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UFC 6/20 TUF 9 Finale (Las Vegas)

By Zach Arnold | June 20, 2009

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Event results: Sherdog | MMA Weekly | Jake Rossen | AOL Fanhouse | Bloody Elbow

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Main card

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42 Responses to “UFC 6/20 TUF 9 Finale (Las Vegas)”

  1. 45 Huddle says:

    Sanchez vs. Guida has the potential to be an awesome main event. I think the UFC really needs Sanchez to win this fimght and to become the #1 Contender after Florian. Gray Maynard should likely get the shot next, but he is so early in his fight career that I wouldn’t mind seeing him have 2 more fights before a title fight, just so he can round out his game more.

  2. Alan Conceicao says:

    Cameron Dollar/Jason Dent is on the card too, Zach. I have a feeling they want Dollar to win that fight just so that they have a real prospect instead of an old vet staying around.

    The show is strangely Cage Rage-like up until you get to the two main events. Both are really competitive, interesting fights. Sanchez/Guida is actually a better fight than the UFC 95 headliner in my book, and virtually guaranteed to be a war.

    I can’t picture why on earth Sanchez wouldn’t be the next contender for BJ Penn if he wins. Look at his record: Nick Diaz, Jorge Santiago, KenFlo, Riggs, Parisyan, Alessio, Fiorivanti, Stevenson, heck, even Guymon is a good win.

  3. Ultimo Santa says:

    Gray Maynard is human Ambien. I used to think Dan Henderson was boring, but then Maynard stepped it up to a new level (aside from DDTing himself into unconsciousness that one time, which was a hoot).

    Sanchez/Florian would be a perfect LW Title Fight if Florian can take the belt from BJ Penn (I know that 45 thinks this is a given already, but we still need to have the fight before we break out the streamers and party favors).

  4. Alan Conceicao says:

    Gray is the Okami of the lightweights: Boring, capable of beating anyone on a given night so long as he doesn’t put himself at risk, inevitably to be championed by Ivan Trembow for a title shot he supposedly “deserves” on the basis of his UFC win/loss record rather than competition faced.

  5. 45 Huddle says:

    I think Penn/Florian is a 50/50 fight. However, I don’t see Penn winning if it goes beyond the 2nd round.

    Maynard get boring when he gets on top of guys. The Clementi fight was especially bad because Maynard knew enough to stay away from from submissions, but not enough to advance the fight further into his favor. This is why I think he needs a few more fights before he gets a title shot. Yes, he is slightly boring, but I think he does have the potential to becoming more of a Machida then an Okami… Not in styles, but in pleasing the crowd.

    Either way, Sanchez will likely get the next title shot. It would be weird to have Florian/Sanchez 2 for the Lightweight Title. Not in a million years would I have guessed they would be fighting for the title after I saw Sanchez destroy him at the TUF 1 Finale.

  6. robthom says:

    I’m thinking the strikeforce card looks more intriguing on paper.
    Hopefully this is another performs better than it looks deal.

  7. jr says:

    I’d like to see Joe Stevenson fight at 135

  8. doem says:

    Bwahha how do you see Penn/Florian as 50/50? Florian has nothing for Penn at 155.

    Looking forward to the diaz and Sanchez fights.

  9. Mark says:

    KenFlo isn’t on BJ’s level. BJ has far superior stand up and obviously is above him in BJJ level. Kenny could always get the cut stoppage win, but that’s it.

  10. 45 Huddle says:

    The Villasenor/Cyborg card is more intruiging? Not so sure about that. Gurgel is on the main card….

    Florian/Penn is a 50/50 fight. Not because Florian is at the same level as Penn. It has more to do with how they match-up. 1) Penn has never really had to deal with a lot of kicks. 2) I’m still not sold on Penn’s endurance unless he is purely boxing like in the Sherk fight. 3) Florian has strong enough BJJ to likely avoid submissions during the first two rounds and then make it a war during the last 3.

    Not to mention Penn is coming off an absolutely beating at the hands of GSP and his mind could still be on the fight.

  11. robthom says:

    I think Kaufman/Bayzler is at least or more interesting than joey/cyborg.
    And Joey/Cyborg is interesting because you dont see those guys a lot domestically.

