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UFC 125: Frankie Edgar and Gray Maynard go to a draw, Stann beats Leben

By Zach Arnold | January 1, 2011

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Dark matches

Main card

Big winners tonight: The fans (those who actually bought the PPV and those who stayed in the stands at the MGM and didn’t leave during the main event), Brian Stann, Clay Guida. In the not-so-much category: Josh Grispi (and that movement he was supposed to lead).

Gray Maynard will get his immediate title rematch against Frankie Edgar…

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71 Responses to “UFC 125: Frankie Edgar and Gray Maynard go to a draw, Stann beats Leben”

  1. Garrett Bailey says:

    I wish guida wasn’t fighting on this card, I’ve never liked to see him fight ever and if Gomi doesn’t win I will continue not to like Guida.

    • EJ says:

      Are you serious?, Guida is one of the most exciting fighters around. He’s also going to expose Gomi, who seems to have filled up his bandwagon again because Griffin was dumb enough to stand with him which Clay won’t. He’ll take him down gnp him and probably finish him when he gasses out in the third. To me Guida and Edgar are the reasons why i’m getting this ppv, it’s a shame Aldo got hurt I would have loved to see him and Gripsi go at it.

    • David M says:

      Agreed. Guida is horrid to watch. He is the crown prince of vertical lay and pray but for some reason the plebs like him because he has long hair, walks forward, and doesn’t know how to box well.

      • EJ says:

        Actually people like him because he brings it time in and time out. Guida’s track record speaks for itself, unless your still bitter over him beating one of your favorite fighter I have no clue why anyone would not be a fan of his.

  2. I know its popular to hate this card, but:

    -Has the best possible lightweight fight at the moment
    -Has another likely exciting and meaningful lightweight contest
    -Some pseudointeresting “last chance” fights for a lot of guys that should be exciting.

  3. edub says:

    Looking forward to Vera-Silva, Edgar-Maynard, and Guida-Gomi. Hopefully Davis-Stephens gets put on TV also.

    • edub says:

      BTW Picks:

      Maynard by Dec.
      Leben by TKO
      Vera by Dec.
      Kim by Dec. (Hopefully I’m wrong on this one…)
      Guida by Sub 3rd rd.
      Stephens by TKO
      Grispi by Guillotine

      I wonder how the decisionator will do in his debut.

  4. bluerosekiller says:


    This card does ABSOLUTELY nothing for me.
    Sure, I’d be tuning in if it were a Spike or Versus show, but pay for it? No way.

    I can’t believe how many “last chance” fighters are filling this card. I mean, $50 to see probably a half dozen different guys get their walking papers?
    No thanks.

    And all that topped off by a main event that has about 0% chance of there being any sort of a finish ( barring injury )?

    • edub says:

      I mean it doesn’t get a little slack for having two headliners bow out to injury (Carwin, Aldo)?

      • Why? They’re not charging a discount as a result. Don’t we go through this with every mediocre UFC PPV? This isn’t a stacked card or anything, but its not UFC 119 or something either.

        What bothers me is the reaction to the main event. The best lightweight fight possible in the whole of the sport and no one wants to watch it?

        • mr. roadblock says:

          It’s a 5-round rematch of a 3-round fight most people didn’t find very interesting.

          I enjoyed their first fight and am looking forward to this one. But this card does stink top to bottom. There are a bunch of interesting filler type fights. Leben/Stann should be fun. But $50 for this is like charging to see one of these Tomas Adamek vs immobile heavyweight deals.

        • edub says:

          What are you arguing with, I completely agree with you? I was just more responding to the fact that it’s still a good card, as you said above.

          If it would’ve had the Aldo-grispi fight it might have been the best card of the year. So I think to drop off to just a “good” card is great freestyling from the UFC matchmakers.

          I guess it really comes down to how you feel about Edgar vs. maynard…

        • What I’m saying is that “it was supposed to be better” is never a real excuse. They have the ability to delay shows, pull different weekends, and provide a TV product the fans want. I prefer it when Showtime or HBO decides to delay a card over an injury rather than throw in a last minute replacement of whoever is sitting around and say “Hey, its something! Don’t complain!”

