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K-1 2010 World GP Finals (Tokyo, Ariake Colosseum) event results

By Zach Arnold | December 11, 2010

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  1. WGP Reserve Fight: Ewerton Teixeira (Brazil) defeated Errol Zimmerman (Curacao) after 3R by a 3-0 JD. (30-28 twice, 29-28.)
  2. WGP 2010: Peter Aerts (Holland) defeated Mighty Mo (America) in R1 in 2’30 by KO.
  3. WGP 2010: Semmy Schilt (Holland) defeated Kyotaro (Japan) after 3R by a 3-0 JD. (30-27 twice, 30-28.)
  4. WGP 2010: Gokhan Shaki (Turkey) defeated Daniel Ghita (Romania) in extra time by JD.
  5. WGP 2010: Alistair Overeem (Holland) defeated Tyrone Spong (Suriname) after 3R by a 3-0 JD. (29-27 twice, 29-28.)
  6. Hesdy Gerges defeated Yusuke Fujimoto in R1 in 1’41 by KO. Fujimoto’s retirement bout.
  7. WGP 2010: Peter Aerts defeated Semmy Schilt after 3R by a 2-0 JD. (30-29 twice, 29-29.)
  8. WGP 2010: Alistair Overeem defeated Gokhan Saki in R1 in 2’33 by KO.
  9. Singh Jaideep (India) defeated Sergey Kharitonov (Russia) in R1 in 2’58 by KO.
  10. World GP 2010 finals: Alistair Overeem defeated Peter Aerts in R1 in 1’07 by KO.

Alistair looks like The Incredible Hulk in this photo. Mr. Tanigawa’s quick comment after the show about K-1 being a central focus in Alistair’s fighting career was interesting. While both Alistair and Kyotaro are in consideration for Dynamite show matchmaking, Peter Aerts said he planned on spending NYE with his family but would be open to a fight offer if it was good.

I don’t know how the show will do ratings-wise on Fuji TV, but the network and promotion ended up with the kind of main event in terms of right names to grab the most attention. Aerts, being the most-recognized foreigner in K-1, and Alistair being the second gaijin ace for the promotion now.

To finish off the proceedings, an intriguing note from one Michael Schiavello:

I am told K-1 will be back next year and money deal has been signed from international investors!! Woohoo!!

The big question is whether or not Ishii was able to convince some money marks to go for a joy ride or if he’s cashing out some equity to keep the operations running. With that stated, the fact that Yoshihiro Akiyama, Kid Yamamoto, and Michihiro Omigawa have all left Japan to fight in UFC says a lot.

Our friend Dan Herbertson over at MMA Fighting will have photos from the Ariake Colosseum event online shortly. Good work.

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34 Responses to “K-1 2010 World GP Finals (Tokyo, Ariake Colosseum) event results”

  1. 45 Huddle says:

    The failure of Heavyweight combat sports continues.

    Alistair Overeem was getting outstruck by the likes of Liddell, Rua, and Kharitonov back in Pride. He was never a top tier striker in MMA. Yet he comes over to K-1 and dominates? You have to be kidding me. This is about as bad as Brock Lesnar winning and defending the UFC belt a few times with like 5 fights of experience.

    Heavyweight combat sports should not be taken too seriously as all of the best big athletes are in the NFL…. Not to mention that even big athletes can make the 205 limit when in shape.

    The funniest thing to see over the next 3 months is how much Overeem moves up the MMA rankings due to his win here.

    As for K-1…. Money being thrown at the problem won’t fix anything. They are in a losing battle. Even the fighters aren’t willing to take a chance anymore…. Which is why Omigawa & Yamamoto are now in the UFC.

    If you aren’t in the UFC, Strikeforce, or Bellator at this point, it’s as if you don’t exist in the MMA landscape.

    I bet there is no K-1 Grand Prix 2011. When Schilt signs with the UFC by April, people will know the collapse is full on.

    • Tom says:

      Alistair is not “dominating” at K-1. Bonjasky and Hari weren´t in the event. Saki got hurt early in his fight against Alistair and Peter had a tough fight against Semmy. Plus, you are comparing a 205 lb. Overeem to a 250 lb. monster.

