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UFC 122 (the show that Pacquiao/Margarito will crush in viewership)

By Zach Arnold | November 10, 2010

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This Friday and Saturday at the Jacob Javits Convention Center in New York will be the MMA World Expo. In the words of American VP Joe Biden, this is a big [expletive] deal. Read the CBS New York report and look at all the names from the MMA world that will be in attendance.

Ha’aretz, one of the major Israeli media outlets, has an article about yesterday’s MMA event in Tel Aviv at the Nokia Arena which drew a reported crowd of 6,500.

Article of the day to read — Competitive advantage, the story of Round 5 and Jakks Pacific.

Nate Marquardt doesn’t have an easy task in the cage against Yushin Okami on Saturday in Oberhausen and just like his last fight on Spike (against Rousimar Palhares), he’s unlikely to draw a big TV rating. The UFC show will face stiff competition from the Margarito/Pacquiao fight in Dallas and also a slate of college football games.

The Fresno Bee has a profile article on Reed Harris and how life has changed since Zuffa bought out WEC. He’s now living near the Wynn Golf & Country Club in Las Vegas. As for Thursday’s WEC show, Urijah Faber definitely needs to beat Takeya Mizugaki in his 135-pound fight in order to get some post-merger momentum going. Mizugaki said that he would like to see Michihiro Omigawa and Lion Takeshi fight in the UFC. Interesting comments from Faber in the Las Vegas Sun talking about ‘Internet warriors’ saying he hit a roadblock at 145 so he’s dropping down to 135.

Yea or nay on Brittney Palmer? She’s coming over to UFC in the WEC merger.

Marshall Zelaznik tells ESPN UK that a big UFC title fight will be held in Europe in 2011. In the UK, there’s a brand new BJJ magazine being published called Jiu-Jitsu Style.

A flashback to when UFC tried to run an event in Japan. It reminds me of the old clip of football coach Dick Vermeil in a Coor’s Light commercial where he says, “You’re spinning your wheels. Don’t make the trip.” Well, UFC didn’t make the trip in the end.

Old-school UFC veteran Vladimir Matyushenko talks to ESPN about what he learned recently with new-school MMA fighting.

Can having a UFC party at your place with random strangers be a bad idea?

There are multiple media reports, including one in The Orange County Register, claiming that Mark Munoz is training with boxer Nonito Donaire. Munoz is preparing for his upcoming November 20th fight against Aaron Simpson.

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25 Responses to “UFC 122 (the show that Pacquiao/Margarito will crush in viewership)”

  1. 45 Huddle says:

    Why are terms like “Keyboard Warrior” and “Internet Warrior” making a comeback? Athletes need to have thicker skin. Do what the New York Yankees players do…. Which is stay away from the news that covers you. Then you don’t have to worry about what people say. It’s as simple as that. If they are looking, they want the drama.

    I think Marquardt/Okami will do 1.5 Million average. Which will be low for a numbered show, but then again this show has no stars at all. But it does have the benefit of being advertised during a TUF season that is bringing in respectable numbers. UFC 122 is a perfect example of why the Feather and Bantam classes were needed for international expansion.

  2. grafdog says:

    Interesting to see what Biden cares about, hanging out with Dana White is a big deal. However, when Israel executed that kid from NY along with 8 other people in international waters that were trying to bring food and medicine to the Palestinians, Biden said “whats the big deal”.

    • edub says:

      Weapons were aboard the ship. JAMM and other violent groups were using the ships as cover for moving supplies to their strong holds in the area. When the ship was raided the people on board immediately resisted, which caused the soldiers to take action. All other ships were detained without harm to anyone.

      No one was “executed”.

      • edub says:

        Jamm is actually based in Iraq. I meant to write HAMAS.

        • klown says:

          At the risk of veering too far off into politics, let me just say that you are out of your depth on this one, edub.

          Hamas had nothing to do with the ships, which were organized by international humanitarian groups. They were not being used as “cover”, they were overtly bringing humanitarian supplies (food, medicine and basic goods) to the people of Gaza. The reason international activists have to sail ships to Gaza at great danger to themselves is because Gaza has been under siege by Israel for years, to the point of nearly starving its people.

