have low testosterone is to take a bunch when you are younger so your body either slows the natural production and just stops making it….

        I agree…. TRT has no place in MMA…. It’s a pathetic work around….

      • david m says:

        Did it get announced? Link plz.

        BTW the mma media is an embarrassment for their failure to uncover wtf happened in the last 24 hours. There is nobody on this site who doesn’t know as much about mma and write about it as or more articulately than Josh Gross and these other ass clowns.

        • 45 Huddle says:

          I agree. This has not made the MMA Media look good at all.

          It’s bad enough the the UFC announces fights that weren’t even rumored….

          But then they are completely lost on a big issue like this.

        • Zach Arnold says:

          I can tell you that I contacted several people of some prominence at the UFC show in Pittsburgh on Saturday and not one person knew the real story of what is going on.

          It’s amazing what happens when a fighter and his camp actually really want to shut down a leak, you end up with no leaks (which is quite a coincidence since we see so many leaks in the media from agents, isn’t it?)

        • The Gaijin says:

          No, not official announcement david m, but just reading between the lines with what has been said. While HIPPA doesn’t apply to AC’s there’s PA state privacy law that doesn’t allow them to disclose medical info from the application processes – so it’s up to Nate to tell us, Dana and the PSAC cannot.

          Given that he’s been indefinitely suspended and they’re saying he had 6 weeks to “take care of this” leads me to surmise that he was using TRT and then didn’t get the medical clearances required. Could also be that he didn’t provide a pre-fight drug test as that’s a suspend-able offense.

      • Zach Arnold says:

        Don’t forget the usage of Ritalin now by some to try to pass concussion tests.

      • EJ says:

        If you’re going to quote me at least get the quote right Gaijin. Nate’s test was in Nevada not in California but hey as usual don’t let facts get in the way of you’re trolling.

        Far as what’s going on with Nate, I have no clud neither does anyone else that isn’t in the know. If Nate was taking TRT then we would know about it since he’s fought in several other states and that isn’t a secret. Whatever it was I think it’s pretty serious and I just hope that we get real answers soon because the rumors aren’t helping anyone out right ow.

        • The Gaijin says:

          Oh right NSAC not CSAC, different commission same lame excuses of a fighter being innocent (unless it’s Josh Barnett). How could I have confused them…

  8. smoogy says:

    This TRT stuff is making the drug testing in MMA look like more of a joke than it already is. I bet we get nothing of any substance from the timed release of statements on that Versus show. The UFC has handled all of this very, very poorly, but what else is one to expect from executives who themselves, in my opinion, appear to be blatant abusers of performance enhancing drugs…

    • 45 Huddle says:

      What do you want them to do? Tell people the reason for the medical issue and break the law and get sued?

      Only Nathan Marquardt can tell people the exact reason…

      The UFC got Story a replacement, told the public as soon as it became official that Marquardt could not fight, and changed up the main event in accordance.

      It’s a bad situation all around, but what else could they have done?

      • Zach Arnold says:

        UFC handled it the best they could. I’m with 45 here — there really wasn’t much you could expect with such a fast turnaround. They can’t reveal what’s up with the medicals and they got Story a replacement opponent in an extremely compressed time frame.

        • smoogy says:

          If they can’t tell us anything, then why stir everyone up with a 12 second cell phone video? Dana turned a routine PED thing into a circus.

    • The Gaijin says:

      I usually got your back smoogy but there’s nothing they could really do here -it’s against PA law for them to disclose the medical stuff, so it’s up to Nate to man up and tell us. Plus they found Story and opponent and the show went on.

      Apparently they were aware of this every step of the way, so maybe they can be criticized for trusting that Nate would take care of whatever the issue was and not seeing this being an issue…but it’s not like they had a crystal ball.

  9. Zheroen says:

    Annnnnnnnnnnd the Rick Story hype train has been de-railed. What was with the Joe Stevenson-esque constant expenditure of energy on guillotine chokes that had little chance of finishing the fight due to poor positioning? He also showed zero takedown defense, reminded me of Kongo against Cain. I think he’s lucky that Marquardt had to pull out, he would have been slaughtered.

    Metheny is also the single worst referee ever.

    • 45 Huddle says:

      Bad style match-up for him. It showed that he has really no back game really…

      And I didn’t think that stand-up was bad at all…. I know Rogan went crazy over it…. But it was a stalemate. Perhaps that’s too much of my wrestling mindset, but I’ve seen some guys very close to takedowns in wrestling get called for stalemates when nothing happens for a while.

      Nothing was going to happen from that submission attempt. Brennenman was just avoiding and Story did nothing to advance the position.