      As far as not taking HW Combat Sports serously… so what if all the “big heavyweights are in the NFL”. First of all, that´s a very narrow minded nationalistic approach, as if only the U.S. has big fighters. Second, you can´t take the HW crown in MMA, Boxing or Kickboxing, just because you are big. If that was the case, Bob Sapp should still be relevant, but he isn´t. It takes more than size and that´s exactly why Lesnar isn´t the UFC champ anymore.

      As far as Alistair moving up the rankings in the three months… what fool actually gives a damn about rankings? Who cares what the rankings say, it´s not as if they have any significance when it comes to matchmaking. They are all independent “opinions”, nothing more. If anybody says Alistair is a top 10 MMA fighter, it´s probably because they simply think Alistair would beat a lot of the HWs, which is probably true, considering the ex-UFC HW champ was a can waiting to get exposed. Yes, I called Brock a can. He´s just a modern Bob Sapp. He beat an old man, an overrated Frank Mir and scared everybody with his size. First decent fighter he faced (Carwin) he hit the floor, second decent fighter he faced, he stayed on the floor.

      Rankings don´t mean s***.

      • 45 Huddle says:

        Not sure what this has to do with specific countries.

        1) The US produces the biggest athletes. Sure, some countries can produce a big guy here or there, but we constantly have the biggest athletes coming out of this counntry. Which is why the NFL hurts combat sports so much at the Heavyweight level.

        2) So a guy gets bigger with more muscle, and we expect him to be a different fighter? He’s still the same guy who’s heart crumbled everytime he faced adversity in MMA. No different then Chael Sonnen being the same guy who will give up a submission anytime a bottom fighter with a blue belt fights him. Just because they either avoid top talent (Overeem) or have the right style opponents (Sonnen), doesn’t make their issues any smaller. There is a reason why both guys have over 10 losses in MMA. They have a huge hole in their game.

        3) I never said Overeem won the tournament because he was big. But his roids or hormones are definitely adding to his performances. Just look at that picture. It’s not natural. We are not talking about a guy like Brock Lesnar who just have a naturally huge frame but isn’t ripped. Overeem’s jaw is getting bigger as he gets older. That doesn’t happen on guys who are clean.

        4) You completely lose credibility when you compare Brock Lesnar to Bob Sapp. Sure, a guy like Lesnar winning the belt is a sign of how bad combat sports is. But the two are not comparable. Lesnar is a former Division I National Wrestling Champion. The same sport that is the best foundation for MMA. Bob Sapp has none of that. HUGE DIFFERENCE.

        5) And for a guy who is putting down Mir & Lesnar, you do realize that both have far more significant wins in MMA then Overeem does. As does Werdum, Fedor, Nogueira, Velasquez and so on….

        Alistair Overeem is a guy who got OUTSTRUCT by Chuck Liddell and Mauricio Rua. For him to win the K-1 Grand Prix is a black eye for a company that is on it’s last leg. It would be like Dan Hardy becoming a World Champion wrestler.

    • Hikaru says:

      LoL at how your math will explain the fact that Kharitonov beat Overeem in mma and yet in K-1 Alistair is winning and Sergey is being KO’d by Jaideep who people would have as weaker than Overeem. Magic, it’s 45 Huddle’s magic.

      • 45 Huddle says:

        Have you seen Khaitonov lately? The guy had injuries he could never get better from. Want to use the 2010 version of Liddell as an example as well?

        Overeem is still the same fighter as he was 5 years ago. You can’t teach heart.

        • Hikaru says:

          So you’re trying to say that Overeem didn’t improve in cardio, defense and striking technique? LoL, Anderson Silva can improve after being tapped out by Ryo Chonan but Overeem can’t. Could he if he was in your UFC?

        • 45 Huddle says:

          Anderson Silva got submitted. He didn’t get outstruck.

          Overeem got outstruck in MMA all the time and then won a striking competition.

          A little bit different, don’t you think?

          I can’t see how having more muscle is going to improve cardio.