          But yeah, I think the show as it is will be the kind of show people on the internet say “No one talked about it and look what a great night of fights it was!” None of the fights mean that much but they should be watchable.

        • edub says:

          I can understand that, but that would mean scrapping this weekend’s event. I think that would absolutely suck because Im looking forward to these fights, but if the masses don’t want it I dont really have a leg to stand on.

    • bluerosekiller says:

      Oh, no doubt that the main event features two of the four best 155lbers in the sport.
      And despite his lack of finishing ability, I actually enjoy watching Edgar fight & hope that he can find a way to turn the tables on Maynard to retain his title.
      But, is that along worth my $50?
      Not by a long shot.

      Now, I realize that injuries have plagued this card & that it’s tough to get quality fighters to step in on short notice during the holidays, but this is REALLY the best they could do?
      Of the four other televised fights, maybe only one of them would be worthy of being on the PPV portion of another card. The other three would be dark matches for sure.

      Hey, I’d have loved to have made New ear’s Day a total MMA holiday by watching HD Net & then purchasing a good solid UFC PPV, just like two years ago.
      But, personally, there’s just no way I can justify adding half a Benjaman to my Direct TV bill for what they’re offering.

      • EJ says:

        I’m sure they could have gotten several fighters to step up and fight on UFC 125 but then that would mess up the cards coming afterwards.

        If people don’t want to pay for this card that’s cool, money’s tight right now. But to question the overall worthyness of some of the fights on there is a reach imo. There are 2 great LW fights one of which is a title fight and several exciting match ups i’m looking forward to this show more than I have another since UFC 117.

  5. David M says:

    It is a good card with an interesting main event between two fighters nobody cares about watching.

    Conventional wisdom on main event is that Gray is much larger and a much better wrestler, and that he will be able to take Frankie down a lot.

    Frankie clearly has much better hands, but Gray’s boxing has improved a lot too. I wonder if Frankie will be able to hurt Gray standing; it would be quite a visual for someone of Frankie’s size (could easily make 135) to KO a guy like Maynard who probably walks around at 180. I think it is unlikely in fact. I expect a spirited fight because Frankie is hard to hold down, but Gray is just too big and too good a wrestler to lose to Edgar.

  6. Stel says:

    if not for gomi and the title match, you’d be hard pressed to pick which grouping was the undercard.

    • 45 Huddle says:

      Well, it is a very good prelim card. Brown & Grispi are both Top 10. McKee hasn’t lost in years. And there are many competitive fights on it.

      • The Gaijin says:

        I’m just glad they didn’t feed Grispi to Aldo far before he was ready for the fight. The kid will be a stud if they give him a little more time to develop.

  7. 45 Huddle says:

    My cable company is now charing $10 more a month for the HD feed. First time for this. Not very happy to have to pay $55 instead of $45 for basically the same content. And I doubt the fighters or the UFC is seeing a dime of that extra money.

  8. 45 Huddle says:

    Edgar, Stann, Silva, Kim, & Gomi.

  9. Anon says:

    Maynard, Leben, Vera, Diaz, Gomi

  10. mr. roadblock says:

    I’m a DirecTV subscriber on the West Coast. My listing says the UFC on ION airs at 9pm pacific. That’s in the middle of the PPV show.

    Is anyone else having this problem?

  11. Coyote says:

    0 heat 4 this card. Sorry ;(

    I just wait for Kim vs Diaz. Nice fight of styles.

  12. Maynard might lose if he gasses, but even then I think he’ll have taken rounds 1-3. Gray becomes the new champ.

    Stann isn’t any good, so Leben wins.

    Vera should beat Silva because he’s better at pretty much everything. Except mentally, he’s a midget, so who knows. I guess I go with Vera winning by lay and pray.

    Kim wins by being bigger and dominating the clinch with Diaz, who is the Buddy Baer of that family.

    Until Gomi beats two guys who don’t suck in a row, I don’t believe he’s a real threat. I pick the guy who is consistently good.

    Davis loses because that’s what happens when old guys drop down in weight and they are shot.

    Grispi, Tavares, Roberts, and McKee all win. Biggest surprise for most is that Nunes, a merely “OK” featherweight, defeats Mike Brown after Brown is unable to take him down to the mat and gets touched up standing.

