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UFC 129 (Toronto): Two judges had Jake Shields one round away from winning the title

By Zach Arnold | April 29, 2011

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The biggest live UFC event of all time.

Dark matches

Main card

The aftermath

To me, the big story coming out of this card is that two judges had Jake Shields just one more round away from winning the UFC Welterweight title on points. Dave Meltzer reports that the two judges who scored it 48-47 are… Nelson “Doc” Hamilton & Richard Bertrand, two guys that I respect. Oh my.

Mark Hominick took a beating and showed the true heart of a champion. Jose Aldo had his make-or-break performance tonight and he made the best out of it.

The show ran 3 1/2 hours long. That’s what happens when you have two 5-rounders on a 5-fight card.

Highlight moment of the night was Rory MacDonald throwing around Nate Diaz like he was trash. He German suplexed him three times in the third round, including the third round right on his head in a move that would have made Kevin Randleman proud and reminisce about what he did to Fedor years ago.

Jason Brilz was a trending topic on Twitter a year ago for his fight with Rogerio Nogueira. Now? He got taken to the cleaners by the Janitor, who was taken to the cleaners by Jon Jones last August. Unforgiving sport.

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128 Responses to “UFC 129 (Toronto): Two judges had Jake Shields one round away from winning the title”

  1. Nepal says:

    Why they would put Matyushenko vs. Brilz on the main card rather than Diaz vs Rory is beyond me.

    Seems they think putting a HW fight on the main card is important even when these guys are barely top 20 fighters.

    • The Gaijin says:

      I would assume they want to use Diaz vs. MacDonald for the Spike prelims?

    • bern says:

      Those are LHW’s Nepal. If your going to be a douche, at least do it with your facts right

    • Chromium says:

      Probably because both of them are late replacements (Brilz for Matt Hamill when he was pulled to replace Thiago Silva against Quinton Jackson, and then Matyushenko for Phil Davis when he was pulled to replace Tito against Lil Nog), and I’m guessing one or both of them might have only agreed on the condition that the fight remain a main card match. Also I dunno if this one is set in stone.

    • chris says:

      I thought this when the card was announced and still do, this is a weak card. Aside from the top heavy part of the card, the undercard and opener are weak in name value.
      Good deal for Zuffa making 11 mil at the gate on this one.

      • CstBoog says:

        You’re crazy. Top 3 fights are outstanding. Two title fights, then the former LHW champ vs. the former HW and LHW champ?

        Past that, on the main card, Bocek/Henderson should be a great fight, and an interesting contrast of styles.

        Diaz/Macdonald is a great fight for the Spike prelims.

        Great card. I mean, hell, when was the last time the UFC had two title fights on a single card? Have there been any since UFC 100?

        • CstBoog says:

          answering my own question:

          ah, right, UFC 112.

          On paper, I think UFC 129 looks slightly better on paper than did 112. Of course, 112 in reality ended up being a stinker, so that means nothing.

  2. Rich Hansen says:

    If you put Matyushenko v. Brilz on Spike, it’ll cost tens of thousands of buys.

    • Nepal says:

      You would have to think Nate and Rory would draw more than Brilz and Matyushenko right? By flipping the order, the PPV should go up. Less Spike viewership but that’s not as important and the $50/buy.

      • Michaelthebox says:

        Incorrect, because there isn’t a single person who will buy or not buy the PPV based on whether Nate/Rory or Brilz/Matz is on the PPV. However, there are a lot of casual buyers who will buy the PPV if they get into the mood to watch a PPV, which depends on the entertainment value of the Spike card. Nate/Rory are a much better bet for entertainment than Brilz/Matyuchenko.

        • Zach Arnold says:

          The prelims from the Boston show last August are a great example.

        • The Judge says:

          Right, Michaelthebox, but has UFC followed that pattern in previous bookings? They usually book the five “best” fights they think they have on the show. And, while B-M might not pull buyrate of this show down, how much the fans enjoy the card will affect the buyrate for the next one. I am with Nepal, Diaz-MacDonald is a more appealing fight, name, style and quality wise. Brilz-Matyushenko is on PPV, because originally it was supposed to be Davis-Hamill.

        • Michaelthebox says:

          The Judge, you’re using a false argument: that because they usually book the top five fights for the main card, thats their specific goal. Their usual goal is to book the top five fights for the show, with an entertaining Spike card. However, when push comes to shove, if they can make a major difference in the Spike card while making a minor difference in the PPV card (i.e. switching out Nate/Rory for Matyushenko/Brilz) they will do so. A good example of that came in UFC 126: Ellenberger vs. Rocha was on the main card, while the crowd-pleaser Cerrone vs. Kelly was on the Spike card.

          The potential drawback of a boring fight at the top of the card will be mitigated by the fact that, by the end of the night, few people will remember the boring fight at the top of the card unless the rest of the card tanked as well. Plenty of research has shown that, when remembering an experience, the peak and the end is remembered. Although I’m uncertain about the research on remembering an experience that gave opposing valences, my guess is that the higher peak wins out. The thing about boring fights is that they can never be as bad as a great fight can be good, cause you can always take the time to pop open a beer.

  3. David M says:

    This card is why I am glad the UFC merged with the WEC. Aldo is one of the best fighters on Earth at any weight, and he is someone who makes a PPV much more interesting to purchase. Between Aldo, Machida/Randy, and GSP v punching bag, this card is pretty awesome.

  4. Kelvin says:

    I think Machida will retire Couture.

  5. David M says:

    Only HGH testing will retire Couture.

    • Michaelthebox says:

      So true.

    • Kelvin Hunt says:

      Can’t argue that…haha

    • Nepal says:

      What!!! Are you intimating that Handy is on HGH???

