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Archive for June, 2009

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Funeral for Mitsuharu Misawa

Thursday, June 18th, 2009

On Thursday in Tokyo, a wake was held for Mitsuharu Misawa. On Friday, a private funeral was held at the same Tokyo facility with an estimated 200 guests.

Independent World MMA Rankings – June 19, 2009

Thursday, June 18th, 2009

We are proud to announce the launch of the Independent World MMA Rankings. Some of the best and most knowledgeable MMA writers from across the MMA media landscape have come together to form one independent voting panel.?

LDP to open discussion on medical regulation of Japanese fight business

Wednesday, June 17th, 2009

There is talk from Liberal Democratic Party politicians, such as former professional wrestler Hiroshi Hase, that it is time to bring new medical regulations and standards to the Japanese fight game.

Affliction’s PR description of Josh Barnett

Tuesday, June 16th, 2009

Affliction’s PR man has an interesting and unique way of describing Josh Barnett.

Weekly Pro magazine publishes Misawa back drop photos

Tuesday, June 16th, 2009

Photos of the back drop that killed Mitsuharu Misawa were published in this week’s edition of Weekly Pro Wrestling magazine.

NOAH office boss – Misawa was going to retire at the end of the year

Monday, June 15th, 2009

According to Ryu Nakata, NOAH officer manager, Mitsuharu Misawa was planning to retire by the end of the year. Unfortunately, four days after Misawa discussed retirement plans, he died in the ring in Hiroshima.

Tim Sylvia shows up in blogger shape and pays dearly against Ray Mercer

Monday, June 15th, 2009

Tim Sylvia got knocked out by Ray Mercer in 10 seconds. Sylvia will rightfully get ripped by everyone, but will anyone call a spade a spade in regards to Monte Cox?

Hiroshima police comment on Misawa’s death

Sunday, June 14th, 2009

Hiroshima police comment on the cause of Mitsuharu Misawa’s death. Plus, Japanese referee Ted Tanabe died at age 46 yesterday.

New developments for Floyd Mayweather’s career and Setanta’s survival

Sunday, June 14th, 2009

Floyd Mayweather reportedly has a rib injury and won’t fight Juan Manuel Marquez on July 18th.

NOAH’s future in the post-Misawa era

Sunday, June 14th, 2009

There is a lot of confusion regarding the future of NOAH with the death of Mitsuharu Misawa.

UFC 99 aftermath: Ken Imai’s magic with Mirko Cro Cop

Saturday, June 13th, 2009

Mirko Cro Cop played Dana White like a fiddle. He got a one fight deal against a relatively easy opponent at UFC 99 and parlayed it into a three-fight deal with DREAM. Now, the UFC President is crying foul.

UFC 99 6/13 Lanxess Arena (Germany)

Saturday, June 13th, 2009

Rich Franklin vs. Wanderlei Silva headlines UFC’s first ever event in Germany. Plus, the UFC return of Mirko Cro Cop.

The death of Mitsuharu Misawa

Saturday, June 13th, 2009

The legendary Mitsuharu Misawa died in the ring of a heart attack on Saturday in Hiroshima. He was 46 years old.

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