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Hannity gives UFC Heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar some air time

By Zach Arnold | January 22, 2010

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Being a meathead who insults other countries can cost you sponsorships if you are an athlete. If you do both and you are also a conservative, that can really cost you money. (Ask Hollywood.)

Unless, of course, you are in the fight business. Then, it can make you a lot of money and grab a lot of headlines. Which is why even when Brock Lesnar says something stupid, the net result of it can turn out to be marketing genius.

Brock Lesnar’s goofy rant about the Canadian health care system (he was in the middle of nowhere in Manitoba) got him not only air time on both political/sports talk radio and Hannity’s Fox News program, but it also has Canadian politicians in a furor. On the one hand, maybe the comments aren’t so helpful towards MMA legalization in Ontario. On the other hand, Lesnar’s all but guaranteed himself a main event booking when UFC debuts in Ontario. Smell the money. The Toronto Star sure is. If only we could hear what Chris Jericho’s thoughts are about Lesnar ripping Manitoba…

Hannity’s spin on Lesnar’s comments about President Obama and the Canadian health care system were played on Friday night’s Fox News show. Lesnar was labeled as an “ultimate fighting champion” who is President Obama’s biggest, “fiercest critic.”

Speaking of politicos talking about wrestlers, a weird convergence happened today between NBC political news director Chuck Todd and Washington Post writer Chris Cilizza. Their conversation about wrestling started when Darius Rucker was asked on Dan Patrick’s radio show to name his three favorite wrestlers. Todd, a graduate from the University of Miami, chimed in and remarked that Eddie Graham’s Florida territory was “VERY b level.” Ouch. This prompted Cilizza on the Washington Post site to talk about his three favorite wrestlers. At least there’s one thing in Washington D.C. that every politico agrees on — Ric Flair is the #1 wrestler of all time. That’s bipartisanship you can count on.

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