      That’s just preposterous!! Why, just look at his head size when he was 33 and just came into the UFC and compare it to its current size.

      OK, wait a second, so it is in fact much, much, much bigger now. But that’s just natural, all men’s head size grow dramatically between the ages of 33 and 40+…. er maybe they don’t.

      Let’s just forget the whole thing… in fact let’s not discuss BJ’s head size increase either.

  6. Nepal says:

    Michaelthebox, I don’t think you are correct. Nate, by virtue of his family name, his fighting style and attitude is popular. Rory is an exciting and interesting opponent. They would be a nice addition to the headlining fights. They could be a tipping point for some people that may or may not buy the PPV. Nobody other than their cornermen could care about the B vs M fight.

    However, that is an interesting point and one I didn’t thought about. That is, they save some fights that are sure to be good and put them on Spike to get a different set of exposure and in fact maybe cause some people to think “wow, this is great, let’s buy the PPV”.

    • TheJudge says:

      Right, Nepal, but I think the bet is that people who are as familiar and knowledgeable about Diaz and Mac as you are, have probably already ordered the PPV or decided not to. And there aren’t as many as of them as there are of more casual fans, who might turn on Spike on Saturday night, see a great MMA fight and be motivated to watch several more on PPV.

    • Michaelthebox says:

      As The Judge said, people who care that much about Nate and Rory will have already made their decision to buy the card or not, because Nate is not that well known, and Rory is barely known at all. (Seriously, I bet there is not a single casual fan who knows who Rory is. Not one.)

      The key point is that a PPV is a large hurdle for the consumer: you have to convince them to pay $45 or $55 for a three hour experience, much of which will be down time. For the casual or semi-casual fan, convincing them to fork over that money when they are “cold”, i.e. when they aren’t involved, is a fairly difficult proposition.

      However, convincing the consumer to turn on Spike for an hour is a much easier selling proposition. The only thing a fan needs in order to do so is a reason. Free fights might be a good enough reason for many fans. A free fight with an amusing guy who is entertaining (Nate) is an even better reason.

      Once the casual fan has turned on Spike, the UFC’s goal is to turn them from “cold” (not interested, using logic and reason) to “hot” (emotionally involved, I wanna see some goddamn asskicking!). At that point, the entertainment value of the fights on Spike becomes extremely important. If the fights are boring, the UFC runs the risk that no casual fans will turn hot, and they will lose out on thousands of PPV buys.

      You can see there are two things the UFC needs on Spike. Of less importance is the name of the fighter, because free fights are a decent selling proposition. Of much greater importance is that the fight is exciting.

      Nate happens to be one of the most reliably exciting fighters in the UFC. Note that of the final fight on the Spike card, one of the fighters is almost always “always exciting” fighter:

      Matt Brown
      Joe Doerksen
      Tyson Griffin

      While Brilz vs. Matyushenko is a fill in for the injured fighters, you cannot possibly put either of those names in among the names above.

      • The Judge says:

        All true, but. In this case, B vs M is on PPV, and not Diaz vs MacDonald, simply because the first bout is a replacement for a much more attractive PPV bout. Given a choice between the two bouts as they are now, UFC probably would put the latter on PPV and put a different, lesser known, but very exciting fighters, on the preview.

        There is also the fact that even a not-casual fan might be more likely to order a PPV after watching a thrilling bout. It’s hard to turn “cold” into “hot,” but it’s much easier to attempt to swing “lukewarm”.

        • Michaelthebox says:

          I agree completely The Judge, but the discussion isn’t about Nate/Rory vs. some random exciting fight. Its about Nate/Rory vs. Brilz/Matyushenko.

  7. Jonathan says:

    You can only use the “greatest” moniker once. I do not know if this event tops UFC 100.

    • IceMuncher says:

      I’m kind of leaning towards 129. Both had GSP, and Shields is in the same ballpark as Alves, even though I favor Alves quite a bit, so that’s a small point for UFC 100. I put Jose Aldo above Lesnar (not in terms of popularity or selling a fight though) and Hominick above Mir, so that’s a point for 129. After that, I think Couture vs Machida is a better #3 fight than Hendo vs Bisping.

      So, as far as the top 3 fights go, I prefer this one. Having 2 of the top 3 pound for pound fighters on the same card is rather nice.

      • Jonathan says:

        I was just expressing my opinion, but I also feel that way because of the gravitas that surrounded UFC 100, and it is just not the same as I perceive now for this event.

        Again, just my opinion.

  8. Sean Dyer says:

    Just a side note from a Toronto-native: the fans here are RABID for MMA, but they’re also some of the most impatient in the world.

    Shields/GSP and Machida/Couture both have the potential to be on the slow side, and the sound of 45,000 fans booing won’t go over well on PPV.

    Just sayin’.

    • IceMuncher says:

      I don’t think it’s possible for GSP to get booed in Canada. Similarly, Couture typically gets a free pass when he’s involved with a slow boring fight.

      • Steve4192 says:

        GSP might not get booed, but what if Shields does the unthinkable and puts him on his back? You can bet your ass his slow, methodical top game is going to get booed.

    • CstBoog says:

      “Just a side note from a Toronto-native: the fans here are RABID for MMA, but they’re also some of the most impatient in the world.”

      How can you assess Toronto MMA fans as a live crowd, when there has never been a live MMA event in Toronto?

      Are you just taking your experience from crowds in the bars?

      I mean, I went to 124, and it seemed like a high percentage of the fans there were from the GTA, and that was a pretty “knowledgeable” and patient crowd, I thought.

  9. Safari_Punch says:

    For the sort of live gate this event is going to generate….This card is nothing but ASS.


  10. 45 Huddle says:

    The prelims are really junk for this show. Nothing of interest in the slightest.

