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UFC Australian PR blitz with Penn, Fitch, Noke, and Sotiropoulos

By Zach Arnold | December 16, 2010

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But before we get to coverage of that, we should note the situation with Sean Pierson and his attempt to enter the Toronto Police Academy. This York Region article gives you the background information on the story. In short, the police aren’t happy with him because he used to be known as “Pimp Daddy” in MMA before he made it to the UFC. (He fought on the Montreal event last week.) Today’s Toronto Star has an update and the verdict is in — his entry into the police force has been stalled.

I thought we would be seeing more shows in the Middle East…

…when Flash bought a minority stake in Zuffa LLC. Instead, the proposed March 19th Abu Dhabi event with Shogun vs. Rashad Evans will now happen… in New Jersey.

Aussie, Aussie, Aussie, oy vey

BJ Penn, Jon Fitch, George Sotiropoulos, and Kyle Noke went on a public relations tour yesterday in Australia to promote the promotion’s upcoming event in Sydney in February. A red hot ticket and business will be booming. However, in places like Victoria and Melbourne, you won’t be seeing events any time soon.

Get a feel of the media temperature here:

The UFC’s return to Brazil

Another locale we will see UFC in soon is Brazil and Josh Gross says that yesterday’s press conference by the company shows that the UFC is all grown up in their return to Brazil. The memories of Ultimate Brazil… Say, would you book Anderson Silva vs. Georges St. Pierre for the 8/27 HSBC Arena card in Rio?

Here’s video of the Yahoo Sports crew talking about potential fights for the Brazil show. One match discussed is Dominick Cruz vs. Urijah Faber, pending Faber able to recover after knee surgery.

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6 Responses to “UFC Australian PR blitz with Penn, Fitch, Noke, and Sotiropoulos”

  1. edub says:

    “New push to promote bloody sport cage fighting.”

    What a title. Can u even be considered unbiased with an opening like that?

  2. Just a heads up – the mainstream Australian media is absolutely mournful. Some of the worst in first world. Our newspapers make we weep that are so tabloid-esque and devoid of value.

    Wish I had some damn money to see Penn in action live ='(

  3. Silva/GSP would never happen anywhere but a casino. Not unless the Brazilian government sent a plane filled with money to Vegas.


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