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Fake Marika Taylor ‘interview’ with Keith Kizer: “Josh Gross is my buddy”

By Zach Arnold | June 21, 2011

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This is a video on Youtube that Marika Taylor is pushing now. I simply have transcribed what was portrayed in the video clip. Two notes to keep in mind: 1) This note of an e-mail that Sonnen’s lawyer, Raffi A. Nahabedian, Esq., sent to Josh Gross (which turned out to be fake) & 2) as Dr. David Black, famous sports drug testing guru once said on the program 60 Minutes, testosterone is the base chemical for steroids.

Thought I would provide some context for what you are about to read.

‘MARIKA TAYLOR’: “Welcome to Outside the Ring. I am your host, Marika Taylor. and joining us today is Keith Kizer from the Nevada State Athletic Commissioner.”

‘KEITH KIZER’: “Hi, everybody. I’m Keith Kizer. Great to be here. I will be signing autographs later.”

‘MARIKA TAYLOR’: “Anyway… Why did you go on the radio and trash Chael (Sonnen)?”

‘KEITH KIZER’: “Because I was angry that he lied under oath at the December 2nd, 2010 California State Athletic hearing. And he’s prettier than me. He said that he spoke to me about Testosterone Replacement Therapy in 2008 when I have never spoken to him in my life.”

‘MARIKA TAYLOR’: “Were you at the hearing?”

‘KEITH KIZER’: “No, but Josh Gross e-mailed me during the hearing and asked me if I had ever spoken to Chael or his manager, Matt Lindland, about Testosterone Replacement Therapy?”

‘MARIKA TAYLOR’: “And what did you say?”

‘KEITH KIZER’: “I told him that I never spoke to either of them in my life.”

‘MARIKA TAYLOR’: “Have you ever read the transcripts from the hearing or watched any of the video from the hearing?”

‘KEITH KIZER’: “No, I have not.”

‘MARIKA TAYLOR’: “So, how do you know what Chael said at the hearing?”

‘KEITH KIZER’: “Josh Gross told me what he said.”

‘MARIKA TAYLOR’: “And you believe everything Josh Gross says?”

‘KEITH KIZER’: “Yes, because he’s a journalist and what he reports is always accurate.”

‘MARIKA TAYLOR’: “Are you aware that Chael made it very clear at the hearing that it was actually his manager, Matt Lindland, that spoke to you directly and that he believed Matt Lindland had properly disclosed his use of Testosterone Replacement Therapy to you?”

‘KEITH KIZER’: “I heard that he said that he spoke to me directly and that is not true.”

‘MARIKA TAYLOR’: “If you watch the video, the commissioner asks Chael ‘who spoke to you?’ and Chael clearly said it was his manager who spoke to you.”

‘KEITH KIZER’: “I don’t believe you.”

‘MARIKA TAYLOR’: “You do not have to believe me. The transcripts and the video from the hearing are very clear. There’s no ambiguity.”

‘KEITH KIZER’: “Chael Sonnen is a liar.”


‘KEITH KIZER’: “Because he said he spoke to me and I have never talked to him in my life.”

‘MARIKA TAYLOR’: “But the transcripts and the video from the hearing clearly show that he says that he did not speak to you directly but that his manager did.”

‘KEITH KIZER’: “Chael is a liar, anyway, and I will never license him or let him be a coach on The Ultimate Fighter TV show.”

‘MARIKA TAYLOR’: “I don’t understand. There is obviously a misunderstanding. Have you ever tried to clear this up with Chael?”

‘KEITH KIZER’: “No, I thought it would be better to go on the radio and make fun of Chael’s medical condition and say he lied under oath and imply that he’s a liar and a fraud.”

‘MARIKA TAYLOR’: “Didn’t you have a meeting with Dana White & Lorenzo Fertitta, Chael and his manager, Matt Lindland, where they tried to sort this out with you before asking you for a license so he can be on The Ultimate Fighter?”

‘KEITH KIZER’: “Yes, but I don’t care. I told them I will never license Chael in my state of Nevada.”

‘MARIKA TAYLOR’: “But, why not? He had served his suspension for not filing his paperwork correctly in California.”

‘KEITH KIZER’: “Because I don’t like him and I believe he’s a liar and takes steroids.”

‘MARIKA TAYLOR’: “Why would you think that?”

‘KEITH KIZER’: “Because Josh Gross said so on The Jim Rome Show.”

‘MARIKA TAYLOR’: “Wait, he said what? That’s crazy. Chael was never accused of taking steroids. George Dodd told the press that he knew about Chael’s use of Testosterone Replacement Therapy and that Chael told him about it again before the Anderson Silva fight, the biggest fight of his career.”

‘KEITH KIZER’: “But Josh Gross said Chael popped for steroids.”

‘MARIKA TAYLOR’: “And you believe that?”