  13. Darkmader says:

    Check the listings again. I have DTV too and have 2 different channels. One is the regular one and the other is a ION West.

  14. Grispi looks positively mediocre here. All against a guy who’s never fought at featherweight before. Ain’t that a shocker for all those people who keep arguing that 145 isn’t about to have its talent pool raped when the money is right for real fighters to step in? Jose Aldo won’t be #1 in 12 months unless he somehow keeps getting hurt and only pulls lame second rate competition for a single title defense this year.

    Baroni still doesn’t belong anywhere near the UFC level of competition. What a shocker. I’d have felt better about Dana and Co. giving him money if it wasn’t with the downside of him having to get punched in the head and heading out of the promotion looking a lot like the way he became a breakthrough star there (head being battered with shots against the cage as he slinks down, a la Menne).

  15. I wonder how many boos Maynard will receive if he lays and prays his way to a title win? He’ll be the new Tim Sylvia…the champion that gets less popular with every win.

  16. LOL Marcus Davis. Spends two rounds moving around the ring and not pulling the trigger, then ducks straight into a right hand. 1-4 in his last 5 = dude who needs to go headline shows in New Hampshire high school gyms for $500 a round.

  17. 45 Huddle says:

    Pre-Main Event comments….

    I’m 5-2 in my predictions so far. The only fight I guessed on was the Baroni fight. I really didn’t know about his opponent, but I knew Baroni was so gone that he was going to lose.

    1) Phil Baroni needs to be cut from the UFC.

    2) Josh Grispi looked so bad. This type of “hype & shocking loss” is going to be happening a lot at Featherweight & Bantamweight for the next 12 to 24 months as the divisions figure themselves out.

    3) Marcus Davis needs to retire.

    4) Jeremy Stephens is a punk. Not a fan.

    5) Guida’s dancing was not impressive. Thanks Greg Jackson for that garbage. The finish was impresive. Give Gomi one more chance, but if he loses, time to cut him.

    6) Kim has no endurance. He always gasses by the 3rd. And no shock, Diaz still has no takedown defense. It will always keep him down in this sport. He needs to train nothing but wrestling for a year straight.

    7) Vera needs to be cut. I saw somebody post on The UG that Silva/Rampage would be a good next fight. Sounds like a plan!

    8: I picked Stann to win. I think he is good and getting better. He will never be champion but could make a decent run before getting beat by the top top tier guys. Leben is Leben. He will never change.

    Edgar is going to use his speed to dominate this fight. I happened to have their first fight on DVD (from TV). I watched it a few hours ago. Edgar’s striking has improved so much since then. Including his footwork. But Edgard has to avoid wreslting at all costs. He just can’t win that battle.

  18. CapnHulk says:

    Hoo boooooy.

    A draw.

    • 45 Huddle says:

      It was a good call.

      All 3 judges score cards are possible really. A potential 10-8 1st round (which is should have been)…. And 2 close rounds after that.

      • I had it a draw. That fight was f’n amazing. One of the best the sport has ever seen. If Pettis gets a fight instead of Gray for the title, I’ll just completely ignore it and the winner being the top lightweight.

        • 45 Huddle says:

          I had it a draw as well. But I can easily see why 3 judges had it 3 different ways. All 3 were perfectly possible.

          If the fight happened 1 day earlier, it would have been the fight of 2010. I can’t see anything beating it in 2011.

          It had basically everything in it at the highest level.

        • Seriously, it was that good and then some. It had everything and it was all crisp and high level.

          Show as a whole was pretty fun, but really the fight that mattered was worth the money alone. Only thing I didn’t enjoy watching too much was seeing Brandon Vera’s non effort. Embarrassing. Cut his ass and let MFC sign him to dick around.

  19. klown says:

    I never thought much of him before but I am officially hugging Frankie Edgar’s nuts from this day on.

  20. EJ says:

    I have no clue how that was a draw but again i’ve been dumbfounded by most scores from judges for the past couple of years. Frankie after taking a beating in the first swept the next 4 rounds and won the fight pretty clearly imo. The only worst call would have been if Gray would have walked out with the belt, i’m at the point where I give up with the judges.