    SpikeTV Prelim show should be dynamite. Diaz/MacDonald is a great fight for the prelim show.

    The PPV is great. Loaded as most PPV’s should be. Two legit title fights. A very interesting tactical fight in Couture/Machida. And the Bocek/Henderson fight is great to fight to start off the PPV.

    The crowd should certainly add to this event.

  11. edub says:

    If Berto wins on the score cards vs. Ortiz I am gonna be livid.

  12. edub says:


    I don’t usually drink.

    • Chuck says:

      Even bigger upset! Orlando Salido (who has eleven losses) TKO-ed previously undefeated Juan Manuel Lopez in the eight round. Upset of the year BY FAR!

      I did the math, and I think it’s correct. Eleven, count em’, ELEVEN, formerly undefeated fighters lost on national television this year.

      Ruslan Provodnikov
      Marcus Johnson
      James Kirkland
      Yordanis Despaigne
      Andre Berto
      Juan Manuel Lopez
      Ivan Popoca
      Paul McKlaskey
      Maxime Vlasov
      David Lemiuex
      Michael Dallas Jr.

      McKlaskey, Popoca, and Despaigne to a lesser extent count only little because they were not the favorites to win their respective fights, but all the other guys? Folks, this year will be year of the spoiler in boxing.

      • edub says:

        Both huge, but Juanma has been ready to go down for a while. He fights so wide open that something like this was bound to happen.

        Berto was being discussed for the next Pacquiao fight! How bad would he have looked against Manny considering half the trouble Berto was having was because Ortiz was a Lefty (or fights that way at least). So I think that makes this a little bit bigger considering that almost everybody wrote off Ortiz after the Peterson fight (if they didn’t after the Maidana fiasco).

    • The Gaijin says:

      Ortiz actually managed to salvage his career here in a barnburner. Can’t believe Salido pulled off the KO either. The “0”‘s are dropping like flies.

      I assume we’ll see PBF against Ortiz since he and Manny look like they’ll never fight and Floyd owes the taxman more money.

      Also, I’ve been a big Joe Warren fan and thought he would be an amazingly marketable guy, but that fight last night really put a pin in that idea. Galvao got robbed pretty badly.

      • 45 Huddle says:

        And Galvao was a WEC washout at Bantam not even Feather.

        Guys like Phil Davis are showing improvements each time. And a guy like Askren is going to train at a gym that will help him with his biggest weakness.

        I have seen zero improvement from Warren from day 1. His toughness will get him through a lot of fights but he will get beaten bad by the top of the division.

        • The Gaijin says:

          Yeah he relies too much on being tough, super strong and usually being the better wrestler.

          But he was coming up on the bad end of almost all the clinch exchanges and putting himself in a lot of dangerous positions.

        • 45 Huddle says:

          I was reading through the comments of a BE article on Warren, and somebody mentioned that he is 35 years old. I didn’t realize that.

          So I’m officially giving up on him as a prospect.

          Too old. Not learning fast enough. And the smaller weight classes are always a young man’s game.

        • edub says:

          It’s not exactly a lie but he’s 34. He’ll turn 35 in October, but as you pointed out, very old to be considered a prospect at all.

          I never realized he was that old either.

        • The Gaijin says:

          “I was reading through the comments of a BE article on Warren, and somebody mentioned that he is 35 years old. I didn’t realize that.

          So I’m officially giving up on him as a prospect.”

          Wow, was not aware he was that old (he’s actually 34 just to be accurate)…I just assumed given that he was a prospect and recent Olympic hopeful that he was still in his younger years or closer to bullseye in athletic prime (depending on the sport in think you’re looking at the 25-32 age range, though I think it’s actually getting extending out on both ends given the increases/leaps in training and sport science).

          Yeah, I’m going to have a hard time seeing him as a “hot prospect” given what I’ve seen and the age window closing, especially given that he’ll have a hell of a time keeping up with the speed of guys at these weights as you’ve noted.

        • Zheroen says:

          It’s the Brock effect. Everyone immediately assumes that “new to MMA” = “limitless potential”, completely discounting the limited window available for dramatic improvement at their relative age that will allow one to REMAIN a force in a given weight class for any amount of time.

          Anyone with the right initial skillset/physical tools can have an initial impact on a division – it’s the ability to continue making waves that separates the legends in this sport from those who had a good run.

  13. Safari_Punch says:

    Ass. That is what this fight card is.

    The UFC should be ashamed of themselves for putting on this low rent card for a crowd of 55,000 people.


    GSP/Shields/Couture/Machida will kill this market.


    • Michaelthebox says:

      Too bad we can’t post “haters gonna hate” gifs on here.

    • Steve4192 says:

      LOL at thinking GSP will ‘kill this market’.

      Canadian fans would fill up the arena just to see him masturbate in the middle of the Octagon. He can do no wrong in their eyes.

  14. RossenSearchTeam says:


    Shields probably doesn’t stand more of a chance then GSP gives him.

    (GSP may even be able to take that snake anderson silva because “as” is a lame wrestler.)

    And they’re handling Lyoto’s career completely wrong for the second fight in a row.

    Maybe its the old Jap revenge agenda.
    (which might be completely justified on the whole.)


