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Frank Mir says… something… about drug-related MMA suspensions

By Zach Arnold | September 23, 2010

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Audio cut clipped by Steve Cofield for Yahoo Sports

CHAD DUKES: “I got to ask you, of course, about the elephant in the room with MMA right now with what happened with Shane Carwin, with what Chael Sonnen’s going through right now and about performance-enhancing drugs, it’s in all sports. And you got a guy, I love Chael Sonnen’s smack talk going into the Anderson Silva fight but he was doing all of that while, you know, it looks like taking a steroid. You’re a guy that’s very good with words, you’re a guy that can go out there and promote his own fight and sell himself. What do you make of all of that, you know, bluster and now we know this about him with the positive test, what do you think the ramifications should be for a guy in your sport that tests positive for a PED?”

FRANK MIR: “Well, I think, honestly, I mean, I think it’s going to depend on what it was.”

CHAD DUKES: “Right.”

FRANK MIR: “As far as what I’m hearing right now, it’s just… you know, it’s a performance-enhancing drug, a PED. Well, does that mean he took an aspirin? I mean, that, you know… you can take certain supplements, you know, they’re very strict with our drug testing so I’m aware that, you know, if you were to take an over-the-counter cough medicine could be a problem if we don’t tell the doctor we’re taking it.”

CHAD DUKES: “Right.”

FRANK MIR: “Does it fall under that qualification? So, that’s why like I’m kind of waiting before I pass any kind of judgment. I just want the full story and so far I’ve heard the PEDs are such a broad spectrum of substances, I mean he could have took a mushroom plant that’s, you know, from China that, you know, had too much caffeine in it. Well, that’s you know, PEDs, like whoa. That’s not kind of what first comes to my mind when someone talks about, you know, a performance-enhancing drug. I tend to think like everybody else, well I’m going to think it that it’s steroids or some sort. But so far I think if it had been that, again I’m not up to date completely this week just from what’s going on in my career you know I’m fighting this weekend, so if you guys know any thing differently, so far I’m just hearing a little broad, you know, what’s really going.”

CHAD DUKES: “Well, I mean the latest I heard that it was at first it was thought to be a natural steroid and now they’re saying is an unnatural steroid. He has not addressed it yet but, I mean Jordan (it’s Josh, Chad…) Gross said that there should be a zero tolerance policy with the UFC and steroids. I mean if it comes out like if they got proof that he pops positive for a steroid, would you be in favor of something that drastic?”

FRANK MIR: “Um, as far as … what do you mean?”

CHAD DUKES: “Like a zero tolerance, like if you pop positive for a steroid, you’re not going to fight in the UFC any more?”

FRANK MIR: “Um… you know, I don’t know, I think it has to be a case-by-case situation just like… that’s why I mean we have laws on the books even in our civilian life, they’re not completely cut-and-dry, you know. … It kind of depends on the circumstances. I’m a very liberal person, so I have to see the situation like if he’s like, yeah, you know, I had an injury and I went to the doctor and, you know, it was a situation of not fighting, not fighting and my competitive nature got a hold of me, you know, I don’t know if that really would justify it to me ending someone’s career. If it was purely … and some guy comes on and says, yeah I took this so that way I could smash holes and I’m nuts, you know I’m like, well OK, that guy we need to go ahead and… He’s in a different category than a guy who’s wanting to hurt or you know otherwise had to pull out and I just, I couldn’t handle that mentally, it was my title shot, I get to fight the best fighter in the world, you know what I mean? Those are two different versions, so it’s like I don’t know where he falls on that spectrum.”

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5 Responses to “Frank Mir says… something… about drug-related MMA suspensions”

  1. edub says:

    So what category does someone who says (I am paraphrasing) “I wanna be the first person end someone’s life in the octagon” belong in? Funny how he said that in the midst of gaining 30 lbs of muscle…

  2. David M says:

    Josh Gross is a buffoon. Who in their right mind wouldn’t cheat if the difference between winning and losing meant being rich and being broke and having no options..

    BTW Dana’s comments on Josh Barnett were hilarious. He has such obvious vitriol for Josh; I hope their promo war goes back and forth.

  3. Mark says:

    Lots of people say MMA fighters/promoters borrow their material from pro wrestling. But now it’s really looking like they’re borrowing material from politicians.

    Dana goes for the tried and true “divert to somebody doing something worse to dodge the issue“ tactic. In Washington it’s “Yes, I took special interest money, but this guy from the other party took more, so let’s talk about him instead.“ Dana goes for “We don’t know all the facts yet. But this Josh Barnett asshole who failed 3 steroid tests is saying mean things about me so let’s spend our alloted time discussing him.“

    Mir goes for the dodge the question by saying a whole bunch but really saying nothing. Even going for a little of the Bill Clinton “It depends on what your definition of ‘is’ is.“ by the “What’s a PED? Did he take an asprin?“ playing dumb. Then he pretends like he has no idea about anything on this issue and expects us to believe nobody he’s working with has said “Hey, did you hear about Sonnen? They said his testosterone level was unnatural.“ or no prior interview has brought it up before he worked his way down to a local radio host. Then he turns on the “talk loud and say nothing“ technique with the “Blah, blah, blah, cough medicine is banned. Blah, blah, blah, caffeinated mushrooms. Blah, blah, blah it’s alright for injuries.“

    And now a guy who has been rumored to be on the gas for a year will be facing a guy rumored to be on the gas like everybody else he worked with for a decade. Does that count as irony?

    • edub says:

      “And now a guy who has been rumored to be on the gas for a year will be facing a guy rumored to be on the gas like everybody else he worked with for a decade. Does that count as irony?”

      That last part Mir and CroCop?

  4. mma shorts says:

    he sure has gained some muscle rapidly!


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