‘KEITH KIZER’: “Because Josh Gross is a journalist and has never been unfair in his reporting and he’s my buddy.”

‘MARIKA TAYLOR’: “So, you get all of your information from Josh Gross?”

‘KEITH KIZER’: “Yes, me and everybody else. Whatever Josh prints or says is gospel.”

‘MARIKA TAYLOR’: “Okay, well let me ask you this: How many times has Chael fought in Nevada under your jurisdiction?”

‘KEITH KIZER’: “Four times.”

‘MARIKA TAYLOR’: “And has he ever had anything unusual with his test results?”

‘KEITH KIZER’: “No. But Chael Sonnen is a liar and a fraud and I don’t like him.”

‘MARIKA TAYLOR’: “Yes, you have made your feelings about Chael very well known. But have you ever looked at the test results from the California fight?”

‘KEITH KIZER’: “No, but I don’t have to because I have nothing to do with California. I am on the Nevada commission.”

‘MARIKA TAYLOR’: “Are you aware that initially after Chael’s California test results came back with elevated levels of testosterone due to Chael’s TRT that the California commission suspended Chael for a year?”

‘KEITH KIZER’: “Yes. Chael used steroids and he was suspended for a year. Chael is a fraud and I do not like him.”

‘MARIKA TAYLOR’: “Actually, the California commission admitted that the test was inconclusive and that it didn’t show that Chael used steroids at all. In the end, the commission shortened the suspension down to six months because they claimed he did not disclose his medical use exemption properly.”

‘KEITH KIZER’: “I don’t care. Chael is a liar and a fraud.”

‘MARIKA TAYLOR’: “Okay. You originally told everyone you have never spoken to either Chael Sonnen or Matt Lindland about TRT in 2008 before a Chael Sonnen fight?’

‘KEITH KIZER’: “Um, yes, but at the private meeting when I told everyone that I would never, ever, ever, ever license Chael or let him be on The Ultimate Fighter, I realize that I did remember talking to Matt Lindland about TRT before a Chael Sonnen back in 2008.”

‘MARIKA TAYLOR’: “What made you remember all of a sudden?”

‘KEITH KIZER’: “You know the answer to that.”

‘MARIKA TAYLOR’: “Yes I do. I was at the new hearing on May 18, 2011 that took place after you called up the California State Athletic Commission and told them to pull an indefinite suspension out of their asses. I was there when you answered this question under oath.”

‘KEITH KIZER’: “Then why are you asking me again if you already knowing the answer?”

‘MARIKA TAYLOR’: “I am asking you again because the press didn’t pay attention to this enormous detail. After all, the whole reason why the new suspension happened is because you believe Chael lied under oath and said he spoke to you directly about TRT.”

‘KEITH KIZER’: “But that’s not the only reason. Chael is also a convicted felon.”

‘MARIKA TAYLOR’: “I will get to that in a minute, but could you please answer my question?”

‘KEITH KIZER’: “What was the question? All I know is that Chael is a liar and a fraud and a convicted felon.”

‘MARIKA TAYLOR’: “My question was, what made you remember all of a sudden that you indeed speak to Matt Lindland in 2008 about TRT?”

‘KEITH KIZER’: “I remembered when they showed me phone records.”

‘MARIKA TAYLOR’: “So, let me get this straight — you got hysterical and blasted Chael on the radio and claimed you never spoke to Chael or Lindland but then when you were faced with phone records, you remembered. So, does that make you a liar?”

‘KEITH KIZER’: “No. Chael is a liar and fraud.”

‘MARIKA TAYLOR’: “So, let me understand this correctly. Do you think you would have remembered talking to Lindland if they didn’t show you phone records?”

‘KEITH KIZER’: “No, I wouldn’t have remembered. I only remembered when Matt Lindland reminded me and found out that there was phone records.”


‘KEITH KIZER’: “But I never told Lindland not to disclose the medical use exemption again. That part I know for sure.”

‘MARIKA TAYLOR’: “How are you so sure?”

‘KEITH KIZER’: “Because Josh Gross told me.”


‘KEITH KIZER’: “Psych, ha ha ha. I got you, just kidding. Look, I know what I know, okay? And I know is that Chael is a liar. He is also a convicted felon and deserves to be punished by the athletic commissions in addition to the punishment he received for his heinous crime.”

‘MARIKA TAYLOR’: “What was this crime?”

‘KEITH KIZER’: “Money laundering. This is a very serious felony and you can go to jail for up to 20 years when you are convicted. So, this means Chael is a very bad guy.”

‘MARIKA TAYLOR’: “Are you aware that a Federal court judge presided over this case?”

‘KEITH KIZER’: “Yes, of course, what do you think I am, a moron? It was a felony conviction, so of course a Federal judge presided over the case.”

