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Kazuo Misaki, Sengoku holds apology press conference

By Zach Arnold | July 2, 2009

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When it rains, it pours. Kazuo Misaki was found guilty of fleeing police during a traffic stop on March 19th.

There are pictures and lots more coverage of this story on the major Japanese news sites: here and here.

Update (7/02): Sengoku announced that Misaki vs. Nakamura is still on for 8/2 in Saitama. If Nakamura wins, he will face Jorge Santiago for a title shot. If Misaki wins, he gets nothing. He will be ‘indefinitely suspended’ after the 8/2 Saitama event.

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12 Responses to “Kazuo Misaki, Sengoku holds apology press conference”

  1. samscaff says:

    Does this mean he wont be fighting in Sengoku?

    Because otherwise who cares?

  2. An Old Friend says:

    Yeah Zach, how dare you make us spend 30 seconds reading this.

  3. Ivan Trembow says:

    At least they bothered to hold an apology press conference. Josh Neer is a multi-time drunk driving offender whose most recent arrest involved leading the police on a high-speed chase that exceeded 100 miles per hour while he was drunk… and that was publicly chalked up to “nobody is perfect.”

  4. robthom says:

    Misaki has been one my favorite Japanese fighters for awhile.
    He really is the Japanese James Dean isn’t he.

  5. rainrider says:

    The same guy refused to stop pounding his opponent when the referee stepped in to call a TKO. Hoodlums never stop, they just rest.

  6. samscaff says:

    Obviously someone misinterpreted my comments.

    I wasnt saying, “who cares” to Zach. Of course I appreciate any piece of MMA-related news. I was just saying… in terms of the effects of the arrest, the jail term, which seems really long, is suspended for 3 years. So will this effect his career until that point?

    He basically has 3 years to become a national hero, and then when it comes to his prison term, he can get out on good behavior (for being a hero).

  7. d says:

    You mean the time 8 years ago that he ko’d his opponent in 8 seconds, and when the ref jumped on him he jumped up and down a little and didn’t throw a single extra strike? Truly history’s greatest monster.

  8. robthom says:

    Thats does seem kind of stiff.

    3 years in prison for driving away from a “dont talk on the phone while your driving” ticket?


    What does crossing against the light get you around there?

  9. Chuck says:


    He was arrested for fleeing from police, not just for talking on his cell while driving.

  10. robthom says:

    I could only get one of those links to open. It said that he was initially stopped for talking on his phone while driving before he decided to pull off and allegedly bumped into the cops wrist with his mirror.

    Maybe there is more to it. I didn’t see a description of the chase for better or worse.

    But all it says is fleeing right?
    Not endangerment, vehicular assault, etc.

    You dont think 3 years in prison sounds steep for refusing to pull over?

    I’ll tell you one thing, it looks like Jackson is lucky he didn’t have his little episode when he was over there.

  11. robthom says:

    Oh okay, my bad.

    Not a 3 year prison sentance, one year suspended for 3.
    So 3 years probation basically.

    Thats not really that bad actually.
    Still too much IMO, but comparable to murica.

  12. rainrider says:

    > You mean the time 8 years ago that he ko’d his opponent in 8 seconds, and when the ref jumped on him he jumped up and down a little and didn’t throw a single extra strike? Truly history’s greatest monster.

    Not that one. Misaki is worse than Mike Kyle. Grabaka’s team leader, Kikuta initially did not want this guy in the team. He said in a interview “I told Misaki that he could train with us when he visits Tokyo, you know, just to end the conversation nicely. I did not really mean to invite him because he looked like a mob. A few days later, Misaki showed up at my gym and he’s been with us ever since. “


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