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About that Undertaker/Brock Lesnar ‘tiff’ around Ariel Helwani…

By Zach Arnold | October 25, 2010

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For someone who supposedly hates Brock Lesnar, Undertaker is sure respectful of him in other post-UFC 121 media interviews that have come out. It should be noted that Dave Meltzer is backing up the rumors that WWE is interested in booking Brock Lesnar vs. Undertaker for Wrestlemania 2011. What’s old is new again, I suppose.

As for the Fight! Magazine interview, ‘Taker talks about Velasquez as UFC Heavyweight champion in the interview, along with Jake Shields’ prospects against Georges St. Pierre, and…

DANNY ACOSTA: “You’re obviously a huge Mixed Martial Arts fan. You use a variation of the gogoplata in your pro-wrestling performances. Will you ever get involved in MMA? Not so much as a fighter, but you know, trying to be in a promotion or commentating or something like Bill Goldberg did?”

THE UNDERTAKER: “Well, I don’t know, you know. Yeah, it’s way too late in the game for me to switch over and… you know, I uh… I don’t know. I kind of enjoy being a fan. But who’s to say, you know, somewhere down the road I might, you know, I might try and manage a few fighters but, uh, I don’t really have any, you know once I get out from in front of the camera I want to be, you know, behind the cameras. It’s, uh… I like to be a fan and nights like [UFC 121], I had a really good time… I work all the time, so, you know, it’s unusual when I get a night off, so, you know…”

DANNY ACOSTA: “This is Brock’s first loss in a while. How do you feel he’ll rebound from this going forward?”

THE UNDERTAKER: “I think he showed how he rebounds after he loses a fight. You know, you learn, you know this is what, Brock’s sixth fight, something like that. You know, I mean, what he’s accomplished with six fights is remarkable. That goes back to his incredible strength and his wrestling background, you know every loss you know it should make you better, you know, you study your film, you study your tape, you figure out what you did wrong, and you work on those things and, you know, you get back in the gym and, you know, you get after it and you make your corrections. I think Brock will be a better fighter, you know. He was, you know, things happen, you know. Everybody gets caught. So, uh, you know, I figure he’ll go back and look at this fight and, you know, make some tweaks to his game plan and I can’t wait to see it again.”

The night after these comments, he was ‘buried alive’ at the Bragging Rights PPV by Kane.

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15 Responses to “About that Undertaker/Brock Lesnar ‘tiff’ around Ariel Helwani…”

  1. Dikaios says:

    you know, you know,you know, you know,you know, you know,you know, you know,you know, you know,you know, you know,you know, you know,you know, you know,you know, you know,you know, you know,you know, you know,

    I guess I know it all!

  2. 45 Huddle says:

    Ariel needs to remove himself from his Pro Wrestling mind. It hurts his credibility when he makes a big deal about a Taker/Lesnar staring garbage.

    I think Taker is a huge MMA fan but he needs to keep his WWE antics away from the octagon….

  3. So The Undertaker shouldn’t be allowed to purchase a ringside seat to a UFC event because that’s “causing WWE antics”?

    If the UFC that THAT concerned with distancing themselves from pro wrestling, why would they sign a former WWE champion in the first place, and immediate make him a main-event star?

    Or show WWE wrestlers in the audience?

    Or use WWE footage to promote Brock when they signed him?

  4. Fluyid says:

    This fake stuff is getting out of hand. Next thing you know, Dana White will be stuffing shoulder pads into his suit to try and make himself look bigger.

  5. smoogy says:

    Helwani is taking a beating for being involved in that stunt.

    • 45 Huddle says:

      And rightfully so. Interviewing The Undertaker is sort of okay if they are just talking MMA. He has no control over what the Taker does during the interview.

      What he does have control over if twittering about it. He has control as to whether or not he even posts the video online. When he did both of those things, he should have been bashed for it.

      • smoogy says:

        The whole thing was obviously staged. When has he ever done an interview with that kind of person, at that moment, in that part of the arena? Hyping it up on twitter then trying to distance himself from it was pretty hilarious though.

  6. 45 Huddle says:

    Some analyst is saying that EA is unlikely to make a 2nd MMA game.

    I haven’t picked up the game yet…. Plan on doing so around X-Mas…. Hoping it drops in price first, but will probably still shell out the $60 if it doesn’t.

    I’m a casual gamer, but many people are saying it was released at the absolutely worst time possible. I guess a bunch of good games came out at the same time and it got completely lost in the shuffle.

  7. Bryan says:

    The whole pro wrestling thing doesn’t bother me much, but it’s not something I particularly enjoy either. The only reason I would want to see Lesnar vs. Undertaker at Wrestlemania is just to watch online MMA forums have a collective meltdown, but I sure as hell wouldn’t buy the PPV.

  8. david m says:

    He isn’t anymore, but an hour or two ago Cain was the top story on; that is some serious publicity! The story is now like 4th from the top.

    This was their lead sports story:

    I would like Jim Ross to announce MMA, but maybe I am just wrong for actually enjoying an announcer who doesn’t sound like everything he said was recorded. Jim Ross is the best play by play man I’ve ever heard in any sport; I can’t imagine he couldn’t carry his skills over to mma.

  9. klown says:

    About the previous post (why are the comments closed?), I believe that site’s a decoy site used by the UFC to obstruct would-be free riders. In the days before a UFC PPV, hundreds of sites like that one flood the internet containing all the key words that someone trying to stream the event is likely to google. They don’t actually lead to a live feed, often clicking on the links provided takes you to other sites. Why it was linked to by the Chronicle is beyond me though.

  10. robthom says:

    I cringed at first when the camera did a celebrity spot on the undertaker earlier in the show.

    But I was actually somewhat impressed by his interview with Helwani, he seemed honest and grounded in his opinions about MMA.

    The Brock vs. undertaker is as big of a joke as wrasslin though.

    If mr taker has a problem with the brock, they can get down for real in the cage like Randy did to Toney.
    (If mr taker can somehow get sanctioned that is.)


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