‘MARIKA TAYLOR’: “Have you looked at the transcripts from the case? Were you at the hearing when the judge made his ruling?”

‘KEITH KIZER’: “No, of course not. I’m a commissioner in Nevada. I don’t know anything about the court case in Oregon. I don’t care. Chael is a convicted felon and it is my duty to cross state lines and tell the California State Athletic Commission how they should discipline their licensees. As you know, I do not like Chael and I have done interviews where I talk at length about how much I think he’s not a good guy. I want to make sure Chael does not get to be a coach on The Ultimate Fighter or fight in Nevada and I will go out of my way to let everyone know that I think Chael deserves to be suspended indefinitely and never fight again.”

‘MARIKA TAYLOR’: “I see. Yes, you have made your feelings very public. And you seem to have a lot of influence on the California State Athletic Commission. But why didn’t you just simply tell Dana White and everybody at the private meeting that you won’t give him a license and just leave it at that?”

‘KEITH KIZER’: “Because there would have been too many questions. I would have had to justify my reasons for denying him a license and my image is very important to me. I didn’t want to look like a douchebag, so I called up California and got them to pull an indefinite suspension out of their asses. I then called up the media and told them I was very displeased with what happened at the meeting and I wouldn’t give Chael a license until he sorted out his problems in California.”

‘MARIKA TAYLOR’: “But Chael didn’t have any problems in California. He had served his suspension and free to fight and coach on The Ultimate Fighter. He just had to ask you for a license.”

‘KEITH KIZER’: “Yes, I know. But there is something you obviously don’t understand. I am a very powerful government official. I don’t have to answer to anybody and the press and the California State Athletic Commission are my little bitches. They do whatever I tell them to do.”

‘MARIKA TAYLOR’: “I see. You are giving me a headache. Can we please get back to this felony conviction in Oregon?”

‘KEITH KIZER’: “Sure. What about it?”

‘MARIKA TAYLOR’: “Are you aware that the Federal court judge that presided over it knew all the facts of the case ruled in the end that Chael was not the architect of the real estate money laundering crime? Didn’t Chael’s attorney offer the transcripts where the judge decided to just give Chael a probation and a fine because his involvement in the crime was not only minor but nothing more than a mistake that was made during a real estate transaction? Do you realize that the only reason any of this came up is because the person Chael sold a house to decided to not pay his mortgage and ended up growing marijuana in the basement?”

‘KEITH KIZER’: “By the way, please stop Tweeting about me.”

‘MARIKA TAYLOR’: “Not a chance, buddy.”

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29 Responses to “Fake Marika Taylor ‘interview’ with Keith Kizer: “Josh Gross is my buddy””

  1. Chris says:

    Looks like someone desperately wants their 15 minutes of fame.

    Goodbye Marika.

  2. Oh Yeah says:

    Kudos for perseverence

  3. Tomer says:

    Good to see stalking is alive and well.

  4. Jason Harris says:

    Who the hell is this chick? I didn’t watch or read because I haven’t figured out why I should care about this girl’s rants.

    • The Gaijin says:

      IMHO – a total troll that appears to have hitched her wagon to Chael Sonnen. That or a really dedicated ring rat.

  5. Keith Harris says:

    So Chael sold the house to Matt Lindland then? 😉

  6. edub says:

    Jesus, can’t wee just let this chick die off?

  7. Work says:

    Just when I had forgotten that Marika Taylor is an idiot who should never be taken seriously …

  8. EJ says:

    Absolutelly hilarious, that just made my day. The funniest thing about all of that is I could actually hear Kizer really saying everything that he says in that fake interview. Honestly before this whole Sonnen fiasco I had no idea who this chick even was but right now I gotta say i’m a big fan that was great.

  9. Bix says:

    To be absolutely clear:

    Is there ANY merit to her claim that Sonnen clarified during the December hearing that he meant Lindland talked to Kizer? I can’t remember if I had to leave the room for any reason while watching the hearing stream, but even if I did, I don’t recall any evidence of this in subsequent reports. I’ve tweeted Taylor asking for the relevant time stamps in the video of the hearing but haven’t gotten a reply yet.

    • The Gaijin says:

      Honestly, to the best of my recollection, no there is not.

      I believe Sonnen came up with these clarifications post-hearing when he was confronted with the Kizer rebuttal.

    • edub says:

      Let us know if you get the rebuttal if you got a chance man. This is the first time I’m hearing these claims too.

      Anybody have access to the stream?

      • Bix says:

        Barnett and Sonnen hearings from the December meeting (had trouble with it in Chrome but that might just be me):

        • Bix says:

          Ok, I was able to seek through the video and find the parts where Sonnen talks. The Kizer part is a little less clear than I remember. Sonnen is asked “Who told you” and he answers that it was Kizer. Thus, the common interpretation is a reasonable one, but it’s not quite as clear as I remember. Having said that, unless he was briefly questioned again in a part I missed (as I can’t watch the whole thing right now), Sonnen doesn’t clarify that it was Lindland as his lawyer (in the leaked letter to Gross) and Taylor have claimed as far as I can tell.