  15. The Gaijin says:

    So apparently Jeff Lacy has decided he’s actually interested in a Nick Diaz fight, probably because someone is actually talking about Jeff Lacy, but isn’t that kind of a problem for Diaz if he is the bigger name in a boxing match? Still thinking this is a negotiating ploy, but just not sure how the financial metrics are going to work to “pay Diaz more money” if it goes down…

    I looked up Lacy’s purses for his fights on Eastside Boxing’s forum and the highest purse I saw was $200,000 against Rubin William. Now, I would assume he made more against Calzaghe, but that guy was like one of the best boxers in the last 15 years and a huge draw in Europe. I digress, my point being, if you’re trying to cherry pick a “name guy” and he only made the salary you’re currently making in MMA, at his peak 5 years ago, how do you expect this to make you more money now that he’s a shell of his former self and you’re the WW mma champion of a second-string organization with a 1-0 boxing record. Are they expecting a lot of mma crossover…because I’m just not sure there’s going to be a lot of synergy here – who in boxing cares about Jeff Lacy? UFC couldn’t attract the boxing audience to watch Toney fight mma…are they going to pull them in to watch an mma fighter in boxing against a has been that shouldn’t be licensed? Not to mention I have a hard time seeing Zuffa wheeling out the promotional machine to grease the wheels on your “bargaining tactics” Nick.

    Am I missing something? Is Gary Shaw going to bring Kimbo on the card and run it on Showtime…this has fail/financial disaster written all over it if it goes off.

    • 45 Huddle says:

      Your logic is very sound….

    • edub says:

      Agreed. I think they are banking on Lacy still being somewhat of a name (eventhough I don’t think he ever really was one), and the “freak show” factor of boxing vs. MMA.

      All in all I really don’t see how he makes more than 200,000 unless he fights someone like Kelly Pavlik, Sergio Martinez, Jermain Taylor, Bernard Hopkins, Lucian Bute, Manny Pacquiao, Shane Mosely, PBF or Froch, Abraham, and Kessler in Europe. And in any of those he gets killed.

      The only guy I can see him getting a good payday against and being competitive with is Cotto but now Im just rambling.

      • Chuck says:

        Of the guys you mentioned…

        Kelly Pavlik; Pavlik would wreck Diaz. He is taller and rangier than Diaz, so Diaz doesn’t have those advantages.

        Sergio Martinez; Martinez would wreck him so bad it would look like a snuff film.

        Jermain Taylor; At this point I give Diaz the ever so slightest of edges. If he goes by the Kelly Pavlik model of fighting he has a chance.

        Bernard Hopkins; Hopkins would make Diaz look like the worst Mid-west amateur you could find.

        Lucian Bute; Bute would wreck Diaz. Too big, too fast, too good.

        Manny Pacquiao; See Sergio Martinez.

        Shane Mosley; Only way Diaz wins here is to go to the scorecards and just out-grit Mosley. Mosley is pretty shot at this point, but I still give Mosley the edge here.

        Floyd Mayweather; Combination of what Martinez/Pacquiao would do and what Hopkins would do.

        Carl Froch; Froch wins in an awesome fight of the year candidate. Late round stoppage of sorts. I would love to see this fight.

        Arthur Abraham; You know what? Diaz has a chance against Abraham. Abraham has suffered against good fighters who are bigger and taller than him. Just watch the Super Six. Even Jermain Taylor was competitive against Abraham. As long as Diaz learns to move his head, and learn some lateral movement, I give him the slightest of edges. Styles make fights and height and reach factors.

        Mikkel Kessler; Kessler wrecks him. Nothing more, nothing less.

        Miguel Cotto? Cotto wins, but I could see Diaz being competitive in the early rounds.

        So, Diaz definitely goes 2-10, but possibly 3-9 if he wins against Mosley, which he does have a chance at this point, but as I said Mosley has the edge. Oh, and He beats Lacy at this point. So make it 3-10 or 4-9.

        • The Gaijin says:

          Even with how broken down some of the guys are that you’re giving Diaz a chance at beating, these are still boxers who were at the top of the boxing game and are legitimately amazingly skilled boxers who just may not be able to hang with the best in their division today.

          As good of an athlete and mma boxer Diaz is, I am still having a really hard time convincing myself that he’s able to beat any of these guys. Even a shopworn boxer is still better than 99% of the schmucks out there…I think we’re all convincing ourselves that he’s got a much better chance than he does in reality. He fights way to loopy and wide open (maybe that’s a function of the mma-striking game and not how he’d box)and sure he trains with Ward so he’s not useless, but it’s almost insulting to say that a guy that’s just fk-ing around and not completely serious about being a full-time pro boxer could hang with some of the best guys or formerly best guys in his relative division(s).

          Look at someone like David Lemieux who got thumped by a middle of the road veteran…I think that’s a gentle version of what happens to Diaz.

        • Chuck says:

          Lemieux lost to Marco Antonio Rubio, who is a good fighter, and a hard hitter. And on a seven fight winning streak with six wins by KO. And overall record of 50-5-1 43 KOs. Lemieux is a very solid 25-1 with 24 knockouts, with wins over Hector Camacho Jr., Purnell Gates, Elvin Ayala, among others (those three possibly being the best). Lemieux is no bum. We’ll see if he is truly over rated or not (speaking of, Remember Amir Kahn’s only loss is a 1st round ko to Breidis Prescott, and Kahn is still going strong. Prescott, who fights this Friday on ESPN2, has since lost two fihts and beat mediocre opposition.)

          How would Diaz lose to these guys? I doubt he would get starched in 1-3 rounds, he does have a good chin. Late round stoppages? Sure, maybe middle round against guys like Lucien Bute and Sergio Martinez. What I said still stands, he beat Jeff Lacy, Jermain Taylor, and possibly Arthur Abraham, and MAYBE Shane Mosley if he just out-grits Mosley to a decision. He will have to change some things (more head movement, more lateral movement, keep the fucking hands up, stop the show-boating, etc.) But otherwise he does have the tools to at least be a solid gatekeeper type.

  16. venum mma says:

    Not a bad card, a few snoozefests on here but when i get hyped up for a good card they normally end up being poor, so hopefully this event will do the opposite and be a cracker. Both GSP and Randy to win by unanimous decision and Aldo to win TKO in the second.

