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After #UFC 131, Vancouver was peaceful. After Stanley Cup loss, rioting.

By Zach Arnold | June 15, 2011

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This video is footage of a famous riot in Vancouver after the Canucks lost to the New York Rangers in 1994. In 2011 after the Canucks lost in Game 7 to the Boston Bruins, there’s rioting and it’s getting really ugly.

Mashable has a ton of Twitter pictures of the rioting in downtown Vancouver after the G7 loss. This CBC report has tons of pictures of cars being set on fire and idiots setting other things (like stores) on fire.

Image copyright & credit:

This image is a screen capture from our friend SEGA Awakens.

Remember after UFC’s first show in Vancouver that there was a hate crime that took place and the promotion was blamed for producing a degenerate crowd at GM Place? Last weekend, UFC 131 came and went at Rogers Arena (same building) with nary an ounce of violence. This, despite Vancouver police asking UFC to pay for extra police protection for the show.

Dana White tonight on Twitter:

Hey morons stop ruining ur beautiful city of vancouver!!! Its just a fucking hockey game!!!!!!

I don’t ever want UFC fans to act like fucking idiots.

at the end of the day its just a hockey game!! You don’t destroy a city and hurt people over any kind of GAME!

Thinkin its ok to ruin a city over a fuckin game! Being pissed=ok riot=fuckin morons!! U need to be slapped!

I know a lot of hockey fans and I respect the sport of hockey but I don’t respect this dumb bullshit!

Robert Sargeant:

Multiple cars are now on fire in Vancouver. CBC video captures numerous brawls between people on the streets. Embarrassing, but expected.

People in Vancouver are throwing bricks and glass bottles at reporters and police.

People are now jumping over – and falling into – cars that are on fire, burning themselves in the process. The level of stupidity is high.

Molotov Cocktails are now being thrown into shops, setting additional fires. The level of stupidity continues to rise.

Wow, there are about six large fires right next to each other on Georgia Street in Vancouver now. Those are going to cause major damage.

CTV’s Rob Brown is a champion for getting this footage right in the middle of fights, fires, tear gas and mass looting.

Rumour is nine stabbings, one fatality. Not yet confirmed, but that’s three reports that I’ve heard about a fatality. Sad, sad times. St. Paul’s Hospital in Vancouver is now reportedly closed due to being packed with people suffering from injuries. Can’t take in any more.

There are many MMA writers and fans tonight online who are having some sort of schadenfreude in regards to the anti-social behavior going on in Vancouver and juxtaposing it to the behavior of MMA fans and anti-MMA attitude amongst New York legislators.

Image of the day: Vancouver on fire.

Quote of the day from Steve Nash: “Vancouver please stop burning shit. We’re a great city and have a lot of class. Our team is great and our championship will come. Soon.”

Our friend MMA Supremacy:

Holy crap! Fights breaking out in the middle of the streets of Vancouver right now, looks like the 18-34M demographic will be busy tonight.

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2 Responses to “After #UFC 131, Vancouver was peaceful. After Stanley Cup loss, rioting.”

  1. Chromium says:

    I can’t disagree with what Dana White was saying, but I would gamble he is reveling in the irony here. I don’t think he would start twittering about it if a deadly riot broke out at Mardi Gras or something.

    The irony is pretty thick though.

  2. […] of like Vancouver politics and the media’s treatment of the UFC there. Last week, we talked about the Vancouver riots of 1994 & 2011 on the site and anyone with half a brain could figure out that politicians & media types would try to […]


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