        • edub says:

          Thanx buddy. Kind of what I figured – (a gray area is found in the testimony, and the supporters are jumping all over it).

        • Bix says:

          And if you want to check out those parts:

          2:15:30ish Names Kizer, says Kizer said not to bring it up again

          2:24:30ish Nevada brought back up, Sonnen thought it would be redundant to repeatedly bring it up in Nevada.

  10. jack says:

    Wow Sonnen must be boning this chick something fierce for all of the effort she is putting into this reverse-smear campaign…

    • Dave says:

      That or she is getting paid.

      • The Gaijin says:

        Ya know, I was kinda thinking the same thing. This woman is a total wannabe, go look at her horrendous website and “documentary series”, and I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s getting paid and/or promised something (e.g. exposure, interviews, gigs, etc.) for running a smear campaign on Kizer.

        • Dave says:

          It wouldn’t be the first time that a personality’s legal team has hired some “media” to do PR in the form of faux-media. Since she is Canadian most of us haven’t heard of her in the States, so there can just be a natural assumption that she is indeed a journalist of some sort.

        • The Gaijin says:

          The big problem with her is a serious lack of credibility. I guess the faux-media PR is the goal, but to anyone with a brain who takes a second to look one layer below the surface of the facade should have a lot of questions about the credibility of this person and her claims.

          First, she comes across as an absolute wing-nut making incredibly outrageous and one-sided claims. She’s spewing out a ton of half-truths and distorted facts (e.g. she’ll use the revised statements made by Sonnen in an attempt to discredit Kizer, instead of the initial statements Kizer was responding to) that can be refuted by anyone who takes 30 seconds to fact check.

          Second, she has a prior history of supporting Sonnen and claiming to be a friend of his. Again something you can easily uncover if you look at her website.

          Third, she’s not even coming at this story with any level of “objectivity” or media principles. Anyone other than EJ looks at that video and her ridiculous twitter rants and sees a Chael sycophant that has no interest in uncovering the truth, but just spinning and distorting a bunch of cherry picked “facts” and interviews to spam Kizer and champion Sonnen as some martyr. She spends zero time looking at the credibility of Sonnen’s claims, his lack of responsibility to actually comply with TRT-exemption rules (incl. the fact that he claims to have used it before but iirc there is ZERO paper work to support this), his numerous misstatements that she doesn’t cover (e.g. Kizer told him TRT was a privacy issue and not to disclose it; claims that he believed the UFC doctor qualified as a CSAC official when no reasonable person could have that belief), the absolutely discredible doctor who prescribed his TRT, Sonnen’s overall lack of credibility and ethics, among many other things.

        • Alexander Mogue says:

          Cant believe this absurd piece of junk is a news item. Must have been a slow day. Nobody believes or even cares about this lady except a few media outlets who gives her the time of the day that she is looking for. Unforunately, Zach and few other writers are building up her credibility inch by inch with reporting this.

      • Bix says:

        Gaijin, you summed it all up pretty well.

        Alexander, a friend of Sonnen’s trying to astroturf for him with a bunch of lies is a news story, just like Sonnen using a bunch of plants at a Q&A was a news story.

  11. RossenSearchTeam says:

    Masvidal didn’t whoop Noons like they said IMO.

    (I missed that match the first time.)

    Masvidal looked very good, he’s a prospect, but he cut Noons early and then floated.

    Floated very obviously IMO.

    He BS’d through the rest of that fight just threatening that gash from the shin he got off at the end of the first.

    Dont get me wrong, Noons failed.
    He should have known better.

    But I’m not sold on Masividal yet off of that.

    Without a supercut.

    Masividal should very much be next for Melendez though.
    He’s good enough, and he earned it.

    (Then we’ll see.)

  12. […] So, they changed the argument. Right on the spot, they changed the argument to a disclosure issue. And that wasn’t what I was brought there for but of course I was ready for that and I had disclosed it. I disclosed it four different ways, three of which I could prove in writing and I submitted that. So, they changed the argument on me again and they just continue to do that and ultimately they said, all right, let’s just split the difference. We wanted to suspend you for a year, how about we just do six months? Well, there’s no such things. I break a rule, I serve a year, that’s it. If I didn’t break up a rule, you apologize and I get up and leave now. Of course, name one government agency that’s ever going to admit fault. So, they stick me with a six month suspension and now here, a year later, I’m on a radio show with a guy that still thinks I have elevated testosterone. I was never even accused of that. Josh Gross made it up.” […]


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