    • MK says:


      Lacy is not in the same class as any of the other names you mentioned and they would all KO Diaz quickly in non-competitive fights.

  17. 45 Huddle says:

    I quick point on the UFC matchmaking and the fans reaction to it.

    When the UFC gives Frank Mir or BJ Penn a quick title fight people complain they are favoring certain styles and stars and giving them title shots too quickly. They also complain when guys like Yushin Okami & Jon Fitch have to wait so long for a title shot.

    Well, here you have Jake Shields who is only in his 2nd UFC fight. He is more of the Okami/Fitch fighter mold. Absolutely deserving of a title shot, but had a lacklust preformance for his last fight and can be boring during his fights.

    Both the betting odds and a lot of the media’s perception is basically that he has no chance. Which is absurd. This is a guy who beat Dan Henderson about a year ago in a weight class above.

    So fans can’t have it both ways. They can’t complain about the UFC’s matchmaking and then act like it’s not even a worthy fight when they do streamline a less marketable fighter.

    I guess some fans will never be happy…..

  18. I’d like to see the hometown boy win a title in a huge upset in front of the adoring masses, it would be one of the top MMA stories of the year. Unfortunately, unless Aldo’s chin is exposed as being a bit more vulnerable than we think it is, I’ve got to go with the champ. Probably inside the distance.

    And while Machida will have to be VERY careful about allowing Randy make the fight close, because if he’s able to there’s a good chance that the judges will give it to “Captain America”, I believe he’ll be active & too elusive en route to winning a 3 round nod.

    In the main event is where I expect to see the big upset.
    I believe this fight will hit the mat & when it does, I think Shields will eventually pull off a submission.

  19. edub says:


    GSP by complete beatdown. BJ Penn 2 style.

    Aldo by Sub round 2. Hominick might make it close for a round.

    Couture by a bad call decision. Lyoto gets screwed again.

    My genius pick of the night: Macdonald by UD.

  20. david m says:

    GSP KO 1
    Aldo KO 2
    Machida KO 1

    I don’t care about any of the other fights.


    • 45 Huddle says:

      Yeah!! GSP vs. DIAZ!!! YEAH!!

      Let them sign a fight with an undeserving challenger who hasn’t fought a wrestling in 5 years….. Who also has a contract that allows him to fight outside of the UFC.

      That makes a lot of sense.

      • david m says:

        Yea, nothing makes less sense than having 2 world champions in their prime fight in a great style matchup both in and outside of the cage. Nobody would be interested in seeing the most exciting fighter in the sport (who also happens to be seriously talented) fight the best fighter in the sport…Buffoon.

        Here is a list of people who have had UFC title matches recently: Dan Hardy, Demain Maia, Patrick Cote, and Brock Lesnar in his fourth professional fight.

        It is pointless to ask you how any of those guys is more deserving than Diaz, both because you can’t, and because you’re such a fucking cuckold for Zuffa that you have no independent thoughts in your head anyways.

        That being said, please enlighten me as to how Dan Hardy or Brock Lesnar or Patrick Cote was more deserving of a UFC title shot than Diaz.

        Also, what is your fascination with wrestlers? So what Nick Diaz hasn’t fought a wrestler in years, he is fighting some of the best guys in the world and beating them senseless. Paul Daley was easily a top 10 fighter, and had a claim as the best striker in the division. Diaz KO’d him. The same Paul Daley who raped Martin Kampmann’s soul (the same Kampmann who beat Jake Shields in the eyes of the overwhelming majority of viewers). Diaz has won 10 fights in a row, 9 by KO or submission. Do you really not see how a champion vs champion match could, you know, be what people want to see?

        Who fuck do you think is more deserving of a title shot? Jon Fitch again? Yea, that makes a lot of sense. People love to watch Jon Fitch fight and hate to watch Nick Diaz fight because Fitch is incredibly exciting, pugnacious, aggressive, and always fights balls to the wall, while Diaz is the most boring fighter on the planet whose name is literally synonymous with bathroom break. Oh wait, I got them mixed up.

        I don’t blame you for having a Zuffa bias, but now that UFC owns Strikeforce, you don’t have to automatically shit on their fighters; it is a Pavlovian response. You are the single most predictable poster on here.

        In re: Diaz boxing, that ain’t gonna happen. UFC will offer him a better contract, and he will follow the dollars. He can make more in MMA than in boxing. He is in his prime, has grown into his frame, and stylistically has the best shot of anyone to challenge GSP, because he may actually be able to outbox Georges, because he is a better jiu jitsu player than GSP, because he is tougher than GSP, and because he has the cardio and the heart/chin to push GSP for 5 rounds.

  21. 45 Huddle says:

    GSP, Aldo, & Couture…. But I think an upset is going to happen big time in one of these fights. I just don’t know which one so it would just make me likely go 1-2 in the picks instead of 2-1.

    Henderson, Brilz, Diaz, & Ellenberger.

    Don’t really care about the Facebook fights but I will still be watching.

  22. 45 Huddle says:

    5 round fights for UFC PPV Non-Title Main Events and #1 contender fights coming to the UFC soon according to Dana White.

    Maybe overtime for 5 round fights that end in a draw next?

    I don’t mind a few random draws in 3 round fights. They are the worst for title fights….

  23. Michael Rome says:

    Just in time for an Anderson-GSP catchweight fight to go 5 rounds.

  24. 45 Huddle says:

    1)Which judge gave all 5rounds to Aldo? I hope that was an error.

    2) They are running out of time. I am shocked they are interviewing Aldo.

    This event is going to be cut off early. Shocked that the people at Zuffa could even chance that to happen at such a huge event.

    • 45 Huddle says:

      And now they are interviewing Hominick!! WOW!!

      A lot of cable companies are going to cut them off at midnight.

