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Bobby Lashley squashes jaybrone in 24 seconds in Canada

By Zach Arnold | May 15, 2009

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Don’t wear a mask around this man. At least Mike Cook got lucky and didn’t catch Bobby on a day with hair clippers.

What’s next on the MMA horizon? The TNA stint has been… strange… so far.

Note to HDNet: Get some of your fights online with embeddable code so people can share them on their sites.

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9 Responses to “Bobby Lashley squashes jaybrone in 24 seconds in Canada”

  1. jr says:

    Kurt Angle watches Bobby and wishes he wasn’t 40 with a neck held together with Bubble Tape and Lincoln Logs

  2. Chuck says:

    Yeah, Lashley’s TNA stint is a total fucking waste of time, space, and money. TNA is fucking retarded sometimes. I saw the Strikeforce card tonight, and it waqs pretty decent. The Johnson knockout was incredible. Too bad about what happened in the main event. I’m surprised that Herb Dean DQ’d Evangelista instead of calling it a no contest. Oh well, there will surely be a rematch, because it was a fairly even fight up to that point, slightly in favor of Evangelista.

  3. Zack says:

    Both cards were entertaining to watch. If anyone was actually a fan of MMA as a sport and watched it, there would be a lot of controversy over the Aina knee…but how many eyes were on either card?

  4. 45 Huddle says:

    I thought the ShoMMA Card was boring and a disappointment.

    Whether it be EliteXC or Strikeforce, it seems like the shows on Showtime end in controversy way too often. But that is not my central complaint. The talent level needs to be better for those shows.

  5. robthom says:

    The sho card was kind of boring.

    The guy who fought bao had decent hands, but no idea how to win a fight apparently. When he almost got a chance to make up for wasting the first 2 rounds in the third, than decided to hold his hands in the air and act tough instead I knew we were watching an idiot.

    And even though someone had to win, I’m not in a hurry to see bao backpedaling and chopkicking for 15 minutes again.

    That kaufman chick was WAY too strong for tate.
    She even looked a bit too big, but maybe thats because she was built a little more like a dude. Big arms and what not. Also Tate has horrible hands, she punches like a girl. No force and terrible accuracy.
    She’s pretty though.
    Tate should be fighting those japanese chicks instead, and Kaufman should be fighting cyborg.
    I thing cyborg is still too strong and accurate for Kaufman right now, but Kaufman does swing like a dude like Cyborg does. With some more muscle and fine tuning her boxing I think it would be a good fight.

    That upper cut was nice!
    And for some reason I knew something like that was gonna happen to that somoan guy. I had to check that I wasn’t watching a rerun. Didn’t a big somoan dude get wasted like that on another strikeforce card not so long ago?
    Hard to tell how good that other guy is yet since it was so fast. But what I’ve seen looks good.

    And the evangelista/aina fight seemed pretty good. I was enjoying it. It was the most evenly matched and competitive card on the fight. But for some reason my tivo cut off the end. So I didn’t see the controversy.

    Overall it was a bit boring, mismatched and amateur. But its supposed to be a feeder show. It was at least as good as the EXC version.
    I think it was a success for what it was meant to be.

  6. Chuck says:


    The Samoan guy you were thinking of was I believe the same guy. The showed a clip of the Samoan knocking HIMSELF out with a botched suplex. His opponent torqued himself in the air while being lifted and the Samoan knocked himself out with the impact of falling backward. Almost the exact same thing happened to me in a Judo tournament back in April. Luckily for me I let go and slapped the mat so I didn’t land hard at all. But I was Ipponed, so I still lost. Oh well, it happens.

  7. robthom says:

    Oh, they showed that clip right before his fight?

    I actually jumped past all the intros straight to the fights. 🙂

    Isn’t that what happened to Lindland also?

  8. Oops! says:

    Isn’t Sarah Kauffman in a different weight class than Cyborg? She did fight at 140 something at her last fight.

  9. robthom says:

    I dont think weight classes are as strictly by the books for the chicks yet because there’s not enough in the game, at least over here.

    If Kaufman fought at 140 last time she probably came down from more than that. And if cyborg is listed at 145 (even though she only made 150 last time), I dont see it being a problem for kaufman to meet her at 145.
    At worse without cutting, at best and hopefully bulking up some muscle.

    Kaufman looked almost as bigger than tate as cyborg looked to akano (well not that bad).
    So from their respective styles to their respective size differences I think they got those two matches crossed up.

    Cyborg and Carano (and Toughill) will always be bigger than the other girls, but at least give them something closer to their size.

    Maybe somebody who knows more about WMMA can shed a little light on that.

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