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Kimbo Slice does not end up making his pro-wrestling debut

By Zach Arnold | February 7, 2011

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He was supposed to face ex-Sumo Wakakirin, but ended up backing out at the last-minute. Good idea. So, who filled in for Kimbo? You guessed it, Bob Sapp. Sapp and Wakakirin had a match and Wakakirin won in 1’57 with a front neck lock. In other words, about as fast as a shooting match would have gone anyways.

The event was IGF Genome 14 at Fukuoka International Center with a claimed attendance of 5,885. The semi-main event featured an opening round match in the “Stone Market presents IGF championship” tournament. Josh Barnett defeated Montanha Silva in 5’53 with an STF. Mil Mascaras and Tatsumi Fujinami went to a 10 minute draw. Original Tiger Mask defeated Black Tiger in 7’48 with a Tiger Suplex Hold. Eric Hammer & Atsushi Sawada (Naoya Ogawa’s protege) defeated Bobby Lashley & Shad Gaspard in 10’31 when Hammer pinned Shad after a spear. Interestingly, the show featured the same sponsors as K-1 shows do (HEIWA & Fields).

Report: Strikeforce plans for Japan postponed

Quietly (again) last Friday, this report surfaced claiming that things fell apart for the proposed April 9th event in the Kanto region for Strikeforce and DREAM to put on a show. Instead, the show will reportedly happen in the States.

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3 Responses to “Kimbo Slice does not end up making his pro-wrestling debut”

  1. David M says:

    Honestly Josh Barnett is an embarrassment to mma with his continuing participation in pro wrestling. I know I know, in Japan there is honor in faux fighting or whatever, but man, what a waste. Barnett had so much potential; if he hadn’t wasted his prime roiding and doing suplexes, he could have been one of the best ever. Now he is just a guy with a question mark next to his name.

  2. Steve4192 says:

    Josh Barnett is an embarrassment because he can’t pass a urinalysis, not because he participates in pro wrestling.

    The vast majority of fighters throughout the history of the sport have held a job on the side. Barnett’s just happens to be pro wrestling (which is historically a pretty common side job among MMA fighters). There is no shame in it.

  3. Dave says:

    People in Japan say that report is BS, so I’m taking the wait and see on Strikeforce.


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