          When armed Israeli commandos illegally raided the ship in international waters, yes, people resisted – with sticks and knives (is that what you mean by “weapons”?) against the fully armed soldiers, who shot them with live ammunition. That may not be ‘execution’, but it is murder.

        • edub says:

          No it appears I am not the one who is out of his depths.

          The cover was the food, and completely outdated medical supplies. There was also construction materials (against the Turkish-Israel agreement), weapons, night vision goggles, Tear gas, Ballistic vests and grenades. They didn’t just have sticks and knives (as you would like to believe), and if they would have consented to the search that was asked for then no bloodshed would have happened. They were obviosly trying to hide something, or certain personnel that were aboard the ships. After all there were 6 ships.

          The soldiers were defending their lives on the boats that is why people died. Certain soldiers were seriously injured, while others were taken captive until the raid was concluded. They raided the boat with intentions to use nothing but painball type weapons, and non lethals. When their safety was in danger they started using live ammunition. It is not execution, and it is not murder.

        • grafdog says:

          Klown is correct.
          You can read the un report or watch it for yourself on youtube, it shows a group of Israelis shooting the kid in the head about five times while he was laying down.

          When you are in international waters and a country boards your boat and kills people it is an act of piracy and murder.
          I bet you weren’t aware that a presidential candidate on a similar humanitarian mission was twice attacked by Israel and kidnapped by israel for a week after they rammed the aid boat.

        • edub says:

          On top of all this Israel has already said organizers of this “humanitarian effort” could move by land through the border instead of going by sea.

          The organizers have come out and said that the Flotilla’s main goal was to brake through the military blockade.

          If your just trying to get food and supplies to a starving people that shouldn’t be the main objective of a supposedly peaceful mission.

        • grafdog says:

          “weapons, night vision goggles, Tear gas, Ballistic vests and grenades.”

          Care to provide any evidence to prove your assertion?

        • edub says:

          Grafdog you are speaking of the UNHRC report given to the UN. That is as biased as you can get when considering they are backed mainly by Islamic and African states. The UN\’s Kofi Annan and Ban-Ki Moon have both accused them of bias against Israel.

          When a group is intending to go through a countries\’ blockade they should understand that there will be opposition, and that fighting back in any sense of the word is in fact that. Fighting back. There are multiple videos online showing soldiers from Israel getting their ass handed to them when they first board the ship. Why didn\’t they just let them board if there was nothing (or no one) to hide?

          Im on evidence right now, but I am at work so all I got is wikipedia that’s not blocked. Im sure wikipedia is not gonna be good enough so Im still looking for stuff not blocked by firewalls.

  3. grafdog says:

    Oh sorry you got the evidence right here…
    “They were obviosly trying to hide something”

  4. David M says:

    “Hamas had nothing to do with the ships, which were organized by international humanitarian groups. They were not being used as “cover”, they were overtly bringing humanitarian supplies (food, medicine and basic goods) to the people of Gaza. The reason international activists have to sail ships to Gaza at great danger to themselves is because Gaza has been under siege by Israel for years, to the point of nearly starving its people.”

    The organization that was responsible for the ships was not Hamas, but a group called IHH that is considered a terrorist organization by many countries across the globe. Seriously just type IHH terrorism ties on Google and you will be met with a plethora of links.

    They also were not just using metal pipes and knives (I’m not sure how you don’t think those constitute weapons in close combat), but threw stun grenades at the Israeli troops before the Israelis even boarded the ship.

    Gaza is not nearly starving; besides the goods let in through Israel, there is a very complex series of tunnels that smuggles in huge amounts of goods from Egypt. Even Abbas, the Palestinian PM, has said he is in favor of the Israeli blockade on Gaza.

    Regardless, Pacquiao is the most famous fighter on Earth right now, and I have no idea how anyone would watch Marquardt and Okami over Manny.

    • edub says:

      I was under the impression Hamas was tied to IHH. They have certain people and situations tied together in certain articles on the internet that is why I made that claim. There are also certain videos of soldiers getting hit with knives and metal pipes when soldiers boarded, but you are exactly right when you bring up the grenades.