    I’ve heard about and been aware of cyborg for years, but I’ve still never seen him fight.
    (Never went out of my way to).

    Plus goat, a possibly refreshed/refocused gurgel, superman, bang.

    An all around extra medium card of fairly even also rans.

    Whereas on the other hand I’m getting kind of burnt out on seeing nate diaz, joe stevenson and clay guida.
    Love clay, just getting burned out on him.

    Technically strikeforce is as mediocre and underwhelming as the UFC card.
    But thats a bad for UFC, not for Strikeforce.

  12. Ultimo Santa says:

    Villasenor/Cyborg is cool because they’re both pretty wild punchers, and it has the potential to be a crazy slugfest…but I don’t know how *intriguing* that is.

    There are no title or ranking ramifications, neither are well-known or really have a personality, and there is no history or rivalry behind this fight.

    On the UFC card…

    He has a bit of a spotty record, but fan-favorite Guida would definitely be next in line (or close) for a LW title shot if he beat Sanchez. And Diego as we all know is close to the front of the line as well – THAT’S an intriguing fight.

    And the loser in Diaz/Stevenson moves waaaay down the ladder, so you have to think that’s a critical fight for both men.

    In addition to the two TUF fights, this is a very solid card (considering it’s free!)

  13. robthom says:

    Guida’s not gonna beat Sanchez.

    I like Clay, he’s great. But does he ever plan on getting better?
    He’s always pretty good, period.

    I just took a look at his team on sherdog, and theres not a whole lot coming out of midwest training center.

    Maybe he should look into getting some cross training with some other teams if he wants to be serious about beating Penn or Sanchez one day.

  14. EJ says:

    Look at Guida’s list of fights in the UFC and it’s hard to see how he’s not one of the top LW’s in mma. The guy has fought a who’s who list of fighters and with a win over Diego, he should be next in line for a title shot. Also with his cardio and takedowns he can beat either Penn or Florian over 5 rounds.

  15. Jeremy (not that Jeremy) says:

    Penn’s mind is totally still on the GSP fight. He can’t think of anything else but GSP, it’s been that way for years.

    I’m looking forward to Stevenson vs Diaz, and I’m tired of talking about Guida.

  16. 45 Huddle says:

    Guida has beaten Josh Thomson & Nate Diaz. He should have gotten the decision against Tyson Griffin. In the stacked Lightweight Division, that is an impressive resume.

  17. Alan Conceicao says:

    If Guida’s gonna beat a name, Sanchez is the guy. After all, Sanchez has lots of problems with wrestlers. Look at the Fitch and Alessio fights. Hell, he was so afraid of Kos’ shot he refused to do anything all fight long.

  18. robthom says:

    Sanchez definitely has emotional issues sometimes.
    He could have beat Koscheck if he hadn’t been hearing voices during that fight. Hadn’t he also just left Jacksons for San Diego before that fight also?

    If Guida beats Sanchez it’s because Sanchez beat Sanchez. But I think he’s feeling better now, it wont happen.

    And if he’s really back to his old self I’d give him a decent chance to beat Penn. Not with his hands of course, but with his strength and wrestling.
    Same way he beat Diaz.

  19. Mark says:

    Another thing was that Koscheck did a masterful job of getting inside of Diego’s head, even invading his MySpace page. So Sanchez had a litany of mental issues going into that fight that beat him before the fight even began.

    Guida could pull the upset, I don’t see it happening, but it is possible he could out point him on takedowns and ice the fight.

  20. Ultimo Santa says:

    I really hope we don’t see a ‘ground control clinic’ from Clay Guida. If I wanted to be bored to tears I’d go watch a Gray Maynard or Dan Henderson fight.

  21. robthom says:

    Wow, that strikeforce was pretty bland. Blander than I even expected and I wasn’t expecting much.

    That Kaufman fight turned out to be a little bit of a stinker.
    But at least she won making Barnett 0-2 as a girls coach in recent memory, Yes!

    Interesting to see devala and goat get smoked like that. Devala had, and actually still has a decent record. But his hands looked strangely horrible for the few seconds he was active?!

    Hard to imagine that he whooped Riggs with those things. I remember it was a fluke ending but I dont recall what preceded it.

    Their opponents rockhold and Kennedy looked good. I think they emerged as prospects to watch.

