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Australian media focuses in on (former yakuza) MMA promoter

By Zach Arnold | October 20, 2009

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This story warms my heart, although since it’s only in audio form and video form I can’t identify what promotion the (former) yakuza Godfather is promoting. Any one got a clue?

If you’re in Australia and reading this, there will be video of this on ABC-TV1. Would be curious to find out more…

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9 Responses to “Australian media focuses in on (former yakuza) MMA promoter”

  1. Alan Conceicao says:

    Bellator finally announced their TV deal: FSN for live broadcasts, picking up Strikeforce’s slot for Universal HD/NBC & an hour program on Telemundo. Not spectacular, better than ESPN Deportes, probably still going to lead to bankruptcy.

  2. Steve says:

    Zach, ABC usually has a video of their website a few days after the air date.

    Foreign Correspondent did a program a few years ago during the early days of the UFC which had some excellent backstage footage of the Goodridge v Schultz match.

  3. 45 Huddle says:

    Fox Sports Net is the worst station for trying to make a MMA organization a success. Despite all the local stations being under one main umbrella name, it really is just a bunch of regional stations that each have their own agenda. It is nearly impossible to run live shows in all the major markets at the same time because of the other sport they cover such as MLB, NFL, & NBA. And once you lose that the ability to have your show on at the same time every week, it really makes it difficult to build a fanbase. The only company I have seen get beyond this is the WWE with Friday Night Smackdown being interupted by local baseball games in certain markets. But then again, they weren’t exactly a small company when this was happening.

    I thought it was an interesting post from mmalogic on this topic:

    “Zuffa closed the espn door on bellator… For all the people (ahem: Josh Gross… yeah I know you google alert your name you stupid f*ck) who think “MMA” is a viable TV product and said networks would be in the “running” right about now to get MMA programming… take note:

    FSN and buying infomercial time on NBC = nobody gave a shit so bellator had to settle for giving away their programming for less than 3rd tiier exposure. It’s one thing to give away your programming on a network like mynetwork TV and the time slot IFL had because there’s potential upside… what upside do you have with FSN?

    Obviously the TV deal gives them more time and they will probably make one more attempt at a real deal before going belly up.”

    As for Australia…. The UFC is supposed to be running a show there I believe in February. There is already an article of BE about the backlash that is starting to happen. This is not really a shock. I would be surprised if the show actually happens….

  4. Alan Conceicao says:

    Australia has been seeing UFC programming the whole run of the promotion, even during the dark ages. They’re better prepared for an event than Germany was, for instance. I expect more success with them than I did there (anyone else notice how fast talk about German expansion has died? LOL).

  5. 45 Huddle says:

    Australians love censorship.

  6. killacelebrity says:

    True. Our government are babying assholes.

  7. Brad Wharton says:

    @ 45: Why supprised if the show happens? Its the exact same press that the UFC got (and still gets) in the UK, Ireland, Germany and the US.

    There have been decent MMA shows running in OZ since 1997, no reason for a UFC not to take place.

  8. faybarpio says:

    Shinji Ishihara is the promoter, if that helps anyone ID the promotion.


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