    Anyways as far as the rest of the card, Guida did what I thought he’d do and that’s expose Gomi and end his new found hype. Silva dominated and broke what was left of Vera, DHK handled Nate just like I thought he would.

    But there were also alot of upsets, I mean where the hell did that come from Stann that was nasty. Grispi and Brown looked not only uninspired but horribly prepared for their fights. Seriously how do you not get up for your UFC debuts, both guys are going to have to start from scratch after those 2 horrible performances.

    Overall it was a great way to start the new year, Frankie Edgar is my hero after his performace. Oh and a big “ha, ha” to McKee i’ve been saying you were overated for years thanks for proving me right.

  21. Sounds like Pettis is getting the next title shot on 6/6. Screw that. The UFC is the dominant promotion in MMA and still can’t escape the boxing trap of paper belts. I’m not even going to acknowledge that crap.

    • klown says:

      Let’s not get carried away, Maynard will either have one more fight or take a nice vacation, then have a shot at the Edgar-Pettis winner.

      • Who knows what he gets? If he takes another fight in between to make some scratch and tears an achilles or ACL during it, he might not ever get a title shot. By the time a third Edgar fight rolls around, it may no longer matter.

        Done talking about those fights. It sucks in boxing, but there’s no excuse for it in MMA given the structure of the sport.

        • 45 Huddle says:

          In boxing, 95% of the time, the DRAW is BS and then they go ahead with the next fight.

          This was a legit, no-corruption DRAW. And Pettis was guaranteed the champion.

          Either way, they had to screw over somebody. Either they did the rematch and retracted what they told Pettis. Or they give the shot to Pettis and Maynard feels shafted.

          injuries happen…. But assuming people stay healthy…. Maynard has already been told by White that he is next in line again.

          That is very unboxing like….

        • In boxing, no one cheers on having an undeserving title challenger picked as a mandatory and a better option put on the back burner. In MMA, apparently there is some division on that.

        • 45 Huddle says:

          That better option already had his chance and couldn’t get the belt.

          Now it’s the mandatory challengers shot. And Maynard is next in line.

          Not to mention that Pettis has a solid chance of becoming champion. This isn’t some mandatory boxing scrub. Pettis is the real deal.

        • 45 Huddle says:


          You have your wish….

        • I think it didn’t take long and they realized they were gonna get slammed for putting Maynard out like that after giving them an all time great fight. Not only that, it looks bad on the whole “company policy” of giving guys breaks for putting on great performances. It didn’t get any better than that Saturday night, and to shove him aside invited all sorts of trouble.

    • 45 Huddle says:

      I don’t really care either way. As long as Maynard has 1 fight and then a title shot right after that…. Doesn’t matter much.

      Pettis was guaranteed the champion. Edgar is still the champion. They haven’t changed course from what they were saying before the event.

  22. David M says:

    That was one of the best fights I’ve ever seen. Frankie Edgar is my hero. That was one of the most courageous performances I can recall. I think Frankie won the last 4 rounds, but I can see a judge giving Gray the third. Frankie was the better striker, the better wrestler, and had better cardio. Gray’s punches did a lot more damage.

    Stann impressed me; Leben has never been handled like that except by Anderson Silva. Stann is a great athlete and he can do some damage at 185.

    Gomi is such a fucking can. He just sucks. I never want to see his overhyped ass again. He tapped on that choke mostly because he was tired and didn’t want to be there anymore. Pathetic.

    Nate Diaz needs to get on roids and learn to stop a takedown. He thinks that because he is good off his back that he can just submit everyone, but he isn’t that good off his back, and everyone else has become more adept at defending subs. Stun Gun was simply a much stronger athlete tonite.

    Vera showed flashes of excellence with some nice kicks but basically he is the same fighter he always was, with nothing off his back, mediocre punching power, never uses takedowns offensively, and is physically and mentally weak. It’s a shame. Thiago on the other hand looked great; he looked a little stronger and leaner than I recall seeing him; I think he got lipo to get rid of the love handles he used to have or else is roiding.

    Overall great show mostly because the main event was so fucking dramatic and gut-wrenching to watch.

  23. Nepal says:

    For sure Pettis will get the shot. Dana will want to market and milk the “showtime kick”. Pettis is, at this point the more attractive competitor than Maynard, despite how good that last fight was. I’m sure the Zuffa brass would like to see Pettis as champ.

