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About that Indiana MMA regulation legislation…

By Zach Arnold | June 28, 2009

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it includes regulation of professional wrestling.

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6 Responses to “About that Indiana MMA regulation legislation…”

  1. Mark says:

    I’ll bet quite a bit of the reasoning behind adding pro wrestling to the regulations is to get rid of IWA-Mid South from running there.

  2. Ivan Trembow says:

    Unfortunately, WWE will likely be exempt from some of the rules of the athletic commission, just as WWE is in most states that are supposed to regulate pro wrestling, and just as the UFC is in Ohio (with the same-day second weigh-in rule).

  3. jr says:

    I’d rather them regulate bs “independent contractor but the company owns your likeness” contracts

  4. Dave2 says:

    I remember you mentioning that before Ivan. That is pretty corrupt. Unfortunately the commissions are getting away with that kind of crap. Speaking of second weigh-ins, unofficial final night weigh-ins should be standard policy. The weight comparison during the tale of the tape is pretty much useless unless we know what the fighters weighed in at the night of the fight. It would answer a lot of questions. ie. Whether Thiago Alves is really close to 200 lbs in the Octagon (which I don’t believe but that’s the rumor going around)

  5. NOS says:

    The Missouri Athletic Commission also regulates pro wrestling, which makes it very difficult for promoters to run shows inside the state. The only promotion that really runs inside the state is Harley Race’s World League Wrestling. Other promotions have tried and failed. MO has strict regulations to begin with. I’ve heard that Race is good friends with the Athletic Director. He still does what is required by the state, but he obviously have a bigger advantage than anybody else wanting to run in Missouri.

    Ring of Honor won’t even run in Missouri.

  6. Mark says:

    I’m all for getting wrestlers better safety. But they can’t realistically make them pay for piss tests and brainscans when they’re making anywhere from $25-$500 on indie payoffs every time out. TNA probably couldn’t even afford it much less some tiny indie that draws 250 people on a good night.

    This theory works for boxers or MMA fighters because they fight once every 3 months, so even if they do have to pay out of pocket on a prelim fighter’s salary, it’s only 4 times a year tops. Most wrestlers work 3-7 shows a week.

    Realistically, to get anything to work like this without killing everybody but the WWE, they should have a twice a year check up where it’s good for all 50 states. That’s not good enough, I know, but that’s the only way I can think of that wouldn’t totally kill indies.


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