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Public comments on Brock Lesnar’s health condition; WCCO TV says Lesnar has severe case of diverticulitis; Associated Press says Lesnar to be released from hospital shortly

By Zach Arnold | November 16, 2009

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With this report from TMZ today stating that Lesnar has “some sort of intestinal disorder,” let’s take a look at comments that Dave Meltzer made on late Sunday night on his radio show.

DAVE MELTZER: “Lesnar has um three or four things wrong with him, two of which are known and one or two of which aren’t known and um you know I think that Dana White today was going to…”

BRYAN ALVAREZ: “Meaning known by UFC?”

DAVE MELTZER: “And by him, yeah,”

BRYAN ALVAREZ: “Oh, okay, so he’s got two things even he doesn’t know what’s wrong.”

DAVE MELTZER: “At least.”

BRYAN ALVAREZ: “That’s not good.”

DAVE MELTZER: “There’s a lot, OK, the thing is um he had Mono, he trained on Mono and that probably is what’s causing all these other problems is that he trained while he was on Mono when he supposed to rest because he had a fight coming up and he refused to admit that he was tired even though he was really tired and then he finally you know so he went up to Canada, he collapsed in Canada early last week, um, and um was hospitalized and I think he was moved to a hospital in North Dakota where he at least was as of yesterday and um Dana White was going to fly there to get him to a better facility where they could find out more what’s wrong with him because there’s whatever the new thing is that’s wrong with him there’s also other things wrong with him that the new thing doesn’t cover, he’s in really rough shape and um they need to get him and get him diagnosed and get him back healthy and it’s uh you know he’s very very depressed from what I understand.”

BRYAN ALVAREZ: “Well I can imagine.”

DAVE MELTZER: “Yeah, because um him being sick and him being weak does not go well together and him not fighting doesn’t well together either, you know I think he was very much looking forward to you know I mean he wanted to fight three times this year and he ended up fighting once and um next year who knows, I mean you know you know there’s nothing on the schedule as far as like him fighting again, I mean it’s just you know I’m presuming they’re going to do an interim championship and uh although who they’ll do with it, I don’t know because now with Carwin having knee surgery (he didn’t) that um delays everything as well so it’s they’re just screwed but they’ll you know I don’t know how they’re going to get out of this one but you know I guess they will you know they’re working on some off beat ideas I guess but I don’t know if they’re going to get any of them ready for January 2nd.”

BRYAN ALVAREZ: “Now the Lesnar thing, I mean I just uh I mean that was actually what a lot of people were thinking was that he had Mono and then he just kept trying to train on it and then got a complication and I don’t know as far as the other two things you know I don’t know maybe took a bunch of medication to try and ease the pain or whatever and then screwed something else up and just…”

DAVE MELTZER: “There could be any of a million reasons.”

BRYAN ALVAREZ: “Snowball effect.”

DAVE MELTZER: “Probably, you know, probably just um probably just the Mono taking its effect with you know once one thing goes wrong with you it’s pretty easy for more things to go wrong with you so I think that’s kind of like what happened there.”

WCCO, a local news station in the Minneapolis area, says that Lesnar is suffering from diverticiulitis:

A source told WCCO that Lesnar has a severe case of diverticulitis, a disease where small pouches form in the digestive system.

The Associated Press claims that Lesnar is in the Bismarck, North Dakota area at a local hospital (stable condition) and that White is encouraging him to go to the Mayo Clinic.

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26 Responses to “Public comments on Brock Lesnar’s health condition; WCCO TV says Lesnar has severe case of diverticulitis; Associated Press says Lesnar to be released from hospital shortly”

  1. Fluyid says:

    What all can happen to you if you don’t rest up while you have mono? Can that Obama-looking doctor from chime in here and answer that for us?

