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K-1 2010 World GP Final 16 in Seoul

By Zach Arnold | October 2, 2010

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K-1 ran the first part of their “Double Impact” two-day event series in Seoul, South Korea at the Olympic Gym. A very interesting show on several fronts. First, the TV networks broadcasted the event in 3D mode. Second, Jerome Le Banner walked out after three rounds of his fight with Keijiro Maeda (Kyotaro) and, from the sounds of it, won’t get penalized. It appears he will get a chance for a ‘reserve fight’ in the GP Tournament when K-1 runs the Best 8 event at Ariake Colosseum. Third, Sadaharu Tanigawa noted that it isn’t a reality to run a DREAM event in South Korea because they don’t have the sponsorship money to make it a financial reality. It’s truly amazing to hear a promoter actually speak the truth (partially?).

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25 Responses to “K-1 2010 World GP Final 16 in Seoul”

  1. robthom says:

    So overated, I mean overeem (I never get tired of that one) defeated an australian.

    So now I suppose that I’ll have to hear about how dominant overeem is, how much he’s improved, and how he’s a top 10 HW.

    And the associated bad flashbacks of pride marks and vanderlei silva’s amazing reign.

    • The Gaijin says:

      That’s pretty g-d damned trollish RT. You’re usually a lot better than that.

      • robthom says:

        Care to elaborate?

        What part?

        (Although I’ll admit attacking silva seems completely unrelated to the article)

        • The Gaijin says:

          (a) Believe it or not Edwards is actually a pretty highly regarded K-1 prospect – and tough SOB. I believe he broke JLB’s record for the K-1 regional world tourney (e.g. total time to win) and destroyed Slowinski, who’s no slouch in the kickboxing department.

          (b) While I’m sure there will be online chatter about what you said, (i) do we really listen to these type of people seriously? and (ii) I highly doubt anyone here was going to come running on to say that type of hyperbolic junk, but you’re really just baiting.

          (c) You broke mma poster rule 104 – Thou shall not talk use the name of Wanderlei Silva in vain. As continued bandwagon engineer, I must give you a yellow card and deduct 10% of your purse.

        • robthom says:

          I’ve heard of slowinski, not notable chatter but heard of him.

          I’ll concede to my violation of point C.

          My bad.
          I’m probably in a mood.

        • edub says:

          Anybody else hope that Wand jumped over the seat and beat Chael to a pulp when the were in that car interview together. I love how he pretty much warned that Chael would get jumped in Brazil the next time he was there if he didn’t stop talking shit.

        • The Gaijin says:

          @edub – too bad he proceeded to continue talking shit after this video took place. I wish I could say Wandy would give him an old fashioned ass-stomping, but given Wandy’s wear and tear and the different rule-sets, we’re more than likely to see a Chael top control-fest (even though I think Wandy’s TDD and ability to get out from the bottom is severely underrated).

          @robthom – right after I open my mouth about no one who matters taking this Overeem win out of context…Bas f****n Rutten goes out and says Overeem is the #1 mma HW in the world. Ei ei eiii…I guess my entire argument goes out on its ear and I’m issuing mea culpas!

  2. robthom says:

    Looks like some fresh blood in K1.
    Which is what they need.

    Zimmerman and ewerton have topped out.

    Looking forward to their replacements.

    Sad to see lebanner and sefo burn out, but once again, interested in their usurpers.

    • The Gaijin says:

      Honestly I’m glad to see guys like JLB and Sefo getting ousted. As much as they are legends and were great – WERE is the key word here. K-1 has been really stagnant, having a lot of the same major players that were around since like 1991-93…which doesn’t speak well for their ability to find the new up and coming stars if these guys are still “top dogs” making up the top 8 guys in the tourney.

      Too bad in JLB’s case it was BS judging (as usual)…and people complain about MMA judging in Japan.

      • robthom says:

        “Too bad in JLB’s case it was BS judging (as usual)…and people complain about MMA judging in Japan.”


        Was there something screwy with the judging?

        Over on another well regarded yet dispicable MMA forum they said that he didn’t look good.

        I guess I’ll have to watch this (with the sound off, I just cant deal with the voice) and see for my self.

        • The Gaijin says:

          Meh it wasn’t abjectly horrible, but I don’t see how you couldn’t score it for JLB. He certainly didn’t look “JLB”-like, but that says more about his opponent than him.

          K-1 judging is among the most suspect there is…so im not surprised.

        • edub says:

          Completely agree with Gaij here. JLB won the first two rounds easy IMO. I even thought that the 3rd was close although he was gassing.

          Im in agreement witm my dislike of the voice. Everytime Kyotaro landed he went nuts. Although JLB was doing just as much damage. The lines like “He’s got more hooks than a pirate convention” are also starting to be really annoying.

  3. liger05 says:

    just downloading it now. Sounds like a decent watch.

  4. Kalle says:

    I really, really hate the new rule against doublehanded clinching. If a guy clinches up, throws a knee, then releases, who gives a crap if he uses one hand or two? You see fighters almost gripping with both hands then catching themselves, or fighter getting in a beautiful knee strike only to have the reaf break up the fighters and issue a warning.

    • Bryan says:

      You and me both. Overeem would have ended that fight in about half the time if he was able to finish the clinch he had on Edwards before he remembered the rules and let it go.

    • edub says:

      Agree with both of you guys. Doesn’t it seem like they put in that rule strictly for Overeem.

  5. David M says:

    I gave up on K1 after they changed the clinch knee rules after Buakaw raped Masato’s soul.

    • The Gaijin says:

      Well they’ve actually changed them AGAIN if I understand correctly.

      Initially they went to a “you can only throw one strike from the clinch and then you must release” (Buakaw rule) and now it’s “you can only clinch with one hand and can only throw one strike and must release”.

      I think that’s an Overeem/Schilt rule change.

  6. Max Solaris says:

    Ghokan Saki looks great. When there are big dudes like Semmy and Overeem, the knee rules will try to be lessened so that they dont destroy everyone. I love K-1.

  7. Erik says:

    Bad judging wasnt the problem in the JLB/Kyotaro fight, JLB was, and K-1 judging isn’t nearly as bad as MMA in the US.

    The whole thing with JLB was just him being a primadonna and horrible sportsman. He started the same bullshit when he fought Texeira but at least that time he fought the extra round.

    Basically 2 judges had it a draw, which was the correct score, and one judge had it for JLB. JLB seems to think he should win which everyone including him know isn’t the case, that is a majority draw. He blew his wad in the 2nd then got beaten up in the 3rd, broken nose, got badly rocked and it seems to me he knew that it wasn’t going to go well for him in the extra round.

  8. Bryan says:

    No one commenting on the MAX card Saturday night?

  9. edub says:

    Daniel Ghita FTW. That guy is a monster.

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