        • edub says:

          If you would have watched the event you would have known that Spong, and guys at Golden Glory used to tool Overeem when he was younger and smaller.

          Since he has grown physically he has also upped his skill tenfold. They even brought in a rule to take a way his (and Schilts) best weapon the clinch, and he still won.

          The fact that you make excuses for certain trends, and athletes, while seeing things a certain way for another group of fighters is very telling. For example: Kharitonov is old, out of shape and injured, but Overeem hasn’t improved at all in 5 years while holding victories over Aerts (2x), Hari, Teixera, Saki, and others.

          All that being said, I still believe he’s on some type of PEDs, and it will take a urine/blood test while competing at 260 lbs to make me think other wise.

        • The Gaijin says:

          “..and it will take a urine/blood test while competing at 260 lbs to make me think other wise.”

          Took and passed a piss test in the U.S. when he fought Rogers.

          I know they’re a joke but it’s pretty funny idiotic people make all the excuses in the world for Sherk, Marquardt and Sonnen when they piss hot, but continually accuse/downplay Overeem for doping when he PASSES the tests (not saying you, but we know who these retards are).

        • robthom says:

          Is it injuries that ruined Sergei?

          I hadn’t heard about the injuries, I just assumed that he had gone crazy or something.

          The not tapping and getting his face pounded for a minute after he dislocated his soulder was a atrange decision that seemed to start a bunch more weird behaviour like waving in and getting KO’d by Aleksander and awful performances that seem to just keep getting worse.

          He was a damn good fighter back in the day, I dont even want to watch what he’s become now.

        • edub says:

          He weighed in for that event at either 250 or right under that. I wanna see him take the test, when he fights at 260-above because when you have that much muscle and that little body fat you shouldn’t be fluctuating that much weight.

          In saying this, of course if he timed it right it wouldn’t matter anyway.

  2. Chuck says:

    I have to give much credit to Peter Aerts. He has to be in his early forties, and he STILL gets to the finals, losing to Overeem, but beating Semmy Schilt before that. He’s still the man.

    45 Huddle,

    Yeah, Brock Lesnar does have much better credentials than Bob Sapp, and is a better fighter, but there are similarities between the two. They both have won fights on their strength and size, they both got pushed too soon (sorry if this sounds like a pro rasslin’ comparison), and they both are terrified of getting hit.

    • 45 Huddle says:

      Sure, Lesnar is strong. But he does is so much more then strength. The man has a ton of technique. People just don’t appreciate it because of how strong he is. A strong guy with little technique is Bob Sapp. A strong guy with a lot of technique is Brock Lesnar. A world of difference. Sapp could train for years and never have the abilities that Lesnar has.

      Comparing Lesnar to Sapp because they are both so strong is like saying Rampage and Evans both fight the same way because they are black. It’s judging the cover of the book instead of what they can do on the inside.

      • Chuck says:

        Yeah, but my comparison of the two with their strength and size was ONE of the similarities I said. And I acknowledged that Lesnar has more technique than Sapp. But besides Lesnar having better technique, they are EXTREMELY similar.

        And really, out of all of Lesnar’s wins, how many of them were from his superior wrestling? Really just one, against Heath Herring. He beat Min Soo Kim via mauling him with GnP. He was beating Mir via mauling until he got subbed. He beat Couture pretty much the same way. In the Mir rematch he beat Mir via mauling with GnP. He beat Shane Carwin because Carwin gassed and Lesnar (to his credit) recovered after getting walloped in the first round. Those victories (besides Herring and Carwin) are VERY similar to how Bob Sapp used to win. The Carwin win was basically a role-reversal for Lesnar (that would be the way Sapp loses fights).

        Brock Lesnar is absolutely the better fighter, but he really is just a better Bob Sapp. If you want to really look at it this way, Lesnar is the fighter that Bob Sapp should have been years ago. Then again, you can also say Shane Carwin is the fighter Tank Abbot should have been years ago.

        • 45 Huddle says:

          I take it you have never wrestled. What Lesnar did to Mir was wrestling with a few small modifiers to account for the submission game. He used all of his tools from wrestling to make the submission game pointless.

