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Urijah Faber: “From the sound of things, it sounds like they’re going to want me to go down to 35”

By Zach Arnold | May 29, 2010

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They, meaning the WEC/Zuffa. Transcript of the main portion of the video:

LARRY PEPE: “Urijah, of course, first question. How you feeling and how’s the leg?”

URIJAH FABER: “It’s much better, you know. It got real big for a little big and then it’s gotten a lot smaller. It’s smaller than it was before the fight. Working on building some muscle back there and kind of getting a game plan on when I’m going to fight again. not 100% sure when, but it’s going to be fairly soon.”

LARRY PEPE: “So you feel like you’re ready to get back to training and get back in the cage?”

URIJAH FABER: “Yeah, I’ve been doing something you know for (being) active the whole time. It’s just a matter of you know when I’m going to be 100% and it shouldn’t be too long.”

LARRY PEPE: “So, of course, the other big question is — 135? 145? Where do you want to be in this next time?”

URIJAH FABER: “Well… from the sound of things, it sounds like they’re going to want me to go down to 35s. It’s something that I’ve wanted to do for a long time, go down and have some fights down there. So i’ll probably have a couple of fights down there, maybe go back up to 45s. We’re not real sure, yet.”

URIJAH FABER: LARRY PEPE: “So, do you think the time off, you said the leg got a little smaller, maybe you lost a little bit of that muscle you put, maybe that helps you make 135?”

URIJAH FABER: “Well, I mean, I’m a small 45-pounder. So, all though college I was 133 pounds. It wasn’t like a, you know, it’s been a hard cut from 45 so I’m probably a natural 35-pounder, it won’t be difficult for me. But I’d like to get the muscle back and still make 35s.”

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3 Responses to “Urijah Faber: “From the sound of things, it sounds like they’re going to want me to go down to 35””

  1. 45 Huddle says:

    I think this is great. I’ve wanted to see Faber at 135 for a while. I think he can easily become world champion at this weight class.

    This is all part of the maturing of the Featherweight & Bantamweight Classes. The guys are finally going to their natural weigh divisions.

    The next thing that needs to be done is for the UFC and WEC to merge so we can see a bunch of Lightweights drop down to Featherweight.

  2. Mr.Roadblock says:

    He’s going to need to change his vitamin regimen.

    135 should be a better weight for him. He won’t be as short and guys will have a little less power. Should give him a wrestling advantage too.

  3. cutch says:

    Does’nt always work though, many guys like Hansen, Sanchez, Vera & Igor etc, some guys are just better suited being the smaller faster fighter.

    I agree though that we will start seeing the lighterweight divions grow and current top contenders at Bantamweight like Bowles & Benavidez could easily make Flyweight.

    I think as MMA progresses we may get multi weight champs like Pac Man (although not that extreme because of the 10lb jump in MMA instead of 5lbs)


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