      • Zheroen says:

        He’s young enough that, with some time off and working on his ground game (particularly his submission technique – he’s good at getting into positions, but his actual application was kind of sloppy), he can rebound after stringing together a couple of wins.

        I disagree about the standup being a good one, because to me it looked as though there was still the potential for Story to explode, especially when you consider the time left in the round – he had the arm secured pretty well, and only seemed to be tightening it up for an eventual burst from the hips. All night, Metheny has been yelling “show me something” after about 7 seconds on the ground – maybe he’s auditioning for the role of the referee in that abortion of a Toney-Shamrock fight, 20 seconds on the ground would probably be an eternity for him. Is he normally a boxing referee or something?

      • The Gaijin says:

        “Bad style match-up for him. It showed that he has really no back game really‚Ķ”

        But hey no worries b/c there’s not too great wrestlers with top control at WW! j/k. He needs some serious, serious work b/c he’d get Fitch’d or wrestlef*cked by GSP really badly.

        As I said yesterday, this was an all “downside risk” fight for Story (and for the UFC – nice work Nate). They just tanked a title contender with this fight b/c winner of Nate/Story woulda likely gotten Diaz/GSP, Brenneman most certainly will not.

        Story > Hendricks > Brenneman > Story. MESS.

    • Chuck says:

      No shit did Story get derailed tonight! Brenamenn sure as HELL took advantage of a huge opportunity. I think Brenammen single-handedly screwed up UFC’s welterweight title booking.

      After Diaz/GSP there is NO single man who completely deserves a title shot. But there are a bunch of guys who kind of deserve a title shot (Jon Fitch, Carlos Condit, Dong Hyun Kim, Diego Sanchez, and now Charlie Brenemman).

      So who’s next in line after Diaz/GSP? The Kim-Condit winner? Fitch if he can win his next fight (whoever that will be)? I would guess the Kim-Condit winner.

      • Zheroen says:

        The winner of Condit-Kim should definitely be the #1 contender, IMO. Both have skill sets that would be interesting to see against GSP.

  10. Chuck says:

    WHAT THE HELL JUST HAPPENED! That has to be the most insane comeback from almost getting KAYOED I have ever seen. Jesus….

  11. Tomer says:

    What a brutal KO from Kongo, and what a chin to recover from the shots that dropped him to come back and cold cock Barry (who looked dead after the KO).

  12. Zheroen says:

    Holy shit. Once again, Pat Barry snatches defeat from the jaws of victory.

    WTF was with leaving his mouthpiece in after calling the fight?

    Absolutely insane stuff. Good on Miragliotta for not calling the fight, Kongo was hurt but not OUT – still rolling, still moving his head the whole time.

    • edub says:

      Thank you. Went a little crazy on this topic in the Lowkick discussion thread. There was some guys who said Kongo was out, and it should have been stopped. I was going insane arguing against that. Early stoppages and late stoppages have a fine line, and Miragliotta was almost perfect (he screwed up when he didn’t see barry was out from the initial uppercut, and let him take more follow up GnP.

      • The Gaijin says:

        Odd that a guy with a Wanderlei Silva avatar was going all “think of the children!!!1!” in regards to that (correct) non-stoppage by Mirg. Kongo was on queer street but never “out” and kept moving and trying to defend himself. He clearly showed that he was still in the fight even if he was “in trouble” – keep your hands-up Pat!

  13. 45 Huddle says:

    I typically don’t yell at the TV… Yet I was yelling at the ref to stop the fight…. I thought Kongo was finished and it was a horrible ref job.

    I was wrong…


  14. The Gaijin says:

    Wow! Congo…what a comeback. Dropped twice, looked out when he got hit on his knees there. And Berry looked DEAD…eyes wide open and vacant stare. Mirg coulda stopped it before the third punch on the ground…but I guess he was making sure! Overall good job by Mirg, though he kinda interfered with Barry finishing him for a moment.

  15. david m says:

    wowzers. Pat Barry…so much talent, so little ability to win.

    • The Gaijin says:

      As Zheroen said, Always “snatching defeat from the jaws of victory”.

      He’s 3-3 in the UFC now…he’d probably get cut but he’s popular, always bangs it out and HW is so shallow.

      Hell, he’d probably destroy Mitrione.

  16. 45 Huddle says:

    Rampage is being an absolutely a-hole to Helwani right now on Versus.

  17. Bryan says:

    He really is. I felt bad for Helwani there.

