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Final media heat-up for Gina Carano vs. Cris Cyborg

By Zach Arnold | August 15, 2009

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Just wondering… you notice how for a big fight the two women actually make weight and yet against ‘lesser opponents’ they either didn’t really care or had an excuse? Then again, nobody cares…

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26 Responses to “Final media heat-up for Gina Carano vs. Cris Cyborg”

  1. Mark says:

    Press Release: Cash4Gold will sponsor Cyborg tonight (does that mean MC Hammer and a picture of the late Ed McMahon will be in her corner?)


    This is too little too late. I think statistically, Saturday is the least used day for the internet I believe. I can’t imagine too many people reading and deciding to order Showtime to see this.

  2. Fluyid says:

    Hey! Where’s the hype for the big LEFT HOOK showdown in boxing???

    I can’t believe that ANYONE on the planet would pay for that PPV. RJJ vs. Jeff Lacy might end up being a good fight, but who cares?

  3. Detective Roadblock says:

    RJJ vs Lacy is a great main event for Friday Night Fights.

  4. Fluyid says:

    ^ Good call. I’d actually like to see the bout, but I wouldn’t buy it on a PPV.

  5. Ivan Trembow says:

    The Carano-Cyborg fight could very well come down to conditioning. We know that women can fight five rounds that are five minutes each, but can these particular women on this particular night fight five rounds that are five minutes each?

    The 2007 fight between Tara Larosa and Kelly Kobold was also booked to go 5×5 rounds, and it was an excellent fight that went into the fourth round until Larosa won with an armbar.

    However, Carano and Cyborg are not used to regularly fighting 5×5 rounds or even 3×5 rounds, because their fights in recent years have all been booked to be 3×3 rounds. Going from a nine-minute fight to a 25-minute fight is a huge leap, especially when you are also going against the toughest opponent of your career.

    In between his sexist comments about poll respondents thinking with their penises instead of their brains, Meltzer did make a valid point when he said that it’s like two sprinters meeting up in a much longer-distance race.

    One or both of them could very well gas out, and I can only imagine the sexist backlash that would ensue (as if male fighters don’t gas out all the time in fights that have three five-minute rounds, much less five five-minute rounds).

    As with any fight in which the two fighters push each other to exhaustion, there will probably be a point at which one of them is exhausted and the other isn’t. It’s a window that usually only lasts a few minutes (see Wanderlei Silva gassing out at the end of the first round against Rich Franklin, and then Franklin himself getting noticeably winded in the second round). For the fighter who isn’t the one to gas out first, it will be vital to take advantage of that usually-brief window.

  6. 45 Huddle says:

    We have seen male fighters like Mike Swick & Quinton Jackson admit that it was good they went 15 minutes in a fight because they had quick fights beforehand and they needed the longer fight experience.

    Going from 9 minutes to 25 minutes could be a big mistake if there isn’t a stoppage. I really think they should of had 3 minute rounds and 5 of them. And then eventually work there way up to 25 minutes after the champions and challengers show they can do the 15 minutes.

    I think women’s MMA will always be dealing with a double standard and fighting to seem legit. Articles about Carani doing playboy will never stop. Either way, the ladies are struggling. They either promote beautiful women and seem less legit. Or promote the best, who more likely will be leas attractive, and have less fanfare.

    For me, I likely will never be a fan of female MMA. I don’t even like all men’s divisions. Fly and Bantam only seldomly interest me. And HW can be boring sometimes. With that said, I think Strikeforce promoting a beauty vs. Beast…. And not really trying to sign the best female fighters takes away some of the legitemcy of their fights. Strikeforce needs to show a true willingness to seek out the best female fighters not just the attractive strong draws. Until they do so, there will always be a strong and legit negative for these female divisions.

  7. klown says:

    Cofield’s interview with Coker (linked above) shows Coker really stayed on top of the weight issue to prevent any unpleasant surprises last night. Good for him and both fighters.

  8. 45 Huddle says:

    “In between his sexist comments about poll respondents thinking with their penises instead of their brains,”

    I wonder why people would be thinking with their penis instead of their brain… When asked about her previous comments about fighting being like sex:

    Gina Carano Quote: “Yeah, it’s true! I have said that before, and I’m not sure anybody knew that I was serious. What I mean is, fighting is so real, and it’s such a natural thing between two people. You’re feeding off of each other’s intensity; you go back and forth, and there’s a strong chemistry of it all. That whole setup is very similar to sex. You have to react to each other. Sometimes the momentum flows well, and other times, one person overpowers it and it’s not so nice. See, it’s the same thing!”

    Hard to be taken seriously when you say you want to be a serious fighter but interject things like that into your conversations….

  9. 45 Huddle says:

    Will this become a trend with Fedor’s potential opponents in the future. Buentello would never be a true threat, but he would of been a better opponent then a lot of other guys.

    Strikeforce needs to be able to afford the opponents. It’s like buying a Hummer and not being able to afford the gas. Or buying a 60″ LED TV and not being able to afford a Blu-Ray player and cable….

  10. Alan Conceicao says:

    Good call. I’d actually like to see the bout, but I wouldn’t buy it on a PPV.