    Joey Villasenor sure stands funny, I like his hair though. And mr cyborg is every bit as mediocre as I’d heard.
    He seems like a nice enough guy though for somebody that looks even more like a serial killer than the axe murderer.

    The music they played in between rounds was refreshing.
    The absence of Rap metal/Gangsta rap was kind of jarring at first, but in a good way once you get used to it.

  22. Jeremy (not that Jeremy) says:

    Stevenson and Diaz: Excellent.

    Unconventional, letting it all hang out, just the kind of fight I like to see. I’m guessing Joe got the decision, but I’d watch them do it again.

  23. robthom says:

    “Dana white is twittering, and Mike goldberg is twittering too!”

    If thats the direction we’re devolving to, I’m out of here!

  24. Jeremy (not that Jeremy) says:

    Belfort to UFC at 185?


    More on “Hm…”

    I thought he was scheduled to fight Jorge Santiago for Affliction.

  25. Zack says:

    “I thought he was scheduled to fight Jorge Santiago for Affliction.”

    Didn’t read the article, eh?

  26. Mark says:

    Great show. Guida showed great heart staying in there after that ass whoppin’ he took in round one. But I think people saying he won rounds 2 and 3 are dead wrong. Even with his top control in round 2 Diego still elbowed him from the bottom to score points. I gave him round 3 though.

    Diego-BJ would be very interesting. I think BJ takes it, but then again if BJ’s conditioning even at 155 is in question like a lot of people say, the cardio machine known as Diego Sanchez might be able to wait him out and win rounds 3, 4, 5 for the massive upset decision. I personally don’t think he would, but it’s possible.

    Vitor vs. Anderson Silva could either be a fight of the year contender or stink up the Octagon. It’s all going to depend on which Anderson shows up and if Vitor regresses into “New Vitor” since he probably won’t want to trade with Silva. I could see them both being intimidated of each others striking powers and getting booed out of the building. If it goes to the ground nobody wants to see that mediocre jits versus ground n pound contest.

  27. robthom says:

    From what I saw Guida has an argument for the decision.

    Its just on of those close things.

  28. robthom says:

    As far as Belfort @ 185 in UFC, I’ll buy it!

    Dana isn’t exactly a fool every day of the week.

    If they’re gonna spend a few thousand bucks a minute to announce that in the middle of a show, its true.

    Pretty super coup IMO.

  29. 45 Huddle says:


    The event was definitely bland (as stated above). I have never liked Woman’s MMA, but it is tolerable with 3 minute rounds. The 5 minute rounds brings a different level of horribleness to those fights. Really, those girls lack the strength and technique to be shown in a TV spot and are only on there because they are female.

    The rest of the event was a mixed bag. Kennedy looked solid for not fighting in over a year. Thompson looked out of shape, bigger, slower, and just not very good. Even at Welterweight, I think this is what would happen to him if he went into the UFC. Which is why I find it funny that people are always trying to sneak him into the bottom of the Top 10’s.

    Villasenor will never be more then a gate keeper. He just hasn’t shown any major improvements over the last 3 years so I doubt we will see them in the future.

    UFC Ultimate Fighter Finale…

    I’m not as high on this event as some other people, but I still think it was very good.

    Stevenson/Diaz – This fight showcases the constant struggles that Nate Diaz will continue to have in the UFC due to his lack of wrestling ability. He was being taken down time and time again by relatively weaker takedown moves and he just couldn’t stop it. He is 5-2 in the UFC, and really could have been 4-3 if Manny wasn’t hurt in the TUF 5 Finale. All 3 of those fights he got smothered by the superior grapplers and couldn’t break free. On a side note, Nick Diaz (his brother) would suffer the same issues if he were to get back into the wrestling oriented UFC Welterweight Division. He might fare a little better, but neither of the Diaz brothers have good enough wrestling to take this game to the very top.

    TUF Finals – Both were decent fights with nothing too special. I don’t think either of the UK fighters will have much success in the UFC.

    Lytle/Burns – Decent fight, but what I expected. Burns doesn’t have great cardio and it has shown in his last few fights.