    I also want to say congratulations to Charlie Brenneman. I’m sure people are going to talk badly about how he won and down play his victory but the he’ll with them. Charlie came to win and really no one gave him any kind of chance, but he proved them wrong.

    • david m says:

      What did he say? Rampage gets away with being a douche bag because he is black and white people find funny black people acting like idiots to be amusing.

      • Zheroen says:

        Rampage’s minstrel act has worn incredibly thin over the last few years – I have never understood why people thought the fact that he routinely dropped f-bombs, talked about people smelling bad, and dry-humped female interviewers as proof that he was some sort of a comedic genius.

  18. The Gaijin says:

    People aren’t seriously thinking Mitrione is going to be a contender are they? Dude is fun as hell to watch but he’s a sloppy brawler w/ huge wrestling deficiencies who’s been beating on solely C and D level HWs. His opponents records in the UFC are 1-4 (Hague), 1-2 (Morecraft), 3-2 (Joey Beltran – w/ wins over Hague, two guys whose only UFC fight was their fight with him (R. Gracie/A. Rosa) and Kimbo.

    1. Put him in there with anyone with half decent striking and they’d make him look amateur with all the holes in his stand-up. I wish they’d put him in against Mark Hunt next so I don’t have to hear anyone say he’s going to be some type of contender.

    2. He’d get wrestled to death and pounded out by anyone with wrestling.

    • Zheroen says:

      Mitrione vs. Hunt would be fun, for what it was.

    • The Gaijin says:

      Oops almost forgot 0-1 Marcus Jones.

    • The Gaijin says:

      OMG. Shut the fuck up Bonnar. Top 5. This is EXACTLY what I’m talking about. Booking a guy to win against D level fighters doesn’t make him ready for top 5 fighters…Frank fucking Mir???

    • edub says:

      I think sloppy brawler doesn’t fit him well at all. He judges distance very well, and throws straight crisp punches. He’s also very quick for 260 lbs. very atypical for a HW.

      I think a fight against Kongo would be perfect next. I don’t believe Kongo is top tier either so I think it would provide some fire works. Plus Mitrione is Barry’s buddy so you got the revenge aspect.

    • You give Mitrione fights like this because you build him to lose to someone meaningful.

      • The Gaijin says:

        Are you saying you’d have them skip putting him in against a Barry, Kongo, Struve, Rothwell, Hunt, et al. and just feed him directly to a Nelson, Mir, Carwin or Lesnar?

        Hell I would this would be a perfect build up to fight Schaub but that’s like 50 steps backwards (from a fan optics standpoint) since he’s getting the senior circuit (Mir/Nog) and Gonzagas of the division.

        • Schaub is exactly who I was thinking of.

        • The Gaijin says:

          Interesting, if Schaub loses to Zombie Nog I would definitely do that to rebuild Schaub (or move Meathead along further) as they seem to have a hard-on for him.

          I also like the idea of a Kongo fight (HT: edub) or Hunt, but realistically I doubt they want to (potentially) use up Mitrione’s heat on them, so maybe a fight with Dave Herman (as Ariel suggested iirc)? Or if you want to build him up further, the big dummy could probably exploit a guy like Struve’s chin and have another big highlight KO…I’m done with thinking Struve will develop into a Semmy Schilt type figther that utilizes his length.

  19. Bryan says:

    I have to say I really like this post fight show here. Great analysis of each fight I like the back and forth between Helwani, Harris, and Bonar.

  20. The Gaijin says:

    Uh…did Rick Story just say he didn’t train wrestling in prep for Marquardt?

    • Zheroen says:


      • david m says:

        45 also said Rick Story was a top 5 fighter because he won a terrible decision against a guy in Alves who has one win in the last 3 years, lol.

        • The Gaijin says:

          Well Alves was ranked 4th or 5th at WW. So he’s not WAY off on that one.

          Just spitballing roughly:

          GSP, Fitch, Shields, BJ, Kos, Alves, Diaz, Condit, Rumble, Kampmann, Sanchez.

          So I’d probably have slotted Story as 6th ranked after beating Alves.

        • david m says:

          I don’t understand how someone who gets 1 win in 3 years can be ranked at all. Not if you are objectively measuring anything besides “who I think could win”. Alves hasn’t performed in a long time but people still think he is great. He was never great. He is a striker with no speed.

        • 45 Huddle says:

          And BJ Penn was the #1 Lightweight in the world until Frank Edgar beat him. See how that works. You take what happens in the real world and apply it to the rankings.

          I’ve already told you over and over again how it works.

