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The incomparable Bas Rutten as the charming MMA gym salesman

By Zach Arnold | December 16, 2010

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I didn’t transcribe the video because I want you to watch it to get the vibe and tone of the sales pitch. I know that Bas has his critics but this video demonstrates what I think is his best side. The video interview is basically a run-through of his new gym, Bas Rutten Elite MMA.

He noted during the interview that at least eight people had promised to show up for the grand opening but didn’t. (Alluding to either not taking it seriously or politics.) There was quite the focus on the new shower facilities at the gym and the gym’s ‘if you stink, hit the showers’ policy. Bas said that his business office will be at the gym, which will allow him to separate his professional life from personal life when he goes home daily. As far as training MMA fighters, he will only train certain fighters. Bas feels that the gym needs to have a relaxed, friendly atmosphere as opposed to fighters raging and challenging everyone to a fight in the building.

The most curious part of the interview is when Bas talks about ‘a famous coach’ telling him that one flaw in his fighting system course is that he doesn’t tell fighters to twist their arm before landing a punch. (You have to watch the video to see the absurdity of this.) Bas appropriately demonstrates this horrible technique and how the coach was humbled for bringing it up.

He does confirm in the interview that, yes, he does wake his wife up at night when he comes up with ideas for new submission holds. “At least 8 times.”

At the end of the interview, Bas has some advice for anyone who gets bullied and how to handle the situation.

One person who didn’t no-show the gym’s grand opening was “Judo” Gene LeBell. He had something to say as well.

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4 Responses to “The incomparable Bas Rutten as the charming MMA gym salesman”

  1. Steve4192 says:

    I can understand why the UFC didn’t want their fighters promoting a rival gym. Like it or not, Zuffa is a conglomerate and one of their businesses is gyms. They aren’t just a fight promoter anymore. They don’t want their fighters out there promoting other gyms any more than they want them promoting other action figures or other video games.

    It sucks seeing a cool guy like Bas get bit by that policy, but it is an understandable policy.

  2. bluerosekiller says:

    Yeah, I suppose the UFC does have a bit of a point in withholding their talent from Bas’s gym’s grand op ening, but IMO it’s a helluva stretch.
    I mean, Bas’s place is an actual MMA training facility, whereas those UFC gyms are merely glorified fitness centers. Correct?

    • Jason Harris says:

      From the way they describe Bas’ gym, it sounds like it’s targeting the same market. Not a hardcore MMA gym, but something casual friendly that has MMA related courses.

  3. edub says:

    I wonder if the trainer in question is a guy who came from a boxing background or a grappling one.

    It does suck that some of the coaches who were supposed to come didn’t show because of “reasons”, but if I was there I wouldn’t mind. Bas is out there, and has some opinions I definately don’t agree with (ie. Alistair Overeem #1 HW). But I could listen to him talk about fighting, and training all day long. I bet his classes are highly enjoyable.


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