          Bob Sapp was never a real fighter. Never mastered a discipline. So to even put his name in the same sentence with a Div I National Wrestling Champion shows how insane your point of view is.

        • edub says:

          That was mostly wrestling with a huge strength advantage over his opponent.

          In wrestling you usually can’t hold on to a one armed full nelson on your opponent.

  3. bluerosekiller says:

    The sky is falling, the sky is falling!
    And so on & so forth…

    So, there’s no room for improvement in any combat athlete, huh?
    Therefore, whatever cieling one had a decade ago, is still going to be at the exact same height no matter how much work they’ve put in over the years?
    Damn, that’s too bad.
    I suppose just about EVERY combat should just collect their next payday or two & then hang ’em up then, huh?

    As for the good ol’ USA STILL being home of the very biggest & the very baddest, I guess the powers that be forgot to inform the Klitschko bros & the VAST majority of the rest of the heavyweight devision in boxing about that…
    Oh that’s right, it’s such common knowledge that the ONLY reason that they’re above clubfighter staus now is because the REAL athletes like Ray Lewis, Michael Oher & the rest are all in the NFL rather than fighting. Isn’t that right?

    * MASSIVE eyeroll intended *

    • 45 Huddle says:

      1) I never said other countries don’t create bigger athletes. I said: “Sure, some countries can produce a big guy here or there, but we constantly have the biggest athletes coming out of this counntry.” They don’t have the volume of big athletes.

      2) And you can eyeroll at me all you want, but former Heavyweight Boxing Champion, George Foreman has said that American Heavyweight Boxing was hurt as soon as the NFL could pay more. This is a guy who knows the sport inside and out. Without the NFL, the US would probably still have the top Heavyweight boxers today.

  4. Dave says:

    Jesus christ, 45. Overeem has done a lot to improve his striking over the past years, why can’t you ever give people their due?

    Like really, you sometimes are that prototypical internerd who hates everything.

  5. 45 Huddle says:

    Here is my last comment on this topic….

    Overeem winning the K-1 Grand Prix is absolutely embarrassing to K-1. To the promotion. To it’s fighters. It makes the entire sport look 2nd rate.

    1) Overeem was never the best striker in MMA.

    2) Overeem has far more MMA fights then he does K-1. 3 times as many.

    3) Overeem doesn’t even train K-1 full time. He also trains MMA.

    This would be like Nick Diaz winning the Super Six World Boxing Classic. Or Yushin Okami winning the Mundials. Or Shane Carwin winning the Olympics in wrestling. None of these guys are even the best at those arts within their own weight classes. They would have no shot at winning a World Championship in those respective arts….

    But NOT FOR K-1. They have a Grand Prix champion who doesn’t even compete in their sport full time. He couldn’t even cut it against the top strikers in MMA. This would never happen in the better martial arts like boxing or wrestling.

    K-1 is an absolute joke. Overeem is the example. Many people have known K-1 has been a joke for years at the Heavyweight level. Overeem was just the proof we needed.

    People will bash me for my comments. That is fine. But just ask yourself if this could happen in wrestling or boxing. And the answer is no. And that is why K-1 is a complete joke now.

    • edub says:

      1. Overeem came from a kickboxing background growing up in Thailand, and it is common knowledge that he’s focused on striking more in the last 3 years of his career while soley training kickboxing for the last 6 months.

      2. If GSP took a year of from MMA, and trained nothing but wrestling, he could make a run for the olympics. Joe Warren will make a run for the olympics in 2012, while having a wrestling only training camp for just 6 months.

      3.Winning the HW GP is the best accomplishment in K1. But winning doesn’t automatically make you the best HW kickboxer in the world. Overeem didn’t have to go against Schilt because Aerts has his number all of the sudden, and he beat a already incredibly hurt Saki in the semifinals. Also Hari, and Bonjasky didn’t even compete.

      Crazy things like this happen in tournaments. That’s why kanehara won the FW Sengoku tournament last year.