      • Tomer says:

        Wow, Hominick’s face looks as bad (if not worse) than Hasim Rahman’s ‘alien head’ after the Holyfield fight…

      • Michaelthebox says:

        If they only have three hours, this is a monumental, mind-blowing screwup on their part. I was aware of the time issues before the second fight even began, and they did practically everything they could to give away the time they got from the quick Matyushenko and Machida fights.

  25. Michaelthebox says:

    Does the UFC’s time block stretch to 3 and a half hours now? Cause the odds of going overtime on 3 hours are now probably greater than 50/50.

    • 45 Huddle says:

      I didn’t think it did….Then I realized the event went on until 5am on my cable.

      1 hour of pregame. 4 hours for live card. 4 hours for 2nd showing. That makes 9hours.

      So it must be a 4 hour show.

      • 45 Huddle says:

        Which would explain why they don’t seem rushed at all….

        • Michaelthebox says:

          Yeah, makes sense. They’ve had time issues for a long time, with the money they rake in it makes sense to buy overtime for cards with 2 title fights.

    • Michaelthebox says:

      Ok, they must have bought an extra half hour. Cause they are giving away time now.

  26. david m says:

    Hominick v Aldo is an instant classic. Wow.

  27. david m says:

    don’t worry, the UFC knows there is no conceivable way GSP v Shields goes 5.

  28. 45 Huddle says:

    GSP looks very flat halfway through round 1

  29. RossenSearchTeam says:

    I really cant figure out what they’re doing with Lyoto.

    Couture should have fought him 4 years ago when they where giving Lyoto soft fights like Nakamura and Soukudjo.

    Randy the celebrated strategist should have been the first guy they gave a chance to “figure out” Lyoto.

    Then when Lyoto is on the rebound from a KO they give him bomber hands jackson just to make sure he runs around the cage not engaging.

    Now they give him poor Randy at the end of his career after he’s been downshifting into matches with mark Coleman and James Toney.

    And worst of all, now we have to hear about how Steven Segal taught Lyoto the crane kick.

    Sometimes I think I could have arranged these things better.
    But I’m sure everybody thinks that fairly often.

  30. Tomer says:

    GSP doesn’t seem to be too eager to go up to 185 and face Anderson Silva…

    • Michaelthebox says:

      They’re gonna have to force him up soon, or sit down and have a heart to heart. His style of absolute risk aversion is probably going to start hurting buyrates soon.

      • 45 Huddle says:

        GSP has so much talent and ZERO killer instinct. He is literally afraid to take even the slightest of risks in order gain an advantage.

        • Jonathan says:

          Micael, how can we say that his style is hurting buy rates when he just headlined and, to be honest, “made” one of, if not THE biggest show in UFC history. Nothing has changed with him from four fights ago, so why would it start hurting buy rates now?

        • 45 Huddle says:

          He was getting booed near the end of the fight by his own fans. In his own country. It’s going to catch up to him soon.

        • Michaelthebox says:

          Jonathan, fans won’t turn on a beloved fighter overnight, unless he does something repulsive. It takes time, especially since GSP has really only turned truly boring in the past year or so.

          Also, there is the fact that he is Canadian, and Canadians love him. When you say he “made” one of the biggest shows in history, lets not mince words: this is entirely due to the fact that Canadians love him. Nobody is predicting this to be among the biggest PPV shows, because its not that big a show outside Canada.

          I think GSP will have a lot more leeway with the Canadian fanbase, but I think its only a matter of time before US fans start to turn away.

        • Michaelthebox says:

          To give some more support, over on BloodyElbow the fans are starting to tear him apart, and those tend to be hardcore fans. I can only imagine the carnage on Sherdog and the like. And among casuals? There are plenty of more interesting things to do on a Saturday night than watching GSP watch grass grow.

      • Tomer says:

        I don’t even know who they can put him with at 170 at this point, anyway.

  31. Jonathan says:

    I did not see the fight, but I read the Sherdog PbP…..seems in line with the rest of GSPs fights? I knew that Shields would not beat him, and said two weeks ago that Shields has exactly 0% chance of winning. And I know, alot of people called it that way to.

  32. david m says:

    Shields is better than I thought, and GSP is so risk-averse that his fights lack any drama at all. I don’t know for the life of me why GSP didn’t throw right straights to the body instead of those Liddell-esque looping monstrosities. I thought he was a better boxer than that. If GSP fights like that against Nick Diaz, there will be a new UFC 170 champ.

    • 45 Huddle says:

      The worst is when he actually stunned Shields a few times and made zero attempt to follow it up.

      • david m says:

        GSP has all the athleticism in the world, but given his risk-aversion post-Serra and his eye getting f’d up, he literally did the bare minimum to win. I wanted to see GSP throw a fucking left hook after his jab jab right combo, but he refused to ever go for the kill.


        • 45 Huddle says:

          If Diaz gets thrown one good wrestler he is never getting a title shot.

          Let him try to revenge hisbrothers loss. I bet he cant even do that.

        • david m says:

          He doesn’t need to avenge his brother’s loss, he needs to avenge his teammate’s loss. DON’T BE SCARED 45.

          Diaz is the type of dude who needs to be in 5 round fights because he is so tough and has so much cardio that he will eventually break everyone. Shields outstruck GSP for 2 rounds; don’t tell me Diaz couldn’t do much more damage. Obviously, part of GSP’s fear was predicated on Shields’ takedowns, but GSP himself was reticent to take Jake down because of Shields’ guard, which is comparable (though probably not as good) as Nick’s guard.

          DON’T BE SCARED.

          Brock Lesnar got a title shot in his 3rd or 4th career fight.

          Jake Shields got a title fight after a horribly decided split decision win in his first UFC fight.