    DAVE MELTZER: “There’s a lot, OK, the thing is um he had Mono, he trained on Mono and that probably is what’s causing all these other problems is that he trained while he was on Mono when he supposed to rest…

  2. dyno says:

    Hep B caused by the mono, liver inflamation and possibly failure, maybe even needing a transplant.
    That’s my guess. Not like I had Mono and Hep B or delt with any of this shit when I was a teen.

    I’m hoping the Mono caused his Irritable Bowel Syndrome to kick up causing his lower intestine to knot and now they gotta go in and remove part of his gut. That way we can see Brock doing sappy PSA announcements for IBS during episodes of Oprah.

  3. Fluyid says:

    Looked it up myself. Let the speculation begin:

    Enlargement of the spleen
    Among significant complications of mononucleosis is enlargement of the spleen. In extreme cases, your spleen may rupture, causing sharp, sudden pain in the left side of your upper abdomen. If such pain occurs, seek medical attention immediately — you may need surgery.

    Liver issues
    Problems with your liver also may occur:

    ?Hepatitis. You may experience mild liver inflammation (hepatitis).
    ?Jaundice. A yellowing of your skin and the whites of your eyes (jaundice) also occurs occasionally, usually in people older than 35.

    Less common complications
    Mononucleosis can also result in the following less common complications:

    ?Anemia — a decrease in red blood cells and in hemoglobin, an iron-rich protein in red blood cells
    ?Thrombocytopenia — low count of platelets, which are blood cells involved in clotting
    ?Inflammation of the heart
    ?Complications involving the nervous system (meningitis, encephalitis, Guillain-Barre syndrome)
    ?Swollen tonsils, leading to obstructed breathing
    The Epstein-Barr virus can cause much more serious illness in people who have impaired immune systems, such as people with HIV/AIDS or people taking drugs to suppress immunity after an organ transplant.

    And then we have this:

    Other Complications of Mononucleosis
    Some other complications associated with mononucleosis include jaundice, hepatitis, as well as spleen inflammation, which can lead to pain or rupturing.

    Less common complications of infectious mononucleosis include anemia and the inflammation of the heart.

    How long does it last?
    The virus usually multiplies silently in the body for 30 to 50 days after infection. Once the fever appears, it often lasts for a week or two. If there are no complications, the major symptoms usually last for 2 to 4 weeks, and then gradually resolve. Some continue to have fatigue for months or even years after the infection.

    A long list of possible complications can lengthen mono. These include meningitis, encephalitis, anemia, hepatitis, pneumonia, Reye syndrome, parotitis, or the painful testicular swelling found in mumps.

  4. Dave says:

    I’m not sure I buy the Diverticulitis. I had it a few years back and while I spent a week in the hospital and told it would be “good form” to remove 6 feet of intestine, I opted not to do it and instead just don’t eat things that don’t break down and can do whatever the hell I want.

    I don’t know, can Diverticulitis get worse, but it wouldn’t threaten your career like they are talking. The only thing I remember was surgery recovery time was 8 – 12 months, which is why I said “No.”

  5. jim allcorn says:

    In other words, MMA career-wise he looks to be f**ked.

    Oh well, time to move on. He had his run. Perhaps now he wishes he’d gone out on a bit classier of a note than he did post Mir II?

    Probably not.

    It’s actually sort of fitting when you look back on how he left the WWE & then Japan.

    Karma’s a bitch.

  6. 45 Huddle says:

    Doing an interim title is pointless if Lesnar is going to be out so long. And if they just do 1 fight to get a champion, it won’t feel too important.

    Personally, I think they should do a 4-man tournament. Frank Mir, Antonio Nogueira, Cain Velasquez, Shane Carwin, & Junior Dos Santos. I named 5, so one of them would be out of it.

    The winner of that tournament would solidify the Heavyweight Title again….

  7. The Gaijin says:

    @ jim allcorn – I don’t know where your vitriole and malice towards Lesnar comes from but to call a very serious health issue and career threatening disease karma is way over the line.