      • 45 Huddle says:

        1) He is still not even a full time kickboxer. You don’t see part time wrestlers or boxers winning world championships.

        2) That is one of the biggest misconceptions about GSP. He would have a hard time making the Canadian Team. Even placing at the Worlds would be out of the question. Warren ain’t winning anything. And he has nothing to do with Overeem. Overeem has 45 MMA fights. He has 14 K-1 fights. Warren has much much much more world class wrestling experience compared to MMA.

        3) Hmmmm…. Schilt was #1. He got beat by Aerts. Overeem beat Aerts. That would make Overeem #1.

        People are trying to hold onto their K-1 in their worst way.

        Everything in Japan combat sports is a complete sham. Pride had smoke and mirrors for years. K-1 hasn’t produced quality athletes for years (if ever). You want real combat sports? Watch the UFC. Watch HBO level boxing.

        K-1? Overeem showed it was a joke.


        • edub says:

          “3) Hmmmm…. Schilt was #1. He got beat by Aerts. Overeem beat Aerts. That would make Overeem #1.”

          Really? So that means Werdum is the best HW Mixed martial artist in the world right now?

          “Warren ain’t winning anything.”

          Oh, ok…

          “Overeem has 45 MMA fights. He has 14 K-1 fights. Warren has much much much more world class wrestling experience compared to MMA.”

          What does that have to with Overeem coming from a kickboxing background, or improving in it immensely over the past couple of years?

          “You want real combat sports? Watch the UFC. Watch HBO Boxing.”

          No that’s ok, watching all of them is a little more fun than that. Especially because everything else is also Real.

        • edub says:

          i meant to say he grew up in the netherlands.

  6. SixT4 says:

    45 Huddle comes off like an idiotically nationalist American UFC fanboy.

    Allistar Overeem obviously can’t ever be good (he’s not in the UFC) so him winning the K-1 WGP means K-1 is just crap.

    And it’s crap because for some strange reason America produces most big athletes, and they all play good wholesome American Football.

    Jesus Christ.

  7. Chuck says:

    45 huddle;

    This is to your point before (when you said “I take it your never wrestled”). I wrestled in elementary school and high school, and I am currently a judo competitor. I have been grappling all of my life. I have also taken other martial arts, including boxing (never had a boxing match, amateur nor pro) so I have been involved in martial arts/grappling all my life. And as edub said, Lesnar used his size (for the most part) against Mir. Having a huge size advantage and some decent wrestling can overcome just about anyone, even if said opponent was great at BJJ. My point still stands; there was really only one fight of his he won because of great wrestling, and that was over Heath Herring. Of course he used wrestling against Mir. Any moron (whether they wrestled or not) can see that. But he would have pounded Mir into oblivion whether it have been GnP or standing. And it was more him being HUGE and using that size, but with a little good wrestling thrown in for good measure. Hey, if you got it, why not use it?

    Hell, technically he used wrestling against Shane Carwin with that (ugly) double leg takedown. But was it his wrestling that won? Nope, it was him gritting out of a beating, Carwin gassing, then catching him with the takedown and then using the arm-triangle. He would have beaten Carwin one way or the other, wrestling or not. I’m surprised he didn’t mount him and rain down strikes on him, and actually went for a submission.

    And the comparisons to Bob Sapp still stand. Lesnar’s background means nothing for what I am getting at. They both fight pro MMA, so the comparisons are apt. They fight similarly, and both fighters react the same way when getting hit. Being that they cower up, turn around, and hit the ground. You can’t possibly deny this charge against Lesnar. As I said, Lesnar is definitely superior, but is really Bob Sapp 2.0. Hey, if you can call Cain Velazquez Fedor 2.0 (you have in another thread) then Lesnar being Sapp 2.0 is warranted. And Carwin being Tank Abbot 2.0 as well. Why not?

  8. Jonathan says:

    I’m glad that I am not the only sees the bullsh*t that 45 Huddle puts out as what it truly is.

    On topic, in that picture Zach, the only I can say is that he is….


    And just leave it at that.

  9. Mr. Roadblock says:

    K-1 is the worst it’s ever been. There’s no depth at HW or 70kg.