          Dan Hardy got a title shot after 2 split decision wins, a decision, and a knockout, and none of the guys he beat were at the level of Paul Daley.

          There is no reason not to give Nick Diaz a fight against GSP; he doesn’t really want to box, he is just leveraging for more money. UFC knows how big of a draw Nick can be, and they will pay him more and sign him up to WHOOP GSP’s ASS.

        • RossenSearchTeam says:

          Nick is A LOT better then Nate.

          Always was and always will be.

          He wont beat GSP, or any good wrestler, but he wouldn’t have a problem with Rory MacDonald I’m sure.

          It would be a waste of resources to bother with that.

  33. EJ says:

    The only thing that people should be talking about is the ridiculous scores from those 2 judges who scored the fight 48-47 GSP. Thank god that GSP followed the same smart gameplan because if he didn’t who knows what those 2 idiots would have done.

    That is disgracefull we need to find out who those 2 judges are and make sure they never judge another mma fight. Shields had nothing for GSP the idea that they had this fight even into the 5’th is criminal seriously I thought I was over idiotic judging but that pissed me the hell off. Because it was so beyond anything i’ve seen in a long time this could easily have been the biggest screwjob of a Canadian since Bret Hart what a disgrace.

    • 45 Huddle says:

      Who said they had it even going into the 5th?

      I had Jake winning the 5th round myself. He slightly lostthe 4th.

      It’s not like GSP did much….

      • EJ says:

        If GSP didn’t do much then Shields did less than that, those scores are inexcusable. Dana should be thanking god the UFC dodged the biggest debacle to ever happen, if GSP were to get screwed out of his belt in a one sided fight in Canada. He needs to do whatever he has to make sure those 2 guys never judge another UFC event ever that was down right criminal and there should be investigations by the commission.

        • Zach Arnold says:

          The two judges who scored it 48-47 according to Dave Meltzer are Doc Hamilton and Richard Bertrand.

        • EJ says:

          “Dave Meltzer reports that the two judges who scored it 48-47 are… Nelson “Doc” Hamilton & Richard Bertrand, two guys that I respect. Oh my.”

          Oh my is right, serioulsy I thought I could never get worked up over judges scoring after these past few years but these guys have reached a new low. I have a feeling that monitors will make it even worse, these guys simply don’t know what the hell they are doing it’s become evident that this is the only thing stopping mma from being as big as it can be. And tonight they nearly brought down the UFC’s canadian expansion and biggest card ever Dana must be furious.

        • Nottheface says:

          According to fightmetric GSP outstruck Shields 84 to 78. In fact, I think he may have been outstruck in the last couple rounds. What killed Shields in those last two rounds wasn’t that he got killed but that his technique was so bad he was getting knocked around off balance.

          To reinforce what a bad fight it was: a grappling ace with no standup couldn’t take down the champ if his life depended on it and yet he still almost tied him in the striking department while busting open his nose and f-ing up his eye. Think about how bad that is.

    • david m says:

      I had GSP winning first 4 and 5th was a tossup. Not exactly an inspiring performance from GSP, but he is so good that it doesn’t really matter. Diaz and AJ are the only two 170ers (if AJ can make the weight) who are even interesting fights. Diaz should be able to box his ears off and make GSP break if he can stop Georges’ takedowns, and AJ is bigger and almost as athletic as GSP.

      • EJ says:

        Diaz would get thrown around like his brother was tonight, GSP wouldn’t waste a second trying to strike with him and would make him his own personal rag doll. And AJ was manhandled by Kos just because he beat up Hardy doesn’t make him any threat at all to GSP.

        I’ll be the first to say this was his least impressive showing but considering the fact that he was having problems with his eye since round 2. And he still dominated the fight for all 5 rounds, it’s pretty clear that he’s on another level than every other WW.

        • Zheroen says:

          So, uh…if not Nick Diaz, who do you propose GSP fights next at Welterweight?

          Yeah, that’s what I thought.

        • EJ says:

          Carlos Condit, he won’t just be happy to go the distance with GSP but actually fight him tooth and nail non stop for all 5 rounds. He’s young extremely talented and on a nice winning streak and 2 guys he beat had very impressive wins on tonights card. And unlike Nick Diaz he hasn’t been ducking top fighters and has delusions of trying to be a boxer. With a win over the tough DHK he should be the clear next challenger for GSP’s title by the end of the year.

  34. Robert Poole says:

    More disgraceful than the Shields score was the 50-43 one judge gave to Aldo. He didn’t score a single 10-8 round let alone two and you can make a strong case that Hominick scored a 10-8 round in the 5th. That judge deserved permanent suspension.

    • edub says:

      Douglas Crosby

      • Oh Yeah says:

        Yup, that was brutal. Somehow, somebody on BE wrote a piece commending him on 30-27 Henderson without mentioning this atrocity.

        I also seem to remember something fishy with his Edgar/Penn tally.

  35. david m says:

    I thought Hominick Aldo was v close. I thought it could have even been a draw because 5th may have been a 10-8 and I thought Hominick may have won 3rd round too. 4th round may have been a 10-8 for Aldo (if I recall correctly), given that he dropped him and hurt him badly. Great fight. Antithesis of GSP v Shields.

    • Robert Poole says:

      I agree that it could have been a draw. I thought Hominick has a close enough round in the third to get legitimate consideration with that 10-8 in the 5th. I think the 4th was still a 10-8 because though Hominick was in trouble, Aldo never really owned him the entire round (the way Hominick owned Aldo in the 5th) and Hominick was competitive the rest of the way to make the round competitive and not one sided enough to warrant a 10-8.

  36. ajax says:

    “don’t blink” lol

  37. Zheroen says:

    Remember the days when Machida was decried for his ultra-conservative, win-first mentality while everyone was lauding GSP for being the total package? Kind of funny, in retrospect.