    Lesnar was/is a tremendous athlete and brought a lot of attention to the sport – regardless of whether or not you like his “attitude” I think he deserves some sympathy and good wishes from us.

  8. Alan Conceicao says:

    Months without training at this stage of his career will be very negative, no matter what. Hopefully its over and done with.

    BTW, I gotta say; if the UFC is serious about Renzo/Hughes, they ought to make that their TUF bout instead of using GSP/Hardy. That’s a main event that’s ready to go in a couple months when they’ll need a star performance. That fight could use TUF to really catapult interest in Renzo, feud with Hughes, and given that neither seem to be rushing towards it, is a far better use than any current star. Plus, they both run their own camps, so training fighters should be no big deal.

  9. jim allcorn says:

    Sorry Gaijin, no malice toward you nor your opinion on the matter, but I have a distinct feeling that at least some of these health issues are the result of choices he made himself years ago & perhaps even more recently than that. So, I find it difficult to feel any sympathy for him.

    A shi**y way to feel toward a fellow human being? Sure, but in this case it’s not something that will be changing any time soon.

  10. 45 Huddle says:

    Putting GSP & Hardy as coaches makes zero sense on so many levels. I actually like the idea of Hughes & Renzo as TUF Coaches. Who cares if that fight gets moved. It’s not like it means anything. And Renzo has the personality to do a great job on the show…

  11. Fluyid says:

    I was just now playing around on Ticketmaster’s site and located 24 tickets for the $1,000 seats at this Saturday’s UFC show. My boredom and strange habits aside, is that unusual for an event that is this close?

    I kept searching for seats in differing groups (like looking for 4 together, then 5 together, etc.) but finally got tired of playing around. There may be many more still available than the 24 that I found.

    My first search was for a set of four, and there was a set of four available on the 5th row.

    I honestly don’t know if this is the norm or not. I was just playing with the site to see what was still available.

  12. IceMuncher says:

    It’s not that unusual. The expensive seats are the last to go, if at all.

  13. Alan Conceicao says:

    Ticket sales for UFC 106 were strong because of Lesnar. Where you see the problems are the resale market.

  14. marlowe says:

    I hope Lesnar can get better soon. I really enjoyed watching him fight. Great interviews and was meant to be the bad guy.

    The thing about MMA is there is the next generation of HWY out there. Lesnar, Cain, Carwin, Rogers, etc all made in impact. I would suspect as more high caliber athletes will be attracted to MMA as the pay gets better.

    GSP vs Hardy, I would rather wait until Sheilds is available, otherwise at 170 I think GSP cleared out the division.

    Any update on the Shane McMahon and UFC story? This one would be a huge pickup.

  15. Mark says:

    Meltzer said Shane went to meet with UFC executives at their office. Dana was asked about it and said “No comment”, nobody has any access to Shane to know what he said about it. Lots of people are questioning in tinfoil hat mode whether King Carny Vince McMahon could be attempting to send Shane into the UFC to get inside info (like the belief he sent several people into WCW to spy and ruin them) and the whole family feud is a work. But since UFC isn’t competition for them they wouldn’t care about doing that, right? But at any rate, I’m sure UFC meets with lots of people they don’t hire and this could just be a total courtesy move because of his name and it’s a non-story.

  16. Mark says:

    Nothing since the original report. Dana said “no comment” and nobody has access to Shane to know his side of the story. I’m sure UFC meets with lots of people they don’t hire and because of Shane’s name this could just be a courtesy meeting since I still say his name brings more harm than good to a legitimate sport.

    And there’s a tinfoil hat theory going around that Vince and Shane are working the whole family feud so Shane would get hired by UFC and get him inside info (like the theory he sent several people in WCW to do that.) He is King Carny, but since they’re “not competition”, nor would knowing what they’re doing really matter since their product can’t really counter real fights, I don’t know about that.

  17. Mark says:

    (Ooops, sorry the original comment didn’t come up after posting and I thought it got lost, delete the first one please.)

