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Is Yoshihiro Akiyama “Mister Hollywood?”

By Zach Arnold | April 21, 2009

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This is the question asked by Daily Sports newspaper in Japan today.

The 33-year old Akiyama is preparing for his North American fighting debut at UFC 100 in July against Alan Belcher (in Las Vegas). Akiyama was in attendance at the UFC 97 Montreal even and revealed two nicknames he will be using – “Mister Hollywood” and “Sexyama,” because that’s how he rolls. He sported a black suit with an orange scarf and a green neck tie. Akiyama says that his high-end, unique fashion sense is truly appreciated in foreign countries as opposed to Japan where he is made fun of and booed at. He is happy to be accepted abroad as opposed to being booed in Japan for being “Mr. Slippery.”

He is planning on inviting his friend Kazuhiro Kiyohara to watch his fight at UFC 100. Akiyama is beginning his practice and he noted the boos that fans were showering on Anderson Silva for his ‘tedious’ fight style. Akiyama says that he aims to achieve the American Dream and end up as big of a star as Hulk Hogan, therefore he has chosen the “Mister Hollywood” ring name.

Mayhem Miller is now a member of the Mascaras family

There was Dos Caras and Mil Mascaras. Then there was Dos Caras Jr. in wrestling and MMA. Now, meet new family member Mayhem Mascaras.

Mayhem addresses the recent posts online about whether or not Bully Beatdown is fake.

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6 Responses to “Is Yoshihiro Akiyama “Mister Hollywood?””

  1. BM2 says:

    Was Michael Jackson not a big enough star for Akiyama that he has to go after the Hulkster? Akiyama truly is the greatest heel in MMA today.

  2. Zack says:

    Mayhem refuses to bump?

  3. bob says:

    Orange isn’t sexy enough… the scarf is saffron

  4. robthom says:

    RE: Mayhem, its a step up from that musty old wigger routine!

    RE: Akiyama, I adored Genki’s entrances and antics because he could get away with it and still win fights. But everybody has gotten so much better now, that it would be a shame to see Akiyama spend a bunch of energy hamming it up just to get his ass mauled.
    Its made Baroni almost too embarrassing to watch these days.

    A bit of spectacle and being able to back it up is the very best combination you can have.
    I hope he can pull it off.

  5. rainrider says:

    “Mister Hollywood” is a stupid nickname and it won’t go over well anywhere outside Japan. I would name him “Judo Pimp” or “the outsider(outslicker)” instead. “Sexyama” sounds just too sherdoggy to me.

  6. rhys says:

    hahahaha Akiyama is gold, such a funny dude.

    Imagine Bruce Buffer,

    “He stands 6′ tall, weighing in at 184 and one half pounds, fighting out of Okinawa Japan…….YOSHIIIIIIIIHIRRROOOOOO SEEEEEEXXXXIYYAMMMMMMAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!”


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