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MMA notebook – Dan Hardy says he has brought in a mystery training partner

By Zach Arnold | September 21, 2010

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A very entertaining column today by Dan Hardy for this is Nottingham where he talks about Carlos Condit and how Greg Jackson’s game-planning will supposedly take away from Condit’s strengths.

John Hathaway jumps into the “wrestlers are boring” debate and also talks about the job judges have right now in MMA.

Adam Watson says that UFC President Dana White hates cheaters and that it’s bad news for Chael Sonnen. No it’s not. Yes, Mr. White is angry that he lost a lucrative rematch. On the other hand, look at the amount of fighters who have failed drug tests who are still on the UFC active roster. Just look at the UFC Middleweight division itself (Marquardt, Belfort, Sonnen, Leben).

Scott Coker of Strikeforce talks about women’s MMA in this San Bernadino Sun article. I think it’s ironic that he’s talking about the integrity of the women’s weight classes when the promotion’s booking on the men’s side has done anything but keep integrity to such classes.

Frank Shamrock is quoted in this KTVU (Bay Area) article about an attempted sexual assault incident in Santa Clara County. Frank has gained attention in the media for his self-defense DVD course for women to protect themselves in these kinds of situations.

The Glendale News Press in California has an article on the upcoming Manny Gamburyan/Jose Aldo fight. My first takeaway from the article was, “There are WEC conference calls?”

On our various media platforms, it was interesting to see how voluminous the reaction was to the news that Efrain Escudero got cut by the UFC. A lot of it was negative against Escudero getting cut.

The news about Urijah Faber vs. Takeya Mizugaki happening in November was not unexpected. What was unexpected is the fact that the fight will now be happening in Las Vegas instead of Sacramento at Arco Arena. I understand that there may be extenuating circumstances (the Maloofs own the building and the Sacramento Kings play NBA ball there, plus some business players in Las Vegas may be asking for a big fight in town, along with Zuffa giving their production team a travel break), but the truth is that even if WEC ran the 3,700-seat Memorial Auditorium in Sacramento it would be a hotter, livelier, bigger crowd than what they’re going to draw in Las Vegas for this fight.

Matt Hughes says he’s happy to fight BJ Penn in November in Detroit because coming off of his win over Ricardo Almeida last August in Oakland, he’s still “kinda in shape.” Nate Wilcox talks about why the fight is a good idea for both men.

Marcus Aurelio is ready to fight Shin’ya Aoki this weekend on the DREAM 16 card in Nagoya. Yes, it’s this weekend.

Want to get attention from your local media outlet for committing a crime? Label yourself as a ‘beginning Mixed Martial Arts fighter’.

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2 Responses to “MMA notebook – Dan Hardy says he has brought in a mystery training partner”

  1. Garrett Bailey says:

    I think everyone should want to fight BJ Penn solely on the fact that they are “kinda in shape.”

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