  38. 45 Huddle says:

    According to Meltzer, the judge who scoredall 5 rounds for Aldo was an incorrect score card. He actually had the 5th round 10-8 for Hominick.

    Dana White discussed the possibilty of Aldo/Mendes for the Featherweight Title in Phillyin August. The UFC is going to get killed 2 PPV’s in a row. They haven’t developed that talent enough to fans to just throw them on as main events already.

  39. Nepal says:

    It was GSP’s worst performance of his career. His plan obviously was to simply avoid the floor, that would have been ok if he had more aggression on the feet. He didn’t and actually allowed Shields to hit him, that’s the most embarrasing takeaway from this fight.

    Despite the 2 judges that gave Shields 2 of the rounds, I would still say that it would be hard (but possible I guess) to find one minute of the fight that Shields won. Having said that, some of the rounds were fairly close, it seemed obvious to me that GSP won all 5 of them but I was born in Canada so I am probably biased.

    Equally as obvious, GSP would flipflop his strategy were he to fight Nick Diaz. He would rinse and repeat the Dan Hardy blueprint. GSP would take down Diaz just as his mini me buddy, Rory McDonald rag dolled little bro diaz.

    Rory’s physique was dramatically more imposing than when he fought Condit. His techniques were very GSPish, supermans etc. Rory looks like he could be a force in the WW division.

  40. Nepal says:

    To Steve 1492 (or whatever your number is). Thanks very much for the tip on the web site to see the prelims. Worked perfectly.

    Ed. — No problem.

  41. RossenSearchTeam says:

    Nothing left to prove for GSP at 170.

    This only proves what has been apparent for a long time. If he loses anytime soon at 170 its because he got bored and stagnant. No reason to wait around for that to happen.

    Time to head up.

    But I still dont like the idea of him going up in weight and having his first fight be a “superfight” (or super injustice IMO) against the fighter who has already proved the same thing at 185.

    Silva’s punk arse needs to move up too.

    Or at the very least if that snake wont budge then let GSP fight and try to get past a few contenders first like marquardt or belfort to get aclimated to and be aware of the hurdles the size difference will present.

    I’m not as bothered about GSP’s skillset against silva as I am by silva having a shiesty advantage in size.

  42. GotTheSpong says:

    After tonight GSP has been EXPOSED.
    Vastly OVERRATED stand up.
    Shields bloodied that fool up. So much for his vaunted boxing. He could not even knock out Shields. Sad, really.

    No excuses about his eye. Fighters normally fight through eye problems. Routinely. Double vision, blurred vision and so on.

    Too many people have wet themselves that a wrestler is a decent striker (GSP). This ain’t world class boxing by GSP.

    GSP could not put away Shields. He got bloodied by Shields.

    Let this sink in.

  43. edub says:

    I don’t understand you guys.

    GSP literally couldn’t see out of his left eye for close to half of the fight, and he gets killed for not finishing his opponent. The only reason the stand up was even close is because he was half-blind. That will usually make it harder to finish fights.

    • EJ says:

      What’s even more ridiculous to me than that is now all of sudden Shields beat up GSP yeah that sounds nice but it doesn’t meet with reality.

      But again these are the same people who thought Anderson beat up Sonnen when he was his punching bag for 4 and a half rounds but I guess when a guy bleeds easy he got busted up smfh.

      I imagine those 2 idiot judges thought the same thing which is reason #4670 why you don’t score fights on “damage” GSP won that fight hands down and got the best of Shields the whole fight standing.

      • Dave says:

        Shields looked so terrible. The fact that GSP had no way to see out of his left eye and Shields kept throwing strikes with his left/GSP’s right side was infuriating.

        It is fair to say GSP had no killer instinct but man, where was Jake’s? You had the best in the world half blinded and you only threw strikes straight up the middle or to his good side.

  44. klown says:

    Aldo-Hominick was the kind of fight we live for. It gave me shivers. Brilliant job by Hominick.

    • Nepal says:

      Alternatively you could say that if Aldo didn’t get visibly and obviously gassed by the beginning of the 2nd round, he would have smoked Hominick. And in that sense it was a pretty crap fight.

      Really, it was hardly brilliant when you continue to lose rounds (until the 5th) to a guy that is totally gassed.

      It only proved Homie isn’t close to Aldo’s league…. of course neither is anyone else in the division.

  45. See, THAT’S why I don’t get it with GSP.
    Yes. indeed, he is a national icon, an elite athlete & a physical specimen, but dammit, his fights are just plain dull.
    He does what he has to in order to win, but his fights are about as exciting as watching paint dry. So, I just don’t understand the mass appeal & his beloved status.
    Certainly, winning is top priority & GSP deserves mad respect for getting the job done, but he’s FAR from being an exciting fighter & I’m FAR from being a fan of his.

  46. liger05 says:

    I remember a time when Dana white ripped into Floyd mayweather saying how boring his fights were. In fact I think he really criticised the pbf v dlh fight. Now are gsp fights any better? Gsp is amazingly talented but man I don’t care about his fights. His far too cautious when he doesn’t need to be. The fight last night sucked big time.

    • Ligerbomb27 says:

      As a Torontonian, I predicted that the rabid TO fans would eventually boo the super-conservative style of both men. Everywhere I posted this people were like “NO WAY!! No one would ever DARE boo GSP in CANADA!” LOL

      Don’t underestimate the douchiness of Canadians.

      I was shocked when GSP threw that overhand right that stunned Shields, and then he backed away as if he was afraid? That was one of the biggest ‘WTF’ moments in UFC history. Huddle 45 is right – he has ZERO killer instinct – you can almost read the hesitation on his face during every exchange.

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