      I will hopefully -(I say that because I feel like im wearing down…) – not be watching because I can’t stand the lack of punishment Margarito, and the shadyness of the Texas commission that gave him a license. I just can’t get by thinking about watching the Cotto fight and now knowing that Margarito quite possibly had plaster in his gloves at the time.

  5. edub says:

    Well apparently Brandon Rios and margarito think Parkinson’s if funny, or they didn’t know Freddy Roach had it. Really? You don’t know the most famous trainer in the world has Parkinson’s? Maybe they should do that bit in front of Muhammad Ali or Michael J. Fox. I’m sure they would find it funny.

    • The Gaijin says:

      I saw that…more grade A-class act stuff out of that @$$-hat.

      Good lord I want Manny to beat his ass so badly. The funny thing is there’s usually many times when you can tell if a guy is playing it up for the fight or not, and I have a feeling Tony Margarito is not playing it up one bit for this fight. He really is just one big P.O.S. human being.

      • Mr. Roadblock says:

        When I read about that my first thought was Emile Griffith vs Benny Paret. Paret called Griffith a maricon (sp?).

        I hope Manny gives Margarito Parkinsons, at least.

  6. Chromium says:

    At the risk of going off-topic, how can anyone say Nay on Brittney Palmer? The UFC needed a third ring girl and she’s smoking hot. It’s almost as much of a no-brainer as the merger itself.

  7. Zack says:

    Wow…this is the worst comments section in FO history. Politics and ring girls.

    Ed. — I don’t know what the hell happened.

    • Chromium says:

      Zack, read the article. I was being sarcastic when I said I was risking going off topic.

      Yea or nay on Brittney Palmer? She’s coming over to UFC in the WEC merger.

      I’ll add though: I really hope the UFC hasn’t given up on doing a show in Japan. Especially if they can bolster their FW and BW divisions some with the addition of some good Japanese fighters. Omigawa could get a Featherweight title shot with a couple of wins in the UFC (or maybe just one), which would be a great semi-main-event for a Japanese show, and they still have Okami, Akiyama, and Mizugaki.

    • Mr. Roadblock says:

      This one really jumped the shark.

  8. bluerosekiller says:

    Margarito is, indeed, a massive POS as a human being.

    He has no remorse for his criminal actions with his loaded wraps ( the same wraps he used SO obviously in many of his pre-Mosley bouts without getting caught, damn near ruining both Kermit Citron & Miguel Cotto in the process… ) & now we see how little he cares about ANY other human beings besides his opponents as well.

    An over-reaction? Perhaps.
    But in my eyes he’s every bit as guilty as Luis Resto & Panama Lewis & should have been jailed & had his license to fight revolked for life.
    Who knows what sort of damage he may have inflicted on past opponents that will manifest itself in the future, later on in those opponent’s lives?
    Hell, it’s been pretty much accepted by the southern California boxing community that Margarito sometimes used those same loaded wraps during SPARRING sessions!
    What a TOTAL punk & a coward.

    I don’t know which outcome I want to see more on Saturday night, Manny blasting him out embarrassingly early, proving that Margarito was never anything but another southern Cally circuit clubfighter without his loaded wraps.
    Or, for Manny to administer a long, one sided, brutal beat down causing him to quit in his corner like the coward that he is…

    • Chromium says:

      Sadly the promoters are probably looking to capitalize on the fans’ hate for Margarito. It’s one thing to draw fans as a heel for being a total dick (see Lesnar and Koscheck). It’s another thing when you hated because you legit put people’s long-term health in jeopardy via cheating to get ahead in your sport. I’m a little torn on this fight because I don’t think Margarito should be allowed to financially capitalize on his infamy considering how he got it, but I do hope Pacquiao completely fucks him up and embarrasses him.

      • Lefthook says:

        bluerosekiller – Margarito did not know anything about the handwraps as his cornerman confessed, it was only done once before the Mosley fight and they were exposed. Margarito is just a natural strong puncher….

        Chromium – As you can tell from the fight, Margarito took all of what pacquiao can dish out and was still standing after 12 rounds. Pacquiao did not walk away unscathed either. this was the worst pacquiao has looked in his last 13 or so fights….

  9. Lefthook says:

    I think the fight took a bigger toll on pacquiao…I wouldn’t be surprised if pacquiao retires as an aftermath of this scrape with Margarito….


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