          You seem to think random wins mean more then a very strong schedule. Going 2-2 against Hughes, Koscheck, GSP, & Fitch is more impressive then going 10-0 or more like Nick Diaz and your toughest opponent is Paul Daley…

          Why you can’t understand the concept of “strength of schedule” after I have explained it to you time and time again is beyond me….

        • david m says:

          1 win since November 2008, and it was against John Howard. You don’t get points for getting dominated by great fighters. Thiago looked entirely worthless against Fitch and GSP; he was no different from Dan Hardy. Does Dan Hardy get moved up the ladder for losing to better opponents? Seriously, this is ridiculous. John Howard is not a good fighter, and yet you think beating him and getting embarrassed against other guys makes Alves top 3. Whatever. Story showed tonite he isn’t that good, and he was able to get a W over Thiago. Now that your Story top 5 bubble has burst, does that lower Thiago under your absurd ranking system? Maybe you think Story should be moved up because he fought and lost to a tough guy tonite!

          Trying to draw a comparison between Alves and BJ is worthless. BJ got robbed against Frankie in their first fight, got a draw with Fitch (only guy in the UFC not to lose to Fitch other than GSP), and has stopped 3 champions or title contenders since Alves last won a fight.

          Thiago hasn’t been a top 3 fighter since his loss to GSP. He didn’t fight for an entire year after that, and your dumbass strength of schedule argument goes out the window even more when you have no fights and thus no strength of schedule. Then he comes back and looks horrid against Fitch, and you still have him ranked top 3! What a joke.

        • edub says:

          When you continually fight the best competition in the world your going to have losses normally. Before his loss to Story his only losses were to the #1 and #2 ranked fighters over a 4 year period. It’s not hard to understand, quality of competition should be the first item looked at when ranking fighters.

        • edub says:

          -BJ didn’t get robbed against Frankie. It was a very close fight that didn’t go his way. Right after it he was DOMINATED by him, and he didn’t win a single round.

          -Fitch-BJ was very close because BJ barely edged the second round (and IMO he didn’t). Then he got his face beat in until he could barely stand at the end of the fight. If they fight again Fitch will be a huge favorite.

          -Rankings aren’t a measure of “who would win”. I would pick against Thiago with, just off the top of my head: Ellenberger, Woodley, Hendrix, and Pierce. But those guys don’t belong ahead of him in the rankings.

  21. Zheroen says:

    I find it pretty hard to choose between Story, Koscheck, Rumble, Kampmann, Sanchez, Alves, and Paulo Thiago. I’d put them all in the category of needing a convincing win against another ranked contender before you could really say one is more deserving of a shot than the other…which is why Condit vs. Kim firmly establishes a deserved beneficiary of a title shot, IMO.

    • david m says:

      I would never put Rumble in a title fight if I were Dana; there is a 90% chance he can’t make 170.

    • edub says:

      Zheroen- Good point. But I would say if Condit wins it establishes a contender. Kim still would be below half of those guys (and Ellenberger IMO).

    • Neither Condit or Kim is really at the level of ANY of those guys though. Therein lies the problem. If you’re gonna give the #10-11 guy in the world a title shot because he beats the #9 fighter, that’s some WBO level stuff.

      • The Gaijin says:

        Exactly, we already say Dan Hardy (a paper top #10 fighter that got protected from fighting guys that would expose his weaknesses) get a train run on him by the champ. I don’t really want to see a fringe top 10 guy fight GSP unless he can beat Kos or Fitch.

        I mean most of us were riding the Story hype train, but he got worked by Charlie Brenneman…imagine they hotshotted Story into a title shot? Dude’s got little off his back and was getting put down by a guy with a lot less than GSP.

      • Nepal says:

        You’re right about Condit. He was beaten by a 20 year old for 2 rounds and only won the fight because the 20 year old gassed. GSP would smash Condit or Kim.

        However let’s remember this is a business. Winning fights leads to title fights if it makes good business sense. Who the F*ck else will they get GSP to fight after he smashes Diaz in the 1st or 2nd round??? Got to pretend somebody has a shot…

      • edub says:

        I got Condit at #6 or #7 right now. Thre straight wins over quality competition where one guy was close to top 5 at the time (Hardy). Plus the UFC has already shown their hand by giving a shot to Diaz. They want “exciting fighters” to go against GSP (IMO fighters that will get beat up, and be exciting at the same time). Plus the only loss Condit has in the past 10 fights is a SD to Kampman in a fight a lot of people thought he won.

        On top of that the dude has heart for Days. Ellenberger absolutely crushed his ching, and he didn’t go out.

        I think Condit is a good logical next step from Diaz, while ZUffa builds up Hendrix, Woodley, or another prospect yet to step up.


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