    Overeem won more by attrition than anything else. Aerts and Schilt are old. The rest of the stars are retired.

    I don’t know if Overeem would beat a healthy Saki.

  10. Tom says:

    Huddle is getting mauled in this thread. I´m glad he decided to stop participating in the discussion. It´s really pathetic to see somebody disagreeing with EVERYBODY and not realizing, or even considering, that he might be wrong.

    I guess that´s Huddle´s life story. Of course he might be a hero in his own eyes, a type of martyr that goes out swinging for what he believes in, but to an outsider, looking in, he´s just a smart ass that obviously nobody likes.

  11. chris says:

    45 huddle seriously man you come off as one of the biggest ufc fan boys ever.

    overeem has gotten better. look at what he did to rogers, a guy fedor had a tough time with.

    also aerts was peeing blood after the schilt fight , he was clearly spent going into that final.

    for you to say k-1 is a joke is one of the dumbest things ive read in awhile.

  12. Dave says:

    K-1 is a joke because Alistair Overeem won it, right?

    “Part time.”

    I’m really not even sure what you mean by part time, because he doesn’t fight on smaller events? Semmy Schilt participated in 3 K-1 events this year, just like Overeem. Is he a part time kickboxer as well?

    He trains at Golden Glory, which is known to be one of the best kickboxing camps in the world. I’m really not sure what he is missing from the equation here, is it because he smashed Brett Rogers in between competing for K-1?

    People will argue he had an easier bracket to compete in and that his road to the Grand Prix was pretty easy, which in a way it was. Spong actually put up a good fight against him, Saki came into the fight injured and so did Aerts. It wasn’t some epic run he had or anything, sure, but he still won the tournament.

    As for K-1 having no talent and being awful now, I don’t know, this isn’t a few years ago. The inclusion of Mighty Mo was a terrible idea and an attempt to draw in American audiences. People are just going to hate.

    I’m sure UFC 124 is the best card in forever and looks really appetizing and you aren’t a real fan if you aren’t excited for it, right?

  13. The Gaijin says:

    Love love love “45 logic” here. Every fighter has the ability to improve, unless that’s someone outside of the UFC, and especially a heavyweight fighter.

    Brock Lesnar? Totally can improve.
    JDS? Room to improve – he’s still young.
    CAin? Only getting better.
    Struve? C’mon he’s still a prospect.

    Overeem? Yeah sure the guy totally hamstrung himself early in his career by doing insane weight cuts, never concentrating on strength training and not concentrating on striking.

    – 1. He’s incapable of improving. He’s the same fighter he was in 2005. Deal with it.
    – 2. Only Frank Mir can put on massive amounts of muscle in small amounts of time (AND drop fat mass!) because…well, he never used to weight train and diet properly. Overeem…well that’s all roids!
    – 3. Carwin – on court filings having mail order steroids. Legit. Lesnar – busted with HGH in his car. Pfft..totally legit, he probably had a prescription. Overeem – “I anecdotally note that his jaw is growing”. Cheater.
    – 4. Huddle will appeal to authority by saying “you” don’t know about wrestling. Anyone that knows anything about wrestling, knows that he knows nothing and just uses this meme to appear intelligent.

    QED – if you aren’t a fighter Huddle likes or a fighter that fights for an organization he suck and/or are a cheater with no talent.

    Sad to say but the Overeem we say tonight would rape Lesnar, Mir and Carwin.

  14. The Gaijin says:

    LOL – gotta laugh b/c this was the moron telling everyone how people were overrating GSP’s chance b/c of how much Josh Kos has “improved” since their last fight.

    Yup – Kos = hugely improved b/c he wings Leonard Garcia punches now.

    Overeem = unimproved bum and an illustration that K-1 is an embarrassment. But Brock Lesnar winning the “biggest prize” in mma after 3 fights = he’s an AMAZING athlete!


  15. Tomer says:

    I thought a clean KD was scored by Saki by his jumping roundhouse kick, even if he fell on his ass afterwards since Overeem did go down cleanly (even after blocking).


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