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Kevin Iole’s interviewing adventures with Brock Lesnar

By Zach Arnold | January 27, 2011

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KEVIN IOLE: “So, you know when you thought it over I mean obviously you’ve said many times that your family is the most important thing, you don’t want to, you know, that’s why you don’t even go away to train. So, you know, I mean, obviously it’s going to be a tough decision to come here and be six weeks away from your family.”

BROCK LESNAR: “My family is here. I don’t go anywhere without my family.”

KEVIN IOLE: “Ah. Makes it a little bit easier for you then.”

BROCK LESNAR: “And it’s -30 below zero in Alexandria right now. I’ve had enough of ice fishing and trouncing around in the snow. For sure, my wife had enough, too, so, you know, Dana did all the right things for us to be here and Spike, you know, they… you know, is Las Vegas a place that I want to be? Probably, you know, no, there’s other warmer places that I can think of but… you know, it’s not painful. At least it hasn’t been yet. Talk to me in five weeks, but right now it’s pretty accommodating.”

KEVIN IOLE: “There’s a lot of good restaurants here.”

BROCK LESNAR: “We’ll check them out.”

KEVIN IOLE: “Do you feel good about the fact that, you know, Dana had enough confidence in you as an athlete to come in here, you know, you haven’t been in this sport very long and now being a coach and coaching inspiring fighters. I mean, that shows a certain level of confidence in you. Does it or do you think he just picked you for the ratings power you brought?”

BROCK LESNAR: “You know, I don’t… you guys can sit and discredit. I mean, there’s a lot of people out there to, enough to discredit me but I got just as many fights as, you know, Junior (dos Santos) in my mind, I mean I’ve been competing my whole life. I got a great coaching staff, guys who have been coaching top fighters, top wrestlers. Marty Morgan, 16-year veteran at the University of Minnesota, national championship teams. I mean, Luke Richardson, Erik Paulson, Greg Nelson, Comprido, these guys, you know… I think we’re real capable of coaching, you know, underqualified guys to become the next Ultimate Fighter. I don’t have to believe, I got faith in my people. I got enough faith in my people that these guys made me a champion, why can’t we make these young eager kids, you know, successful? I think we can.”

KEVIN IOLE: “But I wasn’t suggesting that you couldn’t. I was just making the point that you’re still, you know, only been in MMA a couple of years yourself and so the fact that it seems like it’s pretty successful.”

BROCK LESNAR: “I was a UFC Heavyweight champion, though, you know…”

KEVIN IOLE: “I agree.”

BROCK LESNAR: “So what more qualifications do you need?”

KEVIN IOLE: “And I guess that’s what I’m getting at, Brock, I’m saying that, you know, young in your career you’ve accomplished that much and now they’re also asking to do something like this which normally goes to a veteran…”

BROCK LESNAR: “I’ve never thought I’d be down here to do this, you know. I’m actually, it’s kind of refreshing, you know. For me, this is about… I’ve got one thing in mind for this whole thing. It’s to help these kids, you know, to improve their lives but more importantly it’s to, for me, to be able to get down here and train. It’s an opportunity for me to get my title back sooner than later where I, you know, when I beat dos Santos then I get a rematch with (Cain) Velasquez and I get my [expletive] belt back. I’m looking at this, that’s the way I’m looking at this.”

KEVIN IOLE: “We didn’t get a chance to talk to you after the (Anaheim) fight that night. When you look back on it, where do you think you came up short in that fight and what do you need to change to defeat him?”

BROCK LESNAR: “I got knocked on queer street somewhere in there. I haven’t watched the fight, even. We’ll go back and when the time is right we’ll analyze where it went wrong and, you know, somewhere along the way there, you know. When you’re fighting in the level we’re fighting, Cain Velasquez is a professional athlete. I’m a professional athlete. We’re at the pinnacle of the sport. It’s a matter of inches, you know. It’s like the NFL season. These guys get to go out 16 games a year but it’s a matter of, you know, somebody missing a block and the ball’s gone and they’re ahead by two touchdowns, you know. It’s a game of inches. We got to sit down and figure out to widen that gap and we will. I’ve been successful, you know. It’s a loss. I hate to lose but I’ll get better. So, I’ll climb my way back like I always do.”

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7 Responses to “Kevin Iole’s interviewing adventures with Brock Lesnar”

  1. edub says:

    I like his attitude, but it would probably be better if he realized that he needs to be punched in the face more in training.

  2. 45 Huddle says:

    Brock Lesnar is a very interesting case study….

  3. King Famous says:

    Amazing that no one asked about training for getting hit in the face. Not to say that people enjoy this, but you must come to grips with it if you are a fighter, from beginner to advanced. These reporters are afraid of their subject.

  4. Choop says:

    Brock Lesnar must be really intimidating to interview. It was awkward hearing Kevin try to not piss him off.

  5. Choop says:

    I love his confidence though. With all the rumours, I thought he’d given up on MMA and was just taking a couple of big pay days.

    It seems like he really thinks he can be Cain and that the loss was just another slip up (like with Mir) that he needs to get past.

  6. aim says:

    Kevin Iole, King of The “you know.” Read any & all transcripts Zach is good enough to post here & count the Iole “you knows.”

  7. fedor rules says:

    A matter of inches? That’s the point brock.. it didn’t look like a matter of inches out there. You got schooled and looked really bad.


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