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Josh Thomson on fight with JZ Calvacante: Hey, it’s just another fight

By Zach Arnold | September 16, 2010

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INTERVIEWER: “How have you been since we last saw you in the cage?”

JOSH THOMSON: “I’ve been good. Taking my dog for a walk, you know, eating a lot and putting some weight on, getting fat, that kind of thing. So, by October 9th I’ll be ready.”

INTERVIEWER: “So you have a huge fight on October 9th against JZ Calvacante. How do you feel like you match up against him?”

JOSH THOMSON: “Um, you know, I think we’re just completely different fighters. I mean, he’s shorter, he’s stalkier, he’s probably going to be stronger than me but you know I mean I’ve dealt with everybody that’s always been stronger than me, I’m not a strong Lightweight. I’m not really too concerned, it’s just another fight and I think he’s a great fighter and he’s beaten all the best guys, you know, and his only losses have come to like the best guys so and… it’s just another fight, you know, it’s going to be a good fight, though, I’ll tell you that.

“Two totally different styles are going to clash and we’re just going to see what happens. Flip a coin, we’ll see.”

INTERVIEWER: “Do you think this is a #1 contender’s match?” (for Gilbert Melendez’s Strikeforce Lightweight title championship)

JOSH THOMSON: “Uh, you know… I don’t really know, I mean… Really, I mean, I don’t think there’s any other two other Lightweights better than us in Strikeforce. I mean, there’s Gil, you know the three of us are the three best guys and I think that’s why they matched us. I would have liked to have seen a little buildup from JZ in Strikeforce, you know maybe have him fight Gurgel, which you know he just fought KJ, but you know somebody else I mean, but whatever. I’m down to fight him and like I said I only want the best fights so they threw a line out at me, you know, I was like a fish and just took it. A stupid fish, but hey, I took it.”

INTERVIEWER: “So the main event, KJ Noons vs. Nick Diaz. What’s your prediction for that fight?”

JOSH THOMSON: “Who freaking knows? You know, I mean KJ’s fighting at Lightweight, you know the first time they fought people shouldn’t forget that the first time they thought it was at 160, it wasn’t at 170, I don’t know if they even have a catch weight for this fight. Yeah, see it’s 170, that’s for the title so… you know, Nick’s going to be a little bit bigger and Nick’s been fighting bigger guys and I don’t k now, man, it’s going to be really hard to tell but I’m only going to go with Nick because he’s been fighting the bigger guys lately and he’s really looked good his last couple of fights. But it’s going to be interesting to see, too, he’s coming off a layoff. He’s not used to coming off of a layoff like this, you know, he fought Sakurai but I mean you know he’s been suspended and now I mean I don’t know what he’s been doing and doing the normal but hey whatever he’s doing is working, so you can’t underestimate him, man. I got to say Nick right now is probably one of the best at Welterweight in the world. If not, you know, the Top 3 or 4 you know so but KJ, KJ’s he’s a little bit smaller, they’re not fighting at 160 this time, that’s probably the only reason I’m going to take Nick is that I think KJ is a little smaller, he’s been trying to fight Lightweights and trying to keep his weight down, you know, I think the weight might end up being a problem and if they get in the mix up as far as like in the clinch and stuff like that.”

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4 Responses to “Josh Thomson on fight with JZ Calvacante: Hey, it’s just another fight”

  1. 45 Huddle says:

    Josh looked real bad during his last fight. I think those injuries are catching up with him.

  2. edub says:

    Hmmm seems like someone is fake posting…

  3. Coyote says:

    this is gonna be an amazing fight period.


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