    Since I’m waiting on September 12th to pick up Showtime, I’ll be honest here and say that if I were thinking about watching a fight card on stream, and it was Strikeforce or Jones, I’d rather watch Jones. At least Jones was great once and Lacy is an interesting opponent for Roy (especially with Roy so often falling back to the ropes now and being so immobile). No one on the Strikeforce card is “great”, even if the fights turn out to be pretty competitive (and a couple should be).

  11. 45 Huddle says:

    What’s September 12th?

    Mousasi/Babalu is a very solid fight. The rest of the card isn’t. I don’t think Ishida deserves even an interim title fight after his last performance. Caol Uno is one of my favorite fighters, but losing to him… especially being stopped is pretty darn bad as well.

  12. hondahotwheel says:

    I’m just going to say what everyone is thinking…Gina is so hot! but Cyborg is incredibly SCARY! We’d all like to see Gina win, but Cris Cyborg looks very tough!

  13. Alan Conceicao says:

    Andre Ward and Mikkael Kessler’s tuneups for the big 168lb tournament. From there, you’ve got a Shobox show the next week, Challengers the week after that, another Shobox the next week, then the likely debut of Fedor after skipping a week, and then the start of the tournament. Or I could get it now and not watch it at all while I’m out of the country. Its easy for me to pick.

  14. Detective Roadblock says:

    I’m with you Alan. I’ll probably wait to hear what fights were good and then search them out. No must see fights tonight in my opinion.

  15. Fluyid says:

    “At least Jones was great once and Lacy is an interesting opponent for Roy (especially with Roy so often falling back to the ropes now and being so immobile).”

    It wouldn’t shock me if it turns out to be a good fight.

    Random thought: Jones comfortably weighed in at 174, which is one pound beneath the division limit. If he’s 42 years of age (by the time they are able to fight) and making 174 with ease, how can he fight Anderson Silva, who seems to be getting bigger and bigger?

  16. Jeremy (not that Jeremy) says:

    Except that at least with the 60″ flatscreen you can still get OTA channels and they’re still in HD.

    And hey, one of them is CBS.

  17. David M says:

    I flipped over to Strikeforce from rewatching the Akiyama-Belcher fight on Spike, only to hear Mauro Ranallo talking. The man is unquestionably the worst announcer in mma history. I heard him waxing poetic on how Fedor was a cold calculating machine and immediately turned back to the UFC show.

    I know that the pro wrestling dweebs who post here like Mauro because he worked in Japan and thus accepts the semi-legitimacy of pro wrestling, but the guy is utterly abysmal and annoying. I can’t watch a show when he is the commentator unless I mute it.

  18. Steve says:

    So far Strikeforce has been great. Far better pacing than any of the recent UFCs. Thankfully Mauro is third commentator, but Gus Johnson and Frank Shamrock are a far better team than Joe and Goldie. Mousasi looked awesome, he is probably one of the only fighters who could give Machida a run for his money at the moment.

  19. Steve says:

    Gina v Cyborg will probably be the most watched MMA fight this year.

  20. Steve says:

    Cyborg by testosterone.

  21. Ivan Trembow says:

    lol, women aren’t allowed to talk about sex? Back to the 1950s for you, 45 Huddle!

  22. Ivan Trembow says:

    “Gina v Cyborg will probably be the most watched MMA fight this year.”

    Not by a longshot. Maybe if it was on CBS, but it’s on Showtime, not CBS.

  23. 45 huddle says:

    They can talk about sex all they want. Just don’t complain about fans not knowing the difference between their heads and the privates….

  24. Ivan Trembow says:

    Meltzer made a sexist comment. Saying that the people who were picking Carano to beat Cyborg were using their penises instead ot their brains, that’s a sexist comment.

  25. David M says:

    That’s not a sexist comment at all. If someone from IL picked Matt Hughes to beat GSP in their 3rd fight, you would be right to say he was picking with his heart instead of his head. The situation is no different here.

    The definition of sexism is here, if you were unaware of its meaning:

    1 : prejudice or discrimination based on sex; especially : discrimination against women
    2 : behavior, conditions, or attitudes that foster stereotypes of social roles based on sex

    Meltzer (your anti-hero/guy who has made your job possible) did not discriminate against women at all. It isn’t sexist to say that Gina Carano is attractive and that lots of guys watch her for that reason. Being realistic is not teh sexism, but of course you slam Meltzer over and over again and keep reading his newsletter.

    The Vegas line had Cyborg as a favorite, and everyone who has seen both of them fight knew that she was going to win because she is much more athletic and technically there isn’t much between them. The only reason anyone would choose Gina is by thinking with his/her heart and or penis. Stop being so sensitive.

  26. Ivan Trembow says:

    lol at Meltzer being an “anti-hero” or a guy who has made other people’s jobs possible in MMA. In pro wrestling reporting, yes. In MMA reporting, no.

    You also wrote, “The only reason anyone would choose Gina is by thinking with his/her heart and or penis.”

    That’s a good one. In fact, a lot of people picked Carano to win, including a lot of MMA writers, and I’m pretty sure that they were thinking with their brains and not with their hearts and/or penises.


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