  24. klown says:

    Poor Frankie, has to win every big fight twice!

    It’s a byproduct of not finishing your fights (among other factors.)

  25. klown says:

    klown’s Lightweight Top 35

    1. Edgar
    2. Maynard
    3. Penn
    4. Melendez
    5. Aoki
    6. Kawajiri
    7. Thomson
    8. Cavalcante
    9. Alvarez
    10. Hansen
    11. Sherk
    12. Sanchez
    13. Florian
    14. Sotiropoulos
    15. Danzig
    16. Stevenson
    17. Dunham
    18. Guida
    19. Gomi
    20. Lentz
    21. Griffin
    22. Curran
    23. Huerta
    24. Guillard
    25. Stephens
    26. Stout
    27. Lauzon
    28. Diaz
    29. Pellegrino
    30. J. Miller
    31. Tibau
    32. Neer
    33. Thomas
    34. Siver
    35. Fisher

    • 45 Huddle says:

      How did #4-#10 get between Penn & Sherk?

      The linear thing works great sometimes. Not so sure about at Lightweight….

      • klown says:

        Good question. I think when I started compiling these, I arbitrarily set BJ Penn as #1 and Aoki as #2, and Lawler in there somewhere. The rest of the top 10 probably hold wins over one of those 3 fighters.

        Lightweight is one of the classes where it’s more difficult to set up a linear hierarchy because the top fighters are more segregated by promotion than other weight classes.

        The non-UFC top 10 fighters will be leapfrogged by UFC fighters who beat Edgar, Maynard and Penn.

        • With Penn moving to 170 again, I see his potential stock dropping greatly depending on what his level of success is there. If he takes a year off from fighting at lightweight and drops the Fitch fight, does he really deserve to be ranked so highly? It won’t be like Shields then where be beats the #2 guy at the weight class.

  26. EJ says:

    Honestly at this point I think the UFC should book Maynard vs. Pettis and let Frankie fight someone else because neither guy really deserves the next shot imo.

    Pettis got a bs decision over Henderson in their fight and Gray was lucky to get a draw in a fight he lost. This way we get the 2 top contenders to fight it out and Frankie can fight Aldo at catchweight.

    • edub says:

      Both fights were close, but it’s been pretty onesided online and everwhere else that Pettis won his fight. I had him winning four rounds, but I could see three. And he was winning the fifth even before he landed the kick.

      I had Gray winning the fight 48-47 with the first 10-8, the third him winning 10-9, and the last a draw. The draw was probably the correct call considering the whole online community is split on the results.

  27. Mark says:

    I was expecting a horrible fight resembling the first one, and it turned out to be a top 10 of 2011. Strange how things work out. Good for both of them, I hope they keep it up and I won’t bag on them anymore.

  28. Coyote says:

    My impresion’s:
    Good card at last.

    1.-Kim handle very well with Diaz sub’s.
    2.-Gomi has nothing of Pride; Man is so sad he tap so quick. No surprises on this one. I dont buy anymore the hype of the fireball kid (For those who protect Pride over Dream, Gomi allways was so hyped and protected).
    3.-Leben cant fight anymore thinking he is a plastic man or iron chin. I pick Stann for this one because middleweight suits perfect for him. He looks like a total “Titan” a fight with Marquart or Wanderlei can be very good.
    4.- Silva vs Vera, the same no surprises. I think Vera dont get the cut, he can fight Bonnar next.
    5.- The Edgar vs Maynard fight. Not impress. Yeah, good first round, but the 4 next, come on, no one want to take the risk.

    Good card. But like a lot of people say’s. Not so different than a Strikeforce Card.

    • 45 Huddle says:

      Really? not impressed by Edgar/Maynard 2?

      I really wonder why some people even watch the sport when even the most amazing fights don’t impress them.

      • Tradition Rules says:

        I have to agree with you here.

        The main event was a total shoe of guts by Edgar.

        He was knocked down, what, six times or something? And very hard every time.

        I’m here in Phoenix, and w/ Maynard being the “hometown boy” most out at where I watched the fight w/ friends were behind him (I was pulling for Frankie). After the first round, so many were behind Frankie just for his show of heart.

