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Sengoku gets HDNet’s Youtube account terminated

By Zach Arnold | January 22, 2011

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Click here to see the screen capture. The image says it all.

Topics: HDNet, Japan, Media, MMA, Sengoku, Zach Arnold | 6 Comments » | Permalink | Trackback |

6 Responses to “Sengoku gets HDNet’s Youtube account terminated”

  1. Fightlinker says:

    goddamnit, no it doesn’t. We can’t ready japanese, and a screenshot means we can’t translate it with google. So it really DOESN’T say anything. It drives me nuts when you go “Check out this untranslated Japanese gobbledeygook that won’t even make sense if you can translate it. I think we all obviously know what’s up.”

    No we don’t. We most certainly don’t!

  2. Choop says:

    I speak Flavenese and translated it says “World Victory Road: Sengoku”.

    That’d be the logical guess. It certainly doesn’t say “Eddie Bravo and Joe Rogan’s bong”.

  3. ot says:

    Maybe HDNet only has tv rights and would need permission for internet distribution of WVR’s programming.

  4. Dave says:

    Talked to Andrew Simon, this was a miscommunication. HDnet has the rights to air WVR on cable and internet, it’ll be back up soon.

  5. Payton Samuels says:

    Is this your channel
    If it is how did you get it back?

  6. Payton Samuels says:

    *Is this your channel
    If it is how did you get it back?*


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