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Fans, fighters, and insiders gather at Queen’s Park in Toronto for MMA Day

By Zach Arnold | May 23, 2010

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I know that Showdown Joe Ferraro was very instrumental in hyping up the event on all the media platforms he is on. Here is an event report on MMA Day, including comments from Joe himself. CBC News filed a report from the event. TSN also filed a report along with The Toronto Star. The Toronto Sun mocked the size of the MMA Day rally at Queen’s Park in Ontario on Saturday, but came out in support of MMA in the province. Here’s a fairer article from the Sun on the event, along with a video news package.

Josh Gross was in attendance last night at Mott Gym in San Luis Obispo for an MMA event called Fight for Wrestling, which was a fundraiser to help save the school’s wrestling program. Wrestling programs are getting cut at a lot of schools due to budgetary concerns, so we may start seeing more events like this. Stephen Neal of the New England Patriots was in attendance along with Urijah Faber. John Hackleman’s son fought on the undercard.

BJ Penn is in Canada this weekend for an autograph & book tour session. The article linked is worth a read because Penn talks about the process that he went through in having the book written, along with his probation stint from a few years ago.

The Washington Post has an article on last night’s UWC event from the Patriot Center in Fairfax, Virginia that drew an estimated crowd of 4,000. Jordan Breen watched the show and you can read his thoughts on the fight by clicking here.

With Bellator coming to San Antonio this week, the local newspaper has a long article talking about Bellator’s future and long-term prospects. John Whistler of the San Antonio News-Express is the newspaper’s long-time boxing writer.

Today is feeling like the calm before the storm, as this coming week will be a flurry of activity in preparation for UFC 114. The top fight on that card is so strong, but there are only so many stories you can write about it. Perhaps some interesting stories regarding the undercard will develop or progress… like an interview with John Hathaway, who is facing Diego Sanchez. Sanchez’s move back up to 170 pounds (Welterweight) is certainly an interesting move.

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