        Hats off to Maynard, and he looked good as well.

        On a side note, if Gomi is guilty of anything, and he is, it’s that he is over dependant on his boxing. He is a solid wrestler, but is just going out there to knock guys out. Fine if you have the opening, but you need MUCH more to be able to rely on in MMA.

        I was shocked how many people were solidly behind Kim in his fight. His ground work was solid and he really looked good in his wrestling. Needs to work a little on his cardio.

        And as are as this not being so different then a Strikeforce card,….REALLY?

        • Coyote says:

          Fanboys love.

          Hell of a fight was Silva vs Sonnen, just 4 Maynard leaving the oportunity of winning the fight, i dont gonna eat 4 rounds of nothing.

          Man, its just so sad hear the corner of Frankie tell him go for the decision.

          But allways there’s aré gonna be people eating the hype.

        • edub says:

          You are so far off here IMO that it’s staggering.

        • Tradition Rules says:


          “Fanboy Love.”

          It’s really funny how often this word gets thrown around.t

          All it is,for the most part is what someone says online when they can’t think of anything to debate a differing opinion.


          I’ve been very critical of Dana White & the UFC Machine when I believe I’ve been justified>

          I also had also stated that I believe, personally, that the last Strikeforce card was a very good fightcard.

          I just don’t see what was not enjoyable on this card.

          Everything was at least solid.

  29. Robert Poole says:

    I had the fight 4-1 for Frankie with Maynard getting the 10-8 in the first but I can EASILY see the third round going either way so the draw is valid. I know everyone’s going to talk highly of him surviving the potential KO in the first round (and rightfully so) but I was more impressed that he stuffed pretty much every takedown attempt Gray mustered and in return landed all the meaningful takedowns against a much, much larger man with better wrestling skill.

    Other quick thoughts:

    -Leben is a middleweight Stephen Bonnar. He goes into every fight looking to headhunt in a brawl. It was just a matter of time before he ran into someone who would punch harder than he was. Also understated was the bodywork Stann was using to make Leben drop his hands. Really solid boxing technique in that.

    -Kim/Diaz was a pretty decent match considering not a whole heck of a lot was happening other than jostling for position. Kim did a good job of using his body to keep Diaz down and preventing himself from getting hit. Though he was so gassed if the 3rd round was 2-3 minutes longer I think Diaz would have stopped him.

    -Gomi/Guida was the worst match on the main card and that was mostly because Gomi seemed so scared of Guida’s movement he never committed himself to get inside and in better striking range. He stood to far back, threw a bunch of arm punches that didn’t connect and Guida was able to impose his will.

    -I thought Vera should have been cut several fights back. He’s not very good and every time he has stepped up in competition he has been made to look like a rank amateur. Two of these fights were snoozers where his opponents beat him by laying him up against the fence (Sylvia, Couture). It’s clear the hype was not warranted and he needs to be cut. Also and this may just be me, he seemed too happy after what was a disgraceful performance. He was all too happy to gross the crowd out with his broken nose when he should have felt some sort of shame for such a lack of effort.

    • Mark says:

      I’d be shocked if they cut Vera. They really should, but he’s one of those guys they believe has the starpower to off-set people calling for his cutting. He’s worthless IMO. But he’s a guy Dana wouldn’t want Strikeforce getting for inane reasons.

  30. Zack says:

    ” I dont buy anymore the hype of the fireball kid (For those who protect Pride over Dream, Gomi allways was so hyped and protected).”

    LOL obvious n00b is obvious. Gomi’s 2005 was the best year of any LW ever. Who was he protected from?

    • Coyote says:

      2005 is so far away, and he loose twice to Aurelio (Well the second was a split dec for him), later he loose with Diaz a non tittle. He loose to Golyaev, he loose to Kitaoka, and one win over Griffin and the hype comeback Gomi again.

      Gomi was protected on Pride. He can handle with good wrestlers or BJJ’s fighters.

      Not a noob, just the reality sorry.

      Ps: Now Guida asking for Tittleshot, come on!!!!

  31. Zack says:

    2005 is so far away? You’re the one who brought up his time in PRIDE. Congrats on being able to use the Sherdog fight finder, by the way.


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