    Another thought is when Lesnar comes back after a long layoff he’s obviously going to get a sympathetic “welcome back” reaction from fans, so will Lesnar be as effective beloved by the fans as he has been as the most hated UFC fighter? Maybe he can claim one of the fans caused his infection or something. But Lesnar is an incredibly unlikeable person so this reaction would be interesting.

  18. Alan Conceicao says:

    You know, an intestinal infection doesn’t exactly sound like a career death sentence, if that’s really the primary problem here. If Big Talking Dana is the guy out there pushing how its potentially career ending, while Brock’s camp was (perhaps truthfully!) stating that it wasn’t that serious, then maybe someone should double check who it is that’s reporting what and how they’re getting their info should it really turn out to be a speed bump. Because, frankly, it would be mighty transparent.

  19. Mark says:

    Yeah it was very bizarre of Dana to jump the gun like that. I guess maybe the belief was if he had 6 feet of intestines removed maybe Athletic Commissions might not license him. But either he’s trying to work a sympathy angle out of this for him (and I hope it includes a Countdown with dramatic reenactment footage of doctors telling Brock he’s never going to fight again as he weeps into Sable’s giant fake breasteses as sad piano music plays.) Or he really does have an advanced form of tourette syndrome that covers full statements.

  20. Zack says:

    “Yeah it was very bizarre of Dana to jump the gun like that. ”

    When has Dana not jumped the gun?

  21. Fluyid says:

    When has Dana not jumped the gun?

    Which brings to mind: Whatever happened with that unbelievably monumental announcement that he was supposed to make 2-3 months back that was going to change everything?

  22. Black Dog says:

    Right now, we all best face the reality that Lesnar is not going to fight again for several months, if ever.

    Mono is bad enough; as I’d mentioned earlier regarding my own experience, you truly do go for weeks or months before you feel 100%.

    If it is true that surgery for diverticulitis is the case, then Lesnar might not fight at all in 2010.

    My mother had the ailment; it’s painful and it’s no fun. One must alter their diet in the wake of the illness–Lesnar’s diet was not monitored specifically; I’m told as he didn’t have to make weight, and would lose 10-12 pounds per workout.

    His nutrition and conditioning would have to be adjusted.

    In any case: Dana White and UFC must now make serious decisions with regard to the heavyweight title, and their upcoming events.

    Even Lesnar I think would see the reason that the title needs to be on an active fighter, and needs to be defended. Have him vacate the belt, then do a decision match against the top two contenders. Whether Carwin is one of them, I’m not so sure.

    When Lesnar returns (I think he eventually will), he should get a shot at the belt, albeit after one or two tuneup fights against name contenders.

    As much as Lesnar has acted out of character for the way people wished he would (WWE, the NFL, New Japan), that doesn’t mean much when a fighter is looking at the possible end of his career. It would be sad, because I think Lesnar had an awful lot more he wanted to prove.

    I believe he’ll be back, but when is the question, in terms of rehabiliation, conditioning, etc.

    Whither now, Dana?

  23. marlowe says:


    I see, Trojan horse then. the UFC is defintely competition for pay-per-view buys and audience. Too bad, I think McMahon would have a lot to offer, but remembering what happened to WCW and it’s fairly quick demise after the boom years, I wouldn’t want a repeat in the UFC.

  24. Mark says:

    Well, even if Shane got into the inner-circle of Zuffa, which wouldn’t happen, the info he could pass back to WWE wouldn’t do much for them. With WCW it was another pro wrestling company you were competing against. A pro wrestling company cannot compete against a shoot fighting company, unless they’re planning to do something disastrous like signing Tank Abbott or running Brawl For All II.

  25. Frank says:

    Who gains with Lesnar down?……. FEDOR

    Was he poisoned?

  26. Mark says:

    Yes, they tricked him into sharing a steroid needle with Aleksander Emelianenko.


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