    Sanchez/Guida – Great fight that almost went to Guida (but the judges had it right). Sanchez was so exciting for the 1t round and looks so tough at Lightweight. I can’t see the UFC not giving him the next title shot. It makes the most sense. He is marketable. And the rest of the division needs to work its way through a few or two more first.

  30. Dave says:

    I don’t think its that the Diaz brothers have no wrestling, I think in the case of Nate he was simply outpowered. Joe is a very powerful wrestler and was able to use that strength to keep Nate down the whole time. Joe just came in with the right gameplan; to not stand with Nate who has good boxing, and to keep his limbs tied up on the mat so he can’t go for those slick submissions.

    I think Nick would be fine at WW in UFC. The guy who lost to Riggs and Sherk doesn’t fight anymore, he is a totally better fighter now (while those guys aren’t).

  31. Dave says:

    Oh and the LW final was so awful. Really, really awful. It was like Sylvia/Vera minus 100lbs. Those guys are going to get eaten alive in the LW division.

  32. 45 Huddle says:

    That takedown Joe Stevenson was doing was not a power double or power single. It actually has much more to do with balance and wrestling technique then it does with pure power. And he hit it over and over again. Diaz was clueless on how to defend it.

    And Nick wouldn’t do fine in the UFC. People buy into his wins too much. He beat Shamrock and Smith. Not exactly world beaters by today’s standards. His striking would still get picked apart by guys like Noons. And his grappling would still get picked apart by the guys like Sherk and Sanchez. Only in the UFC, it would be guys like Koscheck, Fitch, GSP, and others….

  33. Mark says:

    I like Nick Diaz, but he doesn’t have the strength to handle Fitch, Hughes, Koscheck or GSP. His great BJJ could help him out, but I can’t see that happening. GSP, Hughes, and Fitch would get a UD against him, maybe he could beat Koscheck if he brought his A game. Or he could be dumb enough to stand and trade with his weak arm punches versus Koscheck’s KO power.

  34. Oops! says:

    James Wilks looks like a decent fighter, I would like to see Matt Serra fight him and see the war of omaplata’s. DeMarques Johnson should not fight again.

    I wish Clayton Guida would try having a pony tail or something to keep his hair from covering his fase. Atleast he might be able to see a punch coming.

  35. Jeremy (not that Jeremy) says:

    I don’t know if Nick Diaz does or doesn’t have whatever individual quality is necessary to compete in UFC, but I know that he’s way better than the guys he’s fighting outside of the UFC, and he’s not likely to get to fight anyone better unless he gets inside again.

  36. Rob Maysey says:

    Argument for the decision? Really?

    If Round isn’t a 10-8 round, then those rounds don’t exist absent a point deduction–and this is wrong. If that wasn’t the prime example of utter “dominance and damage,” I don’t know what is.

    As for round 2, what argument really does Clay have for winning that round? He got a takedown? Yes, and? He was elbowed about 52 times.

    I don’t get it.

  37. Dave says:

    Well, I think the argument for Clay getting round 2 revolves around the fact that the whole mystical “octagon control” thing that they always talk about seems to mean; be on top, dictate the position and where the fight is. Did Diego get the better of that? Absolutely, but I know that for me, I just assumed it would be given to Clay.

  38. jim allcorn says:

    I WAS PULLING for a Guida upset,BUT WOUND Up scoring the fight IN Sanchez\’s favor BY TWO POINTS, 29-27.



  39. The Gaijin says:

    Good god – my eyes are bleeding jim allcorn. What the hell!?!

  40. jim allcorn says:

    Sorry abOUT THAT.


  41. The Gaijin says:

    LOL :). One too many coffee spills eh?

  42. EJ says:

    Guida won that fight, claiming that the first round is 10-8 is ridiculous, Guida scored a takedown and delivered some gnp in that round. A 10-8 round is total domination like Tito/Forrest round 1, anything aside from that is a 10-9 round.

    The second round was controlled entirely by Guida who kept Diego on his back over 4 minutes. And for all the hype about Diego’s elbows Clay delivered his fare share of them and hammerfists while in the dominant position to win.

    There is no argument for Sanchez winning the third round, he was beat in the stand up and taken down by Clay. That was one of the worst decision i’ve ever seen and makes the third time this year that a main event has been ruined by ignorant judges I